Thursday, June 26, 2008

Again AMD against Intel

The second-largest worldwide manufacturer of microprocessors Advanced Micro Devices has expanded the list of claims against the market leader - the corporation Intel. In 2005, the company AMD has accused Intel of monopolizing the market. Then these accusations followed a long trial in the United States. And not so long ago by Intel with the filing of AMD is very interested European antitrust office. The consequence of a number of searches in both the European offices of Intel, and its business partners.

New charges AMD, set out on pages 2000, suggest that Intel bribe and puts pressure on manufacturers of personal computers, to prevent their cooperation with AMD. The latest statement appeared AMD U.S. companies Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Gateway, as well as Taiwanese Acer, the Chinese Lenovo Group (in 2005 bought a unit for the production of IBM PC) and several lesser-known Japanese manufacturers. Some of them appear in the first. According to AMD lawyer Charles Diamond, "Intel pays all of them for something that they did not cooperate with AMD". Actually, this kind of accusation put forward against Intel by AMD already far not the first time.

Intel, in turn, told journalists that considers the competitive environment in the market for PC chips normal. AMD also, in its view, looking for protection from the courts legitimate way of competition. Claims AMD, believe in Intel, "in fact, are complaining that Intel - a more effective competitor". Indeed, by the end of 2007, the company AMD has suffered great losses, while Intel can boast a large profit. One of the key issues during consideration of the case - how much time would be given to AMD interrogation of witnesses and others to find. Guide AMD contends that the company's lawyers will need another 9-10 months to gain the support of a sufficient number of witnesses. In Intel also believe that AMD and here requires unnecessary. Overall, I think, epic "AMD against Intel" will be equally protracted, as "European Commission against Microsoft" (which, by the way, still very far from completion).

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