Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Cisco solutions for physical security

New IP-cameras and access control systems allow reliably protect the buildings, corporate offices and mobile environments

The company Cisco announced the expansion of a family of products for physical security, called Cisco ® Connected Physical Security. Now this product line includes new features IP-video surveillance and electronic access controls that facilitate the convergence of information technology and physical security systems, enabling customers to integrate existing system of physical protection of IT infrastructure.

The company Cisco is going to bring to market new IP-camera and the first in its history, physical access control system. Sharing these products provides an opportunity to clearly monitor the situation and take effective solutions. Advanced Cisco portfolio of products for security help customers build the best in its class cost mobile infrastructure physical protection of high flexibility and compatibility. The new system reflects Cisco physical security strategy, which aims at developing a package of solutions, allowing customers to integrate all security functions in a single IP-network. Making the network into a single scalable platform for the integration of the security gives users many advantages, among which high operational flexibility, more reliable protection, low total cost of ownership and minimizing risk.

"Funds are beginning to physical protection are closely integrated with IP-networks, creating new opportunities for our amazing industry - said Bill Stuntz, the general manager of the department of physical security Cisco. - The network becomes the platform for connecting systems of all types of physical security with other corporate systems. This allows implement the concept of convergent security, and no one can do it better than Cisco, because our company has extensive experience in the field of information technology, and in the field of physical protection, which automatically makes us the leader of this market. Industry Safety has to Cisco is very important, and we intend to work actively in this market. "
Expanding the portfolio of products for Cisco security means that in the near future the market will be as follows:

Cisco IP-cameras for video surveillance

New IP-camera Cisco, working in conditions of high and standard resolution, broadcast quality video, which can be used in different circumstances. At the market will return several models of such cameras:

• Cisco Video Surveillance 4500 IP Camera - IP-high-resolution camera with the functions and intellectual videokompressii signal processor (DSP). In this chamber used H.264 compression algorithm and recording system with a resolution of 1920x1080 at a speed of 30 frames per second. Moreover, in every cell of this type may optionally be integrated high-performance processor DSP, fully dedicated to intellectual videofunktsy (for example, videoanalitiki).

• Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 IP Camera - IP-standard resolution camera with the power of communication channels (Power-over-Ethernet, POE) or from the source through the DC power supply. In addition, this camera can work in wireless mode on standards 802.11b/g/n.

The interface of the new cameras works as a browser that greatly facilitates the installation and management, as well as providing high quality, with different lighting conditions. New cameras supported standard resolution DVD-quality (D1) at speeds of up to 30 frames per second and worked on two streams, which allows at any time adjust frame rate and resolution and thereby control the quality of video for different conditions. Both models support the notice. They can scan a certain plot of ground and automatically notify the user or application of any activity that exceed the established threshold value.

IP-Cisco Systems to manage physical access (Physical Access Control, PAC)

Specialists have developed full-scale Cisco IP-management solution for physical access, which uses IP-network as a platform to support integrated security features. This product includes hardware and software components and represents a complete solution for electronic access control for IP-channels. The new system is working together with the existing door sensors, locks and biometric devices, guarding entrances to the buildings and office space. The composition of solutions includes a hardware component called "gateway" (Cisco Access Gateway). This modular scalable platform for connecting various sensors, readers and other systems of input and output information. The new decision is well Cisco's scalable and can protect from one to many thousands of entrances. Programme components, Cisco Physical Access Manager (Cisco PAM), manages the hardware and provides integration with other information-technology systems. Cisco PAM integrates with Cisco solution for video (Cisco Video Surveillance) and adds to the many new features, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

New IP-cameras and access control systems make it possible to control and protect the assets and employees of the company. Decision Cisco IP Video Surveillance well integrated with other applications and security systems, simplifying the task of interaction and management, and provides convenient access to current and recorded video images in the local and remotely over the network IP.

"We really like the new IP-camera surveillance Cisco: this is IP-device, unlike many other cells, working with Ethernet networks only through a subsidiary fee - said Jim Mills, Sales Director of the company Benson, dealing with system integration. -- As a result, customers and partners receive many benefits: lower total cost of ownership, increased security and better quality services, incorporating the functions of the network authentication and encryption standard AES. We are pleased to enter into the market Cisco physical security. Now we can offer customers integrated solutions, including physical and logical protection to the entire organization. These decisions will be much more economical and simple to install and manage. Partners and system integrators will be able to offer innovative features while reducing operating costs and support converged physical security systems. "

In addition to system integrators, the benefits of physical security means Cisco is fully aware of the representatives of a number of other industries. In the Washington school district Kent Cisco solutions play a central role in ensuring public order and safety in schools. "Our main task - learning process, and for that we exist. But the learning process should take place in a secure environment - IT director said the school district Thuan Nguyen. - Safety is a fundamental basis on which you can create a safe and exciting learning environment. When I heard that this market goes company Cisco, my joy was not the limit. Today, IP-video surveillance system is in its infancy, and as a result we are seeing in the market many smaller suppliers that tomorrow may simply disappear. Moreover, in a given market there are no clear standards. I look forward to the day when Cisco stabilize and standardize the market for IP-video surveillance cameras. "


New IP-camera Cisco should appear on the market in May 2008. New physical access control system Cisco Physical Access Control (PAC) will be withdrawn on the market in June 2008. The price of these decisions will depend on the number of entrances protected.

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Cisco develops technology defending network

To meet the growing demand for solutions for corporate governance IT-risk, protection of data and meet regulatory requirements, the company Cisco announced the expansion of its proposals in this area and make network Self-Defending Network (samozaschischayuschayasya network) in a broader system solution that provides overall protection networks, as well as a wide variety of devices, terminals, applications and content.

The company Cisco announced on improving protection for terminal devices, systems prevent incursions, firewalls and means of screening applications, monitoring and analysis of security solutions for centralized management of corporate rules, as well as many other hardware and software protection. Among them, Cisco Security Agent 6.0, Cisco Intrusion Prevention System 6.1, Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis Response System 6.0, Cisco Security Manager 3.2, incorporating the functions of Web-filtering routers in the Cisco ISR, modernization modules firewalls Cisco Firewall Services for switches, new features firewall Cisco Web Application Firewall and support to vote in the firewall Cisco IOS Firewall.

Here's what new products and features Cisco announced:

- Prevent incursions System (IPS). Cisco has simplified system management of their systems IPS, to make them accessible to companies of any size. Decision Cisco IPS 6.1 includes a new integrated application Cisco IPS Manager Express to activate functions IPS, monitoring and reporting. In addition to software enhancements, Cisco created a new module for IPS products Adaptive Security Appliance with a capacity of up to 650 Mbps and services designed to protect unified communications (data, voice and video), better recognition of the threats in the Peer to Peer (peer-to-peer) connections and improving security environment in Microsoft.

Module-firewall Cisco Firewall Service Module 4.0 (to switch) accelerates the safe delivery of large amounts of confidential information, for example, during backup and transferring large files. This module accelerates the "trusted data flows" and allows trusted host systems to share information at speeds of 20 to 50 Gbit / sec.

- Virtual Private Network (VPN). Cisco has incorporated technology GET VPN encrypted transport system in the Cisco 7200 VPN Services Adapter, which has increased its productivity by 300 percent. GET VPN represents a new type of VPN technology, which encrypts data for the safe transfer of global networks WAN. It eliminates the need for tunnels point-to-point "and allows the network to distribute corporate VPN to thousands of remote offices with simultaneous support of intellectual functions that are critical to the quality of voice and video quality of service, routing and multicast (multicast).

Since applications GET VPN operate mainly in networks with mnogoprotokolnoy label switching (MPLS), they allow customers the flexibility to manage the functions of protecting their networks and implement their own camera through a global network WAN or transfer to outsourcing external providers.

- Cisco Security Agent 6.0. Cisco Security Agent - software agents designed to protect the terminals devices (servers, laptops, etc.). It helps to recognize the threat and manages access to confidential information. Version 6.0 for the first time in the industry include protection for terminal devices from unknown attacks, the functions of preventing loss of data and virus protection for signature in a single well-managed applications. Updating virus signatures happen automatically and requires no extra cost. The combination of these functions will help companies reliably protect themselves from known and new threats, as well as implement effective rules for the use of data and meet regulatory requirements.

- Firewall Web Application Firewall solve security problems caused by technology Web 2.0 and social networks. It protects the privacy of companies and individuals in web-applications. Web Application Firewall comes as a separate device or built in the gateway Cisco ACE XML Gateway. It protects access to applications, web-inspects traffic HTML and XML, defines the model signature attacks and help companies meet the requirements of PCI web-security.

- Filtering of content. Cisco has expanded the security features of popular integrated service routers Cisco ISR. Today, the world found nearly 4 million devices this family. From today, they include content filtering function of the company Trend Micro. This will help corporate customers to block access to web-sites, known as sources of malicious software to restrict access to obscene content and introduce acceptable to the staff rules of Internet use.

- SIP-protection for unified communications. Another useful addition to the functions of security is to use the SIP protocol in the firewall Cisco IOS Firewall to protect voice communications. This innovation will allow companies to adopt the concept of distributed enterprise, improve productivity and minimize the threats associated with the transfer vote.

System-Cisco Security MARS (Monitoring Analysis Response System) 6.0. Cisco Security MARS allows monitor safety functions in real time. It recognizes the threat, agregiruya information from the devices, Cisco and other companies, and determine the best ways to reflect the attacks. In addition, Cisco Security MARS is reports on the data collected to meet regulatory requirements.

In version 6.0 a new system of support devices, which allows users and external companies to build their infrastructure devices in Cisco Security MARS and thereby distribute intelligent security features to the entire corporate network, including devices that Cisco Security MARS are currently not supports. New version of Cisco Security MARS - the first system of this type, which takes log-files in the format syslog and Cisco NetFlow Version 9 of devices Cisco ASA 5580 routers and Cisco ASR 1000.

- Cisco Security Manager 3.2. Cisco Security Manager effectively manages security at the plant, tsentralizuya setting the rules of corporate and systems security Cisco. Version 3.2 improves the efficiency of operations, significantly reduces the time frame diagnostics and troubleshooting, and streamlines management signatures IPS. This is achieved through close integration and interaction with the system Cisco Security MARS. Cisco Security Manager 3.2 adds value Self-Defending Network, expanding support for desktop and high density rackmount switches and Cisco ASA 5580 devices.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reshuffle in the "big three"

In the "big three" world's leading manufacturers of mobile phones have been significant changes. For the first time in the history of South Korean Samsung Corporation has increased its market share to 14.5% and ahead of the American Motorola. It happened once in the third quarter of 2007, Samsung managed to sell 42 million cellular phones. Such data published analytical company Gartner, conducting regular market research of mobile phones.

Of course, the absolute leader among manufacturers remains ringtones Finnish Nokia, which controls 38.1% of the market and sells more vehicles than its closest pursuer both together. In doing so over the last year only Nokia has consolidated its leading market position by increasing the volume of their products by 25%. The share of the producer in the III quarter had more than 110 million of the total number of sold mobile phone. The success of Finnish manufacturer is largely due to the fact that the management company to predict trend of declining profitability at the "old" markets (Europe, USA, Japan) and reoriented in time for increased production production budget models designed for markets in developing and underdeveloped countries. The yield from each tube sold budget is small, but huge sales volumes in developing countries still make such a business model is very profitable. Not coincidentally, perhaps not quite in Nokia are experiencing because of the strong reduction in sales in the U.S. - only one China already repeatedly Finns compensated for the loss of positions in the U.S. market. Now Samsung intends to move closer to those of Finnish companies active through the sale of low-cost models in developing countries. According to Gartner, in the last quarter of Samsung sold nearly 42 million mobile phones, for the year failed to increase its market share from 12.2% to 14.5%.

A Motorola phones sales for the year, in contrast, fell from 52 million to 37.8 million units. If the III quarter of 2006, Motorola controlled 20.7% of the market of mobile phones, but now this figure had fallen sharply and is only 13.1%. According to analysts Gartner, a U.S. company disappointing results are not surprising, since throughout the year the company worked inefficiently. The main reason failures Motorola experts from Gartner called the almost complete absence of new phones in the company's model range. Since the very successful Motorola Razr American manufacturer has not created any of the content is bright and popular models. In addition, Motorola marketing continue to ignore low, in their view, the markets of third world countries. And even if there is literally before the eyes example of the success Nokia and Samsung. And in the expensive machines for technically advanced users on the American market position Motorola successfully attacked the company with his acclaimed Apple iPhone.

Difficult to say what new items zagotovila Motorola in 2008, and marketing policies will change as the American company. I recall only that not so long ago, the firm intention to enter in 2008 the top three world leaders expressed the company Sony Ericsson. And, apparently, to do so it is going through all the same unfortunate Motorola. One of the innovations that will apply Sony Ericsson to market gains, will be mounted on a full-fledged office package of apparatuses Quickoffice Premier. This premium version of the program, which will create, edit and view Microsoft Office files directly on the screen. Manufacturer also finds application in smartphones Quickmanager, which will automatically download new versions of Quickoffice. Updates also will be provided free of charge. Previously, mobile office was installed only in business-smart phones, music models program for viewing documents are not available. But from Motorola could be expected surprises. Let me remind you that on January 1, 2008 Ed Zandera as chief executive officer will succeed Greg Brown. And his plans have already been marked clearly enough. In a recent interview site Greg Brown said: "All the debate about the new phones completed. We are very proud RAZR 'box, but we do not want the company relied only on sales hits. This means that in the future gamma mobile devices will face fragmentation and segmentation, offering customers a wide range of phones - from business machines to fashion-devaysov ".

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IT Sector: saturated affairs December

As usual, in anticipation of the end of the year IT-industry is taking stock and compiling plans for next year. But it is, well, routine. The most visionary top managers - "vizionery" - trying to capture the main trends, which follow in 2008 - year will yield maximum profits and losses izbezhatneopravdannyh. Is fair to say that the cause of world IT-business situation is not bad at the moment, as market forecasts for the most optimistic.

Experts organization Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has finally been published the results of an analytical study of the state of the world market for semiconductors in October 2007. It turned out that this month (just 60 years later, after the invention of semiconductor transistor) chip sales rose compared with last year at 5% up to $ 23.1 billion If you compare these figures with September, the deal with growth at 2%. Most experts are inclined to assert that the semiconductor market growth was triggered primarily stable segment of the PC.

For reference: the first 10 months of 2007 chip sales volume exceeded $ 210 billion, which is 3.9% higher than the rates in 2006, when the developers managed to put on the market semiconductor products at $ 202 billion It must be said that SIA count on less active in the PC market III quarter, but the actual results were a pleasant surprise for manufacturers as well as for investors.

But another forecast already burnorastuschemu related to Internet advertising market. ZenithOptimedia Agency published the results of their research, according to which, by 2010, the network avoids largest advertising market magazines and will concede on this parameter only advertising on television and in newspapers. The share of Internet advertising in 2010 will have 11.5% of the world's total cost, estimated at $ 530 billion, or nearly $ 61 billion Television will hold 37.5% of the market, a newspaper advertisement - 25.4%. Moreover, in 2010, forecast to ZenithOptimedia, the threshold at 15% market share of Internet advertising cross in ten countries around the world. Currently only four countries can boast such a high rate: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Britain. A significant portion of additional spending on Internet advertising directed to developing countries. For example, China, which now spends on such advertising $ 2.6 billion, after two years will spend $ 7.5 billion

Now let's talk about mergers and joint projects. Game publishers Activision and Vivendi announced the conclusion of the transaction multi-mergers. The new company will be addressed Activision Blizzard, its president and executive director will become current head of Activision Robert Kotik. On the other hand, through the merger of order 68% of the shares of Activision Blizzard will be at the disposal precisely Vivendi. The deal will be completed by the middle of next year after its approval by shareholders and regulatory authorities. Her total is about $ 18.9 billion The company has already issued a Blizzard on its Web site a small but informative list of questions and answers, which, inter alia, alleged that the transaction does not affect the work of Blizzard Entertainment: no interference from management novoobrazuemoy companies are not forthcoming, all current key personnel will remain on place, strategy and tactics to ensure the success of Blizzard, also will not change, and games, which produced and produces Blizzard, will continue to wear her name only. It is assumed that the merger with Activision strengthen financial performance of both companies and help increase sales.

A company Yahoo and eBay are planning next year to open joint auction site on the Internet. It is expected that already by March 2008 - the first residents of Japan will be possible to make purchases on the eBay site through Yahoo. And by mid-year, Americans will have the opportunity to purchase goods exhibited at the online auction site Yahoo Japan, through eBay. It is anticipated that the agreement between Yahoo and eBay will be profitable as the Japanese, and American users. The first will be able to save on the purchase of those products which stand in the Japanese retail expensive than abroad. Residents same USA, in turn, will have access to the popular Japanese goods - in particular, mangoes, compact discs with music and so Japanese Treaty between companies Yahoo and eBay also means that the latter can finally return to the Japanese market. eBay was eliminated from the country's rising sun in 2002, did not pass tough competition from Yahoo Japan, now they can resume their activities in this market. We should add that Japanese and American markets for online auctions grow quite rapidly. Thus, the turnover for the year in the particular area in Japan increased by 27% and reached the mark in the $ 36.4 billion In the U.S. annual growth was 21% - to $ 172.7 billion In late November, the administration site WebFives, dealing with video and fotohostingom, notified its users that the technology, based on which the site was acquired by the corporation Microsoft, in connection with which WebFives will be closed shortly. Microsoft has acquired the right to trademark and technology WebFives, but agreed to extend the work site until 31 December this year, to have the opportunity to transfer previously downloaded content on a PC or other online services. WebFives team will join the Microsoft and will facilitate the integration of their technologies in online services corporation. The head and founder Michael WebFives Tutongi in his official address to invited users after some time to look at the MSN Spaces sites or Windows Live. He added that the company Vizrea Corporation, now known as WebFives, was founded in August 2003, Since then WebFives service has become one of the most popular photo and videoservisov, which offers its users the ability to automatically download content to mobile phones, automatic RSS - Newsletter and other innovations.

At the American telecommunications market boiling their passions. Frontline Wireless Company has applied for auction on sale 700 - megagertsevoy radio spectrum bands. Intends to start building networks fourth generation (4G). Declare that the structure of new networks will be similar to the Internet. In doing so, the main competitor to Frontline Wireless will be at Google, which has earmarked for the purchase of radio frequency spectrum plot $ 4.6 billion Does Google deploys at that frequency in case of victory own wireless network, which it tests in its campus, is unknown. The auction is held Federal Communications Commission USA (FCC) in the programme for transition in 2009 for digital television broadcasting. Detailed plans for participants in the auction of frequencies against unknown - their discussion of the rules prohibited the auction. The winner will have to provide access to the frequency of all devices and users, which objected to the large operators. In addition to Google and Frontline Wireless, will participate in the auction U.S. cable operator Cox Communications. At the same time, the two largest cable operator Comcast and the country of Time Warner refused to participate in the competition. Their shares after the decision went up by 3-4%.

Continuing the strange events surrounding the corporation Samsung. Last week law enforcement authorities in Seoul was held in raid headquarters of the security company. I recall that a former lawyer Samsung, Kim Yong-Chul said recently that the company has a fund of about $ 215 million, designed exclusively for bribing judges and other authorities. Since then under investigation. Kim Su-Nam - the representative of Korean law enforcement agencies - said that they "take documents and files that could confirm the existence of a fund to bribe". In Samsung strongly refute these allegations. Company representatives say that all this - "only a repetition of the false, distorted and exaggerated allegations". Ha Yan-Siok of Samsung Securities told a group of prosecutors, "vletevshih as hurricane and sour financial documents and hard drives". "First, they searched the office of planning and strategy and then searched spread to all floors of Staff", - "he said. A total seized 4.8 terabytes of information. Following these developments, shares of Samsung Securities rate fell to 2.2%, but rose again after the session with investors, who believe that the investigation produced no result. Yim Yun of Samsung company said that he and his team "surprised" raid, but ready to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

It seems that the leaders realized the futility of the music industry and even harmful methods applied to counter Internet pirates (among which automatically get all the users who share music files). Companies Warner and Sony are going to follow the example of EMI and Universal, having started releasing music in MP3 format without copy protection (DRM). This decision was taken following a public speech chapter in the world's largest retail chains Wal-Mart, which threatened to cease sales of MP3-protected songs in its online store. Other vendors may have to do the same. The company Universal Music Group (UMG) began testing the sale of unprotected music in MP3 format in August this year. It now sells 85% of its catalogue in this format, gathering and in the future to work with MP3. Other
record label - Disney's Hollywood Records - laid up for sale in online stores Amazon and 40 varieties of musical content without DRM-protection. Sony also join this label, despite the fact that earlier was categorically opposed to the sale of MP3 without copy protection.

Summing up, and the production for the near future and concerned about the mobile communications industry. Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia expects that sales growth in all market participants cellular phones in general will be next year no more than 10%. In doing so, he will be above 15% in the Asia-Pacific region, China, Africa and the Middle East and below 10% in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. At the same time, the company expects a lower average selling prices, particularly in emerging markets, while the number of owners of cellular phones will reach 4 billion mark already in 2009 (rather than in 2010 - m, as predicted earlier). In addition, Nokia experts believe that the operating profitability of business in the production of cellular phones and services within one or two coming years will not exceed 20%. The company also reported that plans to increase its market share in excess of 39% achieved in the last quarter. Nokia announced, in addition, signing agreements with the world's largest recording company Universal, under which buyers of new music phones Finnish manufacturer will have an opportunity within 12 months of free use records Universal. The agreement comes into force from the second half of next year.

In addition, Nokia intends to take a leading position among suppliers of Internet technologies for mobile phones: analysts predicted, the entire market for Internet services by 2010 is estimated at 100 billion euros. And yet the events of mobile industry. The company Motorola in anticipation of New Year's ongoing personnel reshuffle. The telecommunications company Cisco Systems Padmasri Warrior approved as the new director of technology. The appointment took place less than a day after the departure of Warrior with similar positions in Motorola. Dismissal Warrior happened on 4 December, a few days after the resignation of Ed Zandera KazUpack corporations. Vice-president and chief technologist responsible for research and development investments in corporations in the total amount of approximately $ 26 billion It now takes place Nottenburg Nis, formerly head of department of strategic companies. Padmasri Warrior was the most senior woman in the history of Motorola. Working in the company since 1984, she took his last post in 2003 - m. This appointment led to questions as the previous draft, headed by Warrior, failed in the market. In Cisco armchair director before the arrival of Padmasri Warrior empty. Charles served his last Giancarlo, who in 2005 moved to the post of Director for Development.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Motorola and impure strength

Peripetii Motorola are continuing. From the once-leading manufacturer of cell phones in recent weeks have such news that reluctant start to think: perhaps without the impure forces top managers of corporations do not take important decisions.

It all started with the fact that the company was subjected to attack by investor Carl Aykana, which owns 6.45% of the shares of Motorola. He filed a suit in court, demanding access to documents of the board, which he refused to provide. Aycan At the same time, the company rejected a proposal put to the board of directors of two of its representatives - it requires four. But the leadership does not want to see Motorola among them Maystera Kita, a fund manager Icahn Partners. Aycan found such a position "unacceptable" and "does not intend to tolerate it." In general, it would be decided at a meeting of shareholders in early May.

In addition, the lawsuit, filed in the American state of Delaware, Aycan requires him to provide information about the decisions to appoint top managers, for example, information about the use of corporate aircraft managers and their families. Aykan also requested documents unit for the manufacture of cellular phones, the loss of which last year amounted to $ 1.2 billion In general, already on the list of issues it is possible to understand how things are going at Motorola.

Shortly after the announcement of claims Aykana learned that Motorola did break up into two companies in 2009. The purpose is clear: to get rid of unprofitable production of mobile phones. One of the companies created after the division, will actually manufacture cellular devices. The second will focus on selling networking equipment, facilities for cable television and radio stations - these lines of business are considered profitable and fast-growing. I recall that earlier this year Nokia split into three parts in general. But this was done in order to optimize the business of an already successful company. In the case of Motorola are entirely different: the volume of its sales steadily declining in recent years. The company had ceded much of its market share to competitors of cellular phones. In 2007, Motorola fell by sales from the second to third place in the market, Samsung Passing forward, and now it is about passed Sony-Ericsson.

After the decision to allocate "mobile" Motorola unit into a separate company, experts have spoken about that this manoeuvre undertaken to facilitate the creation potential investor alliance with manufacturer Hynix. Tero Kuittinen, Avian Securities analyst company, gave such a comment: "I think this is a prelude to the joint venture in the field of mobile phones. Probably negotiate with a separate company will be much easier. This positive news, they mean that the company is moving forward - toward serious restructuring process. " But according to the news these investors - one of the Chinese companies producing mobile communications. Presumably - ZTE.

While analysts have built assumptions scandals around Motorola went their course. In late March, many American media got open letter Numaira Faraza, first worked in Motorola adviser to the late vice president and chief marketing Geoffrey Frost. The letter "a full reel" won Edu Zanderu company managers and Greg Brown. Fully lead voluminous letter is not possible, here are some quotations:

"The main problem is that Motorola, which makes excellent Samsung phones."

"I told the senior designers: all you need - to create a more attractive and more expensive apparatus than any device on the market, and everyone immediately wanted to buy it."

"I just begged: please note that the company is an urgent need to improve the software to create Master for the opportunity to participate in social networks (this was in the years before the giants appeared MySpace and Facebook)."

"Zander more interested in their results on a golf course than the management of one of the great technology companies of America, and all the responsibilities placed on Jeffrey. strategy ... For if all the profits the company responsible chief director of marketing - but not other leaders, who were incompetent, and then those still remain. "

"Related to Jeffrey people felt that Zander driven him to death, giving his shoulders full responsibility for the fate of the company. ... His wife, Lynne, accused the company of his premature death and later committed suicide."

"But you are much different from other Motorola incompetent senior managers: you were not merely inadequate head, you kill the company. Lack of understanding of Motorola phones for the production did not give you any justification for the alleged decision to sell the unit."

"Create a phone that looks and works as a symbol of luxury and status. Priznayte superiority of American software, return those jobs that you blindly moved to China and Russia. Android Support Linux and Google's out of the operating system phones Stone Age."

"Understand that the most popular feature of future mobile phone - this is not the camera or player, is social relationship, please experience in the field, make part of corporate values."

"With such people like you or Zander, Motorola symbolizes all the worst that can be found in corporate culture. disaster ... Motorola as a bastion of the American spirit of innovation and creativity, if it happens, will be entirely on your conscience."

In my opinion, there should be no reason we do not write.

Pisec outcome. The decision to allocate unit for the production of mobile phones into a separate company made not only to the telephone business was not a negative impact on the remaining two units, the financial health of which is fear. This maneuver would prevent and reduce the capitalization of the company, in fact, to attract investment. Here are just in the way most likely investment - the Chinese - probably face of American laws, which recently severely limit foreign investment in high-tech industries dollars.

However, not everyone in the company is already bad. Recently, developers have been able to combine network Motorola CDMA EV-DO and LTE. Technology companies allow one device to switch between networks without losing the connection. During the test was able to transfer streaming video and voice between networks without loss of information or any delays. Motorola experiment showed that CDMA operators, it may be advantageous to deploy network-LTE fourth generation. Compatible client hardware will be able to switch between them as well as between GSM and UMTS.

According to the experts, seamless hendover between EV-DO and LTE gives operators confidence that the LTE - the right choice in terms of networking. During the public display technology used laptops with special adapters that work in networks CDMA / EV-DO Rev.A and LTE. The equipment in the transmission of voice and video between networks turned away, with no loss of packets of information.

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IT-SECTOR: life without illusions

Razdray on world financial markets, rising oil prices, falling dollar, recession in the United States ... No, not all of this is determined by the current state of the global IT industry. Today it is determined by China's industrial policy. And now you are in it for yourself.

To begin with, the Chinese authorities have submitted a state programme support production of microchips. They promised a discount of 15% from sales tax of any company engaged in the production of semiconductors and invested in the Chinese economy over 8 billion yuan ($ 1.14 billion). In addition, the company can claim privilege, in the production of chips using 0.25 - micron (250 nm) technological process. This criterion includes most modern producers of processors, which are now producing chips on 45 - and 65 nanometer - nanometer technological process.

In the case of long-term (15 years) investment in modern production company chips, once it becomes profitable, be exempt from taxes for five years. In the period from the sixth to the tenth year, it will receive a 50% discount from sales tax. It is expected that the new facilities will benefit Hua Hong NEC, as well as Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation and Semiconductor Manufacturing International, is actively extending production.

This measure has caused the Chinese authorities certainly no longer a heart attack in South-East Asia. So far, the main producers of semiconductors in the world were companies located in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Now, China and grossly peretyagivaet just a blanket.

But that's not all. China may prevent Microsoft swallow company Yahoo. The reason is - a new anti-monopoly law, which takes effect in China on 1 August. He gives the Chinese regulatory authorities to monitor the transaction, in which investors in the Chinese economy. A Yahoo in 2005, has invested billions of dollars in search engine - the largest enterprise in China in the field of e-commerce. Yahoo now 40% owned by a Chinese company. It turns out that in case the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, they will buy their own shares, that malorealno from a financial point of view. Even if the Chinese authorities will give permission for the transaction, its long antitrust investigation of the circumstances significantly reduce the value of the two companies. By the way, the potential transaction Microsoft and Yahoo affect laws in a number of countries, because both companies have foreign troops.

Incidentally, Yahoo and Google still agreed to "make friends against Microsoft - companies will jointly promote OpenSocial platform that allows standardized program to create social networks. Now Yahoo will support OpenSocial platform, but there is still refusing to call for the creation of applications which will be used platform. To move OpenSocial Google, Yahoo and MySpace June 1 to create a special non-profit fund OpenSocial Foundation - it will be managed by the three companies and monitor the neutrality platform.

Let me remind you that the platform was presented OpenSocial Google in November 2007 - first as an alternative to the then prevalent platform for creating applications in the social networks Facebook. OpenSocial - is a set of basic functions of interfaces, which allows developers to gain access to basic social functions and information networks. Unlike Facebook, OpenSocial open to third-party developers to standardize and allows different applications to many social networks. Among adherents OpenSocial - social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, etc.

Apple called the company that have the greatest impact on consumers. This view online edition readers Brandchannel - in its survey took part 2,000 people from 107 countries around the world. Microsoft Corporation ranked first in only two of the ten nominations - "Brand, which would you bet" and "Brand, who would you have changed." But Apple ranked first in six nominations - Bandchannel readers feel that called upon at the dinner in the company they would be pleasant to visit the whole, as well as Apple (in the view of respondents) 100 years ago could have an influence on the course of world history, and in the next five years will have a significant impact on the IT industry. Most respondents did not represent his life without Apple products, and the question, "Which of you would brand itself proassotsiirovali", the majority answered with Apple. "

The majority of those surveyed also believe that the national brand, "the United States" and Trademark rebranding require Microsoft - Microsoft has become too boring and predictable, but at the United States claim to be an American before it was prestigious, as it caused envy of the rest of the world. Today, the reputation of the United States badly shaken: American goods are no longer considered to be the best in the world and the country's economy is in crisis.

Incidentally, about Apple. The company will not renew the contract for the supply audiochipov for iPod Nano and Touch with the British company Wolfson Microelectronics. Earlier Wolfson Microelectronics chips were removed from the player iPod Shuffle and S lassic. However, the rejection of installing chips in the British iPod would not affect the supply of components Wolfson Microelectronics for the iPhone. Actions Apple looks amazing, given that the company Wolfson Microelectronics has been a constant supplier audiochipov for most iPod models, starting with the first player, having withdrawn in 2001.

Red Hat Company, the largest manufacturer of commercial free software, issued a financial forecast for the 2009 financial year. As it turned out, Red Hat is planning to receive proceeds of $ 665 million up to $ 680 million, while analysts predicted the company proceeds at the level of $ 637.4 million Red Hat also announced financial results for the IV quarter of 2008 - net profit for the period amounted to $ 22 million ($ 20.3 million a year earlier). Quarterly revenue grew by 27% and amounted to $ 141.5 million

Declared Red Hat forecast for the 2009 fiscal year, exceeding analysts' expectations, came against the backdrop of more pessimistic results of a major competitor Red Hat - Oracle Corporation. Since the publication of a quarterly forecast and reporting Red Hat shares rose more than 7%.

The head of the telecom company Hutchison Whampoa Li Ka-Shing invested in the social network Facebook $ 40 million In November 2007 - the first Li Ka-Shing has already invested in 60 million Facebook As a result, its total investment in the project was $ 100 million, with Hong Kong billionaire said that his investment in the social network is not completed.

Earlier Facebook has invested $ 240 million Microsoft Corporation. Also investors that social networks are Samwer brothers, who at one time the state of Vivendi sells Jamba company, trading ring tones. Manual social network Facebook now evaluates its portal least ten billion dollars. But a year ago, this amount reaches $ 15 billion

Nokia continues expansion in the fastest growing markets of Asia. The company will increase its staff of a factory in the Indian city of Shriperumbudur to 5500 people. Now the factory, which produces mobiles for Asian countries, employs 8000 people, has 900 working in R & D-unit. After increasing the number of jobs at the plant and expand staff development department of the total number of staff at the plant 15,000 people.

In 2008, Nokia invest in its Indian manufacturing affiliate of $ 75 million, bringing the total amount of investment in it by up to $ 285 million Approximately 50% of factory manufactured products sold in the domestic market of India. The other half is exported to countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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Start Intel Demo Competition 2008 launched at the festival Breakpoint

The small town of Bingen aan de Rijn, famous for its wine industry, became a hospitable home to 1000 people from more than 30 countries. They all come here to take part in the annual event Breakpoint, the largest in the world festival demo. In addition, the festival was launched Breakpoint concourse Intel Demo Competition, which is the main sponsor since 2004 is Intel Corporation.

This year four teams-finalists will be able to fight with a team Still - the winner of last year's contest. Participants include using a PC with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme provided by the company Wortmann Terra. Competition prize fund moneys in the amount of 25 thousand Euro, as well as ten complete sets of tools for programming and compilers. A new product programs in the competition this year will be seminars on Intel's multi-processing data.

This year, the equipment provided to teams - a party event, the new technology is at the top - this is a PC with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme, demonstrating a top-class performance. Team-winner to be determined in August, will receive a prize Wortmann Terra computer with a processor Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 with a frequency of 3.2 GHz.

There is currently no team Developers demos undergo screening tests for the competition Intel Demo Competition. On the web page / demoscene published qualifications, as well as the selection criteria. The registration process is very simple: all applications must be submitted before April 25, 2008 in the form of completed registration forms. This concludes the first phase. The next step is to convince the Selection Commission that the team truly worthy candidate to join the competition Still with the team. Go to the segment this year will be significantly more difficult - to the jury are not only experienced demostsen creators, but also artists and design specialists:

-- Andry Unlock Joss of the journal Pain Magazine;
-- Alexander Monroe Scholz, the creator of demos;
-- Moses Grohe of the journal GEE Magazin;
-- Simon Scamp Kissel, a representative of the festival organizing committee Breakpoint;
-- DRobert Rose, Augsburg University professor of applied sciences and humanities;
-- Lillevan Pobjoy, videoartist;
-- Tobias Heim from the company Digitale Kultur ev;
-- Hans-Jurgen Werner, Intel Corporation.

Four teams, which will compete with a team Still, determined on May 5. Then, in their possession will be given 8 weeks, during which the team must show their creative ability to fully and create demos. And they will not only animation images and the preparation of visuals, but also must put in place the elements of musical presentation. Demo should not last longer than 3 minutes, and the volume should not exceed 64 MB.

Introduction demostsen orders at the end of June to start the next phase of the competition. On the web page / demoscene everyone will be able to give a voice for the most like him demostsenu and thus support their beloved team. The site also will be available with information on the teams, their demorolikah and equipment that they used. The final portion of the competition will be held at the second-largest festival demostsen in Germany and rewarding champions will be held during the exhibition Evoke in early August in Cologne.

The four-day festival will bring together enthusiasts of new technology and digital art lovers who will be able to submit their works sotkannye of music, graphics and code. Participants vocal demo, which includes various contests, seminars and entertainment events, will be able to enjoy round-the-clock technological masterpieces. One of the festival this year will demostsen presentation at the largest display ever to be used for such activities. Two demostseny projector will be broadcast on the surface area of 70 square metres in the high quality (resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels).

In addition, Intel will hold seminars for developers, in which Aaron Code (Aaron Coday), Chief of Visual Computing Enabling Intel Corporation in the EMEA region will tell how the mechanisms for the simultaneous processing of multiple data streams can be optimized to run on multi-processors.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

IT-SECTOR: between hammer and anvil

Before March 8 indexes of high-tech NASDAQ stock exchanges amicably waving red arrows fall. And while this week the situation marginally, it has become clear: the IT industry, as a significant part of the global industry, was among the hammer rising oil prices and the anvil falling dollar. And many conflicts between the IT companies are simply making a general nervousness.

At a recent press conference гендиректор Microsoft Steve Ballmer said that intends to make the deal with Yahoo, even though it will be his last achievement in the company. According Ballmera despite official denial of Yahoo merger, the parties still are negotiating on the issue. But it previously proposed to increase the amount is not.

But later Ozzy Ray, the chief software architect of Microsoft, told a news conference that the software giant will not accelerate the process of buying Yahoo, which has now moved to the dormant phase. According to Ozzy, "companies that are slow to such acquisitions, behave irresponsibly." He said he retains "considerable optimism" about the fact that Microsoft plans to purchase about Yahoo translate into reality. In the meantime, Microsoft is going to continue the tactics of "Fight the power of attorney" in an attempt to form a new composition of Directors Yahoo loyal to the transaction.

In the midst of this confrontation Logitech company accounts every undertaking of rumours that it will become the new buying Microsoft. In a special press release states: "Any proposal for absorption made by Logitech International from Microsoft, it would be meaningless without Action." In addition, the head of Logitech personally refuted the information that Microsoft is a shareholder Logitech. Meanwhile, back in January, the value of Logitech shares soared after rumours of a possible appearance producer periphery acquisition by Microsoft for $ 8 billion

Once again, Steve Ballmera ... At MIX08 conference in Las Vegas chapter Microsoft said that the company in whatever became Google will attempt to achieve a market share of Internet advertising and search. Ballmer confident that the planned absorption Yahoo will enhance the competitiveness of Microsoft. If the merger take place, the company will avoid duplication of services. According Ballmera, one does not need two corporate search engine, the two advertising systems, two webmail. So Yahoo services are likely to be integrated with similar Microsoft platforms. According to ComScore, in December 2007 to have 62% of Google search queries. Share Yahoo is 12.8%, while Microsoft - only 5.2%.

By the way, Google has good news. The European Commission approved the acquisition of Internet giant company DoubleClick, saying that the deal does not restrict competition in the online advertising market. According to the European Commission, they found no preconditions in order to Google and DoubleClick prevented Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL to provide alternative suggestions. The statement by the European antimonopoly department said: "Google and DoubleClick are not competitors, but even if they were they were, the transaction would have no negative impact on competition".

The unexpected statement was from the mouth of Peter Chow, the heads of the company Transcend. He said that the company would build a factory in Taiwan, as well as China's production is becoming expensive. " Construction will begin this year and the project is scheduled for completion in 2009. Cost of events, not counting the value of the land is $ 39.15 million Transcend now has 11 production lines in China, the new factory in Taiwan will produce 30% of the production company.

Production costs in China has increased greatly since the recent changes in labour laws. As a result, now many IT companies are planning to move parts of their production to Taiwan or to Viet Nam. But China apparently does not intend to abandon the emerging leadership in the IT industry. Judge for yourselves: more than half of mobile phones in 2007 were made in China. Just last year the market was 1141 billion phones, while in China produced 594.4 million, of which 46.4 million -- illegally. This is the first year when China fired plants, more than half of phones in the world. The number of telephones has been made to 33.4% more than in the first half of 2006 - first, and revenues grew by 29.6% and amounted to $ 22.7 billion Of the total number of phones produced 180.4 million left China in the domestic market, while the remaining 414 million left for export.

I have the mobile. Agency Approves Study DisplaySearch: despite all the problems of the world economy, the market for mobile computers continued strong growth. In the IV quarter of 2007, notebook manufacturers have put 33 million consumers Notebooks - is an increase of 14%, compared to the III quarter of 2007, and by 41%, compared with the figures of 2006.

Hewlett-Packard still retains a leading position, it is already occupied by six consecutive quarters. Indeed, HP managed to retain its market share at above 20%. The main surprise was the same rapid breakthrough in the Taiwanese Acer second place in the rankings with the result of 5.25 million produced notebooks and a market share of 15.9%. Third place belongs to the ranking Dell.

The most popular to date, with 15 laptops - inch screens and resolution 1280 800: their share amounted to over 50% of all shipments of portable PCs. In second place with a result of 23% followed by a model with a diagonal of 14.1 inches and resolution 1280 800. Subnoutbuki (diagonal 12.1-inch or less) are popular in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan, where they accounted for 37% of total sales. Big laptops more to the liking of consumers from the region EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), have had their share of 42% of all laptops sold, the model accounted for more than half of the screen diagonal of 15.4 inches. In 2008, the projected supply of laptops exceed 135 million pieces.

The South Korean authorities reported the arrest of a former employee LG Electronics, accused Chinese company in the transfer of sensitive data on the production of plasma display technology. The accused named Jiang sent a Chinese company COC design report and other data on the construction of "plasma" LG plant. In LG Electronics Jang worked until 2005, and in 2007 - m went to the post of technical adviser in the COC, where he worked until now.

U Djanga had two accomplices: one former and one current employee LG Electronics, which he passed secret information. Partners also detained. Secret data in question were found on the laptop accused, and of the data stored since 2005. It is estimated LG, if the company COC use stolen technology, the loss of LG Electronics over the next three years could add up to $ 1.4 billion

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Friday, April 18, 2008

What is sound industry?

Today, sales of music via the Internet record label and artist brings more profit than usual implementation of CD and DVD-Audio. This fact already has been, but at this time has become undeniable. Especially look ridiculous statements by some analysts about the fact that there is some rivalry between the major "very sluggish labels and a variety of fast Internet, and implying justifying piracy. The fact is that most of the major labels are already actively engaged in the sale via network resources and very good feeling. Pirates lose and quietly through the network, however, the same situation has been, and until the Internet.

The market on the sound, for that matter, any software that is happening around the same situation, though the theme of piracy now otmetem because of its deep philosophical meaning. Now become actively develop internet services, the network appeared publishers / distributors legal, and business began to go off. But seemingly from the same industry dinosaurs have real problems - namely, a great competition. Young developers offering similar functionality and performance products, literally dempinguyut prices. But in reality ... did not change ... Why?

Why ...

Let's start from afar. Recently evident very interesting trend: advertising costs far exceed the cost of production. This difference is particularly felt in the regions and in those cases where the industry is not very developed, and is on himself. And the farther from the centre of events ", and the harder it becomes bespribylnee detail. And when it comes to the advance of secondary products, it often does not justify itself. Why did it happen?

First ... Modem dictate regions with historical already profitable industry in a given area. There is money (!), And the prevailing market. For example, the best software for today doing in Germany, and the best modern music, however, like a movie ... in the United States. Competing with them is very difficult, almost impossible. All the technology cheaper and, in time, become available to more people, but the industry in these countries is so developed that automatically comes with a significant advance and is not going to pritormazhivat.

Secondly ... Pioneers, especially inventors anything new, remove the major money cream, and all that is secondary - cheap.

For example, at the level of software. How many developers are trying to create a beginner once already made? Multitrekovye write programs, sound editors, and Synthesis semplery that already morally obsolete. Gains they do not have, one loss and wasted time spent.

And there is such a company as Modartt, which simply made with soft piano physical modeling synthesis, which previously did not. "Cheap" is 15 megabytes, and costs 249 euros. And Modartt raskrutilas very quickly, went on sale of real, even in defeating several prestigious prizes for the past six months. And the cost of advertising has been not such much higher than compared with those give the developer if he wants to repeat physical modeling piano for the second time. Although ... second developer still lucky, but the third has not:). There is such a quiet business law, which can be so called "third extra." This concerns mainly products of mass consumption and not mature state when fully filled niches.

Want an example? Market guitar software. IK Multimedia Amplitube were (first), and Native Instruments Guitar Rig (second). Neither Line6, issuing software plug nor Waves GTR with them already will not be able to succeed in this area.

Processors ... Intel and AMD.

Videoplaty ... ATI and NVidia.

Multi standards ... Dolby and DTS.

The list could go on long. Overall, the situation with the active proliferation of Internet sales will not affect the situation in the market, in general, within niches filled, with the exception of situations where there are structurally unique new ideas, beyond the level of what had been before. And this happens very rarely.

Even in large companies are not fools sitting.

Opposition PO vs "iron"

It is surprising but true. Even more, and the TEC Awards in the fall, and mipa spring "distinguished". Tools and hardware are divided on the nomination almost to the "best pins for violin," and soft mixed in a heap. So, for example, in one nomination at the mipa put a virtual impactor with the installation ... synthesizer. And in the software-effects processors and software hit Guitar ... separate XLR. How can they compare? That the more you are loved: sausage or ride a bicycle? Looks something wrong. This approach can rightfully be called "starikovskim" and the modern measure unacceptable. Much adekvatnee realities appeared on the list of the best results of the year of Remix magazine. We wrote about it.

That is, in fact, no confrontation "apparatus" and the software does not exist, just one solution being modernized and transformed into the type of programming where it is viable. Yes, any hardware "is already all computer inside.

Confrontation is a specialist in the brain. It is not to recall with vivid example Waves in the late 90 - x, when they began their programme plugins produce in the form of studio hardware processors. I come from all began to say that, saying, "this is what happens iron, do not compare with the programs." Of course, this was ridiculous. Although at the end of last year, Arturia, long dealing with the production of virtual instruments, suddenly produces a hardware synthesizer. And it is clear that he supports filling clearly computer, and "inside" are the same program-virtual instruments. But ... at m.i.p.a. the device has participated in the nomination for 'Best hardware synthesizer. " And that would be lost anywhere. However, in this area if there is a demand, then it is possible to understand Arturia.

Market professionals

Speaking of the brand, markets and so on, we have impliedly more brands and their marketing policies. While no secret that the same German industry can be found in companies and the Russians and Belarusians. And they usually work, and remotely, or even as something indirectly, and not just by one country. As a result, in our country to be a musician / sound / arranger / composer is simply not profitable. And it can be linked to many other trades that "there" are valued its weight in gold. And in the coming years, the situation has not altered. The findings do themselves.

Regarding the global industry, and now there is a heightened demand for the acoustic designers and composers for games, television and video. And it is in games now replaced priorities, because before developers do not pay particular attention to the sounds as such, but now without it and the game - not a game. Discouraging "golden rule" of George Lucas, perefrazirovav which, I can say that 50% of the perception of visuals - is sound. Engineered in this area as well in demand, particularly those who work with 5.1. Generally speaking, all valued professionals.

This concludes the interview to the general topic. In my view, it was necessary for us to better understand each other in the future. And in future issues turn to specifics - products and technologies.

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A good year for IT-sector

Neither one month is not without costing a landmark event. In January, in my view, such an event was the conclusion of a strategic alliance between corporations Sun Microsystems and Intel. As part of this alliance will advance the Intel operating system Solaris, and Sun is include in its product range servers level enterprises, telecommunications servers and workstations based on Intel Xeon processors. The agreement covers products such as Solaris, Java software and NetBeans, Intel Xeon processors, as well as Intel and other technology Sun-level enterprises.

Actually, in 2007 - m Intel threw a major force in the development of new technologies. In particular, the continued building of new factories for the production of 45 nm chips - is Fab 32 in Arizona (investments 3 billion USD) and the factory in the Israeli town of Kiryat Ghad (3.5 billion USD). Although personally, I remember the story with more advertising Intel. Recall campaign for dual processor Core 2 Duo Corporation has ordered posters, in which six black athletes preparing to flee stometrovku, stagnant office tables between each other. And between them stood and smiled "white master." Advertising read: "We vyzhimaem make the most of our employees." In affected politkorrektnostyu America has enormous scandal.

February marked the emergence of the market for software package own office applications Google - Google Apps Premier Edition. The package valued at 50 USD per year joined Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar. It seems to me that Microsoft Corporation in a special joy on this occasion not experienced.

Michael Dell is back in the direct management of the company he established immediately and resolutely embarked restructuring business: three weeks Dell replaced leadership as a whole. And also decided to change the company's business model - direct sales to supplement retail focus, ie to invade the territory of Hewlett-Packard and Apple. The challenge - to return the company's status leading manufacturer of PCs in the world. (I recall recently the first line in the world ranking won Corporation Hewlett-Packard.)

Of course, IT-striking development was the release of long-awaited and all zaintrigovavshego Communicator Apple iPhone. But, with your permission, I will not address the topic - NADOELO.

Let go first rumours that Microsoft is a company intends to buy Yahoo. Even this amount is quite logical transaction called - 50 billion USD. The deal did not take place (at least for the moment), and Yahoo all year with mixed results continued to struggle with the crisis. This impression that the condition for Yahoo permanent crisis has become a standard - a fourth year already shoe.

But MySpace social network for a quarter of a billion dollars bought most popular online GalleryMy - service Photobucket. Another popular resource category of Web 2.0 - music site - was bought mediakorporatsiey CBS for even greater amount (280 million USD).

Motorola Company has been one of the few losers year, which "merit" units of cellular phones. For far too long not occur dramatic upgrade model range, and in the case of marketing at Motorola are unimportant. Overall, it came to restructuring. To begin with, was appointed the new head of the mobile unit Stu Reed. A Motorola will soon break up into three units: Mobile Devices, Home and Networks Mobility and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. The main competitor of the American manufacturer - Nokia Corporation - also break up into three parts under курантов battle. True, in contrast to Motorola, Nokia, in the case of this is not a crisis - quite the contrary.

In September, the Taiwanese company Acer for 710 million USD suddenly bought a fourth-largest PC builder in the United States - the Gateway (and incidentally - and still belongs to a European company Gateway Packard-Bell). So now Acer - the third largest world producer of PC (after Hewlett-Packard and Dell). Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo now has slipped to the fourth position. And that, after several years of phenomenal growth. Now sharply ukrupnivshayasya Acer plans to produce 20 million computers a year and sell their products at 15 billion USD.

Toward the end of the year, the corporation Google seriously interested in wireless technologies. First, Google plans to participate in the auction for ransom from the government of the United States 700 MHz radio frequency band. Currently it comes to the amount of 4.6 billion USD. Do we have Intended Google, it is too early to judge: the package of frequencies freed only in 2009, when American Parliament will reach a standard digital broadcasting. In the future, Google plans to donate bought frequencies leased telecommunication companies.

In November, however, Google has released Android - a package of software for mobile devices based on Linux, distributed under an open license Apache License 2.0. So far, of course, it is difficult to make any projections on the commercial success of the project. But Android immediately received support from the telecommunications industry grants such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile in the United States, as well as China Mobile, Telecom Italia and Telefonica outside of the United States. Then, to set up around "Androida" unification Open Handset Alliance joined eBay, Intel, Nvidia, the largest Japanese wireless KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and a number of other companies. Overall, it looks very impressive.

And, finally, the change in December occurred in the rating manufacturers of cellular phones. No, Nokia remains the undisputed leader (38.1% of the market), but the second is now the South Korean Samsung Corporation (14.5% of the market). Motorola, on the crisis in which I mentioned earlier, retreated to third position.

Among other notable trends in the year - an impressive growth in the volume of Internet advertising and sales of laptops, boom social networks and investment in IP telephony, as well as the emergence of the myriad companies startups. And yet - currently the Apple-boom ": products fruit company in 2007 Imari just as hot pasties. As a result, the company Apple (which, in addition to all sorts of gadgets, and even released a new version of MacOS) significantly strengthened its financial position. If spring Apple shares were sold at USD 112 per piece, and now they are already 198.8 dollars: net growth for the seven months was 78%. As for the reasons for such a rapid take-off company, Steve Jobs of Apple compared the chair, which has three stalk - Maki, iPod players and communicators iPhone. Fourth stalk apparently had become AppleTV stations, but not a ...

Overall, in 2007 the global IT industry ends on the rise. And projections for 2008 - and will do in January.

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QNX: what lies behind the three letters?

Name QNX often read in the news and on Internet sites dedicated software. But what lies behind the name nedlinnym knows is not as much a great number of people. That is the QNX, and is designed to broadly describe the article.

As it is written on the official site of the Russian-speaking, QNX - a real-time operating system, following the principles clearly mikroyadernoy architecture. " What does this mean? Let me quote another one, this time from the POSIX standard description: "The real time operating systems - is the ability of the operating system to provide the desired level of service for a certain period of time." That is, the system must respond to the events (for example, user actions) with a delay not exceeding in any case, some established standard sizes.

What does it mean that the words that QNX - mikroyadernaya operating system? This means that the kernel - the main part of the operating system that provides access to applications coordinated computer resources - is not a monolithic program, a combination of several existing separate parallel processes. If some kernel functions are not needed, they can remove fear, without violating the integrity of the kernel, and nothing changing in the rest of its components.

Where is the operating system can be applied to similar properties? Indeed, even applications very much. It is used, for example, in managing nuclear reactors. One of the most famous systems of this class, Open Architecture Distributed Control System, developed by the Canadian company Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Based on QNX. Used QNX and in the post-Soviet space: for example, on the basis of a system of automated control and management razvodkoy Troitsky bridge over the Neva in St. Petersburg, realized JSC NPP Promtransavtomatika. " QNX and used in the management of traffic, in research - more specifically, the apparatus by means of which these studies are conducted. The company uses Cisco QNX software to manage their switchboard.

QNX is known not only for its modularity and reliability, and portability: it can work on the processor architectures such as MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, ARM, StrongArm, Intel XScale and x86. Since the operating system conforms to the POSIX standard (this is standard operating systems software interfaces designed to ensure software portability at the source level), then it is relatively easy to transfer the source code from UNIX platforms. No, but, as the POSIX system, QNX differs from most modern UNIX 's that for the system to pay, and not enough.

While in the CIS QNX is not so popular, as in the West - still affect the consequences of repression for illegal use of 90 - s - but the ice has set off. State Technical Commission of the President of the Russian Federation in 2004 issued a certificate certifying that the real-time operating system QNX 4.25 tested on 2-level control of unclaimed lack of opportunities. The certificate allows the use of the product in the design protection systems for automated systems to class B 1 inclusive, as required by the governing documents Gostehkomissii Russia. Unfortunately, the certification QNX in Belarus were unable to learn anything - apparently, the system we have not been certified.

I think for QNX - a great future. Because of information in all spheres of human activity leads to the emergence of a large number of embedded systems, where QNX is used very widely.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Now, I prefer to watch" - Interviews William Gibson

Street always finds its own use of a variety of things.

(c) William Gibson

Up to the last moment not Hence, it will turn out. William Gibson, founding father of the genre "cyberpunk" blogger known as enthusiastic, but your e-mail on the Net is not disclosing - it is not even the writer's personal website. Therefore, any interviews with him are possible only through the publishing house Penguin Publishing and Random House, which is traditionally the first to publish works of Gibson. Yet interviews for "IT SECTOR" condition. And, as intended, at the dawn of 60 - anniversary of the writer, to be observed on March 17.

-- Thank you agreed to be interviewed. As the mood on the eve of the anniversary?

-- Not until the mood now. Jubilee - so troublesome! At the same time, a lot of issues have to deal with: publishers, the media, with a family and children ... And from the desk while reluctant disruptions.

-- Can you explain what is working?

-- No, I do not like to talk about the product, until it is written on at least 3 / 4. I can only say that my thoughts are occupied by several things. That is, and I want them to translate into concrete works.

-- In the early 90 - brilliantly, you predicted social networks, so now receiving widespread. As we wait for next?

-- If you have a view to further development of social networks, I think that the quantitative increase in the number of users they are about to stop. But the network will begin to change themselves. In the near future we will mass emergence of specialized social networks of people clearly defined groups. This will be quite closed online community uniting certain subcultures, professions, whose something fans can be, the residents of certain regions or believers of different faiths. But current Facebook network type or MySpace awaits bankruptcy - they put undue investment, and their audience is beginning to decline.
But about a decade later (or slightly less) is a new social networking boom, it is very similar to what we have witnessed in the year 2005-2007. This boom will be a consequence of rapid computerization of African countries, the poorest countries in Latin America and the poor, but densely populated countries in Southeast Asia - such as Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc. But it has to be totally different culture! Besides certainly very, very many people in those regions will be included in the social network is not connected to the Internet through a PC, and using cell phones. And this process has already begun. After all, cell phones in the world, twice as many than personal computers.

-- What is triggered each time for writing ordinary things from the story to the novel?

-- News. More precisely, no news themselves, and any association, which they raised in me. Hundreds of other news-will, as they say, "pass me," and a pull. Maybe not even plot, and "speaking" with the term. How twisted, for example, the "viral marketing" - it is largely thanks to him (but not only, of course) was born novel "Spook Country".

-- What do you think is the greatest threat to modern human civilization?

-- I think information overload. This is what the residents are facing every day so-called "developed countries". Of course, we still have a very vague idea of the resources of the human brain, but it seems we are beginning to abuse its capabilities. But the volume of information that we have to think about every day, is growing exponentially. And this applies not only to the profession, but to everyday life. See how many electronic gadgets around us - and most of them have no bearing on the work. Digital players, cameras, many electronic toys, the GPS Navigator, and all other things ...

-- In your products in the future, the most technologically and economically developed country, featured Japan. How do you evaluate the present explosive growth of China?

-- See for yourself: even a half dozen years ago was the prerogative of the Chinese "otvertochnaya assembly" analogues western technology and the production of low-quality counterfeit products American and European brands. Today, the Chinese launch rockets into space, a Chinese computer corporations literally conquering the world. Look at the progress Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei. I think that today's China is almost on par with its technological might of Japan, it is much more than just size and population. And consequently, there is much more technology "dissipated". So now I try not to make predictions about who will be the leader in the future - Japan, Korea or China. Or someone else ...

-- What do you think our world a decade later? Half a century later?

-- You know, I tired to make predictions. Enough, already ... napridumyval Today, I just interesting to observe the changes that occur with humanity, which penetrate deeper biological and cybernetic technology. Slightly abstracting, you can probably say that the technology had become some kind of semblance ekzoskeleta modern man. And it happened just in the last dozen years. And that is why I watch - at this stage I want to understand what kind of change in human culture, civilization as a whole, taking place through technology. After all, no one would argue, for example, that Google has already become a factor in the thinking residents of large cities, with access to all telecommunications charm.
And: I would like to simulate the reverse situation where people will be surprised, denied all of this electronics, which they themselves surrounded, all biotechnologies. But if I write something similar, then in spirit, in style it will be closer to "Maschine differences, which we wrote with Bruce Sterling many years ago.

-- Thanks for the interview!

Special thanks to Victor Fomin aka 4MIN. He made an intermediary in arranging this interview.

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Conspiracy around Intel and Microsoft OS Vista

During the trial on Windows Vista Capable program, in late February 2008 the court issued a 158 pages of internal documents of Microsoft ( / microsoft / library / vistaexhibitsone.pdf). At the thirtieth page text of these documents is an e-mail written by employees of Microsoft Kalkman named John (John Kalkman). It contains information on the certification program Capable company Intel chipsets. "We had underestimated the requirements specifically to help improve Intel quarterly profit figures. Thus, they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 chipset, - wrote Kalkman. But later, after some market research that gave negative results, he noted that "it was a mistake, artificially understate the true image requirements".

Not so bad news! Two mega-corporation, it turns out defrauded millions of its users, jointly providing false information on the compatibility of its hardware and software. Not surprisingly, opinions about Windows Vista were not very flattering: small that not every machine is equipped with Windows Vista Capable stickers allowed to work comfortably in the operating system, there was terrible brakes, and both have a number of premium-function versions of the OS was masthead simply unavailable. Official explanations about Kalkmana letters from the two companies at this point cloud, you can find below.

Chuck Mulloy, a representative of Intel, said John Kalkman, not being Intel employee, seemed to have no idea about the internal affairs of the company or the financial forecasts sales of chipsets, motherboards, or any other product. Therefore, the statement should be viewed as his personal speculation.

David Bowermaster, a representative of Microsoft, outlined that the 915 chipset support Windows Vista Capable program based on successful tests beta Windows Vista on computers equipped with such a chipset, and because of widespread prevalence data chipsets on the market. Such computers can be installed Windows Vista Home Basic. For computers that allow user to use the premium features more navorochennyh versions, Microsoft authorized use of the mark "Premium Ready".

Bouermaster deliberately diminish the significance of the contents of the letter Kalkmana, while also not referring to the topic of a possible agreement Intel and Microsoft on the 915 chipset and its certification for use with Windows Vista. Documents released by the plaintiff, a representative of Microsoft calls "not having anything to do with the charges themselves", and explains that this is just part of an active discussion of how best to deploy Windows Vista Capable program.

Of the 158 - page document, you can restore the chain of events that is such a story. November 9, 2005 Microsoft had planned to only one certification program. David Berrett (David Berrett) explained that "PC Ready" - a working title of the programme, a term that would be used instead Ready - is Capable. As the value of "capable" in the English language and a more unambiguous meaning close to the program.

But in January 2006, things changed dramatically. The governing persons Microsoft discussed removing WDDM-standard (Windows Display Drive Model) from the program and the launch of Windows Capable second Vista Ready in June 2006. More - more: for the sake of its Intel 915 chipset pressure on Microsoft, demanding the removal of WDDM-standard.

Immediately after that, Mike Ibarra wrote in a letter that the 18 months of work went in vain, and Microsoft had to substitute the HP, which has already made significant investments in the introduction and promotion WDDM-standard. Other OEM manufacturers also unhappy events. Microsoft forced progibatsya by Intel.

HP has invested money in support WDDM graphics accelerators-standard, but Microsoft has changed the program. Of course, HP is not pleased that fact.

Interesting statistical calculations was provided by Microsoft, on the background of which can be seen all the facts and history. In early 2007, following picture graphics accelerators in the market for the fourth quarter of 2006: 60% of graphics accelerators on laptops and PCs supporting WDDM-standard, 30% had 915 chipsets from Intel. 74% of laptops and 58% of desktop computers have built-video, 86% of laptops theoretically suitable for the installation of Windows Vista, but only 46% of them could use the Aero interface. In other words, less than half the laptops at the time, were fully prepared to launch a full-Windows Vista.

By analyzing documents promulgated, it is safe to say that the software giant and its OEM partners have lost a minimum of 18 months of work on the graphical user interface for Windows Vista. And at first glance, it might seem that the sudden turn of events in January 2006 (WDDM waiver of the standard) has set a lower standard, which, which was not good enough to match the query Windows Vista and display it in all beauty with full functionality.

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IT-business: prior to the end of the year

In the global IT industry over the past couple of weeks anything wrong, fortunately, did not happen. Horse racing world oil prices and the American financial crisis has not had a significant impact on the market of information technologies and telecommunications. But something important has happened yet.

We begin, as usual, with global issues. According to the research company Pyramid Research, in a few years, the global market for mobile undergo unprecedented change, and to the existing 2.8 billion users of cell phones in the next three years by a new billion. Of these, 87% occur in developing countries amount. The majority of potential users do not give China and India. Overall, in those two countries will be about 35% of the promised one billion new users, and the rest pridutsya on the part of the world where the level of urbanization is less than 50%. By 2010, 74% of users live in countries with developing economies. However, due to low ARPU their share of 40% of total revenues. And an important point: the majority of those customers will receive cellular networks to access the Internet. US-French company Alcatel-Lucent - one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment - announced that shorten 4 thousand employees by 2009. This measure will help it cut costs by 400 million euros ($ 578 million) a year. I recall that in February Alcatel-Lucent has already decided to dismiss 12.5 thousand employees. This happened almost immediately after the company Alcatel and Lucent have decided to unite. In the Alcatel-Lucent noted the need to reduce costs because the company's net loss in the III quarter of 2007 amounted to 258 million euros. At the same time, sales grew at only 2.3% to 4.35 billion euros, compared with the previous quarter and were 7.8% lower than in the same period of 2006. And: simultaneously with the announcement of reductions Alcatel-Lucent also announced resignation from his position as the company's financial director Jean-Pascal Bofre.

Commercial success YouTube video is still not resting television. American Fox Television and NBC announced the test launch of the new videoportala - another competitor YouTube. The site will host full movies and television shows. A trial run was held on the site on 29 October. Microsoft now operates on a conditional-closed beta testing: an application to participate in the testing project may submit anybody, but the letters of invitation code had to wait for several hours. The final version of the site will be provided to Internet audiences in the coming months. Content will provide for Hulu, in fact, Fox and NBC, as well as Sony and the film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

One of the best-known Linux companies, Red Hat plans in the next two or three years, a number of changes to the existing business model. Currently, Red Hat receives the bulk of profits from the proliferation of server and the Linux operating system support. The company also develops and promotes virtualization direction in the area of Linux desktop computers, but revenue from these initiatives are relatively low. However, Red Hat has to compete with other major Linux vendors, pressure from the ever-growing. About two weeks ago, Red Hat has appointed vice-president of Nike Wayka Wang for the post of head of unit, whose staff will address the transformation of business models. It is envisaged that the transformation will be carried out in several stages. Experts are now reviewing the scheme of company management, particularly relationships with customers and partners, a subscription model, the financial system and other factors. The next phase of Red Hat address the identified weaknesses and enhance the efficiency of the service interaction with users. In addition, Red Hat expects to increase profit from the distribution JBoss. This company Red Hat, recalled, acquired last year for $ 420 million It is anticipated that changes in the business model will enable Red Hat to strengthen market position. In addition, the company expects to double the amount of annual revenue. Currently, Red Hat receives revenue of about $ 500 million a year. Companies involved in the production of laptops, may face shortages of components in II quarter of 2008, this will be possible, if the components suppliers will not be able to increase production to meet the rapidly growing demand. Deliveries of notebooks from Taiwan in the second quarter of next year amount to 25.98 million units - about the same as in the III quarter of 2007, I note that in III quarter deficit component has led to a slowdown in growth of supply laptops, which has been almost 10% less than previously thought. In the IV quarter will be more than 30 million laptops, and that increases the supply of 27%. In III quarter of 2007, a serious deficit touched PWM, graphics cards, high-capacity hard drives, monitors, power supplies, etc.

Incidentally, the manufacturers of laptops. The company Acer has brought financial results of I-III quarters of 2007, consolidated turnover for the III quarter reached $ 3.74 billion, which is 28.7% higher than last year's figure and 30.4% - the previous quarter. Overall Acer consolidated turnover for the first three quarters of this year totaled $ 9.67 billion, an increase of 25.7% compared with last year. Operating profit Acer III in the quarter reached $ 86.16 million, increased compared with last year at 42.1% and 43.1% compared with the previous quarter. Operating profit for I-III quarters grew by 24% compared with last year and amounted to $ 206.14 million In III quarter the company received $ 89.53 million net profit after tax. Net profit after tax for I-III quarters reached $ 324.19 million

Anti-virus companies integrate their products. Panda Security and Commtouch signed an agreement for the inclusion of anti Commtouch technology in the product from Panda TrustLayer Mail. According to data provided by Gartner in a report for the year 2006, Panda took 4 - first place in the world market for anti-virus software. According to the company's management Panda Security, antispamovoe Commtouch solution chosen because service TrustLayer Mail spam detection rate should be more than 98%, and Commtouch help achieve this. Commtouch anti-engine based on the Recurrent Pattern Detection - content-diagnostic technology that can detect and block spam in any language. RPD real-time analyses large volumes of Internet traffic, detecting and defending against new flow of spam. Among the clients TrustLayer Mail - Internet providers, application providers and telecommunications operators. The quality of service is guaranteed TrustLayer Mail Agreement on the level of service (SLA) and provides a clean e-mail viruses.

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