Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dell intends to return to world leadership

Michael Dell, founder of the corporation Dell, is confident that his company can reclaim leadership in personal computer sales, paying more attention to a specific user and developing countries. Dell founded the company while still a student at the college, and for the post of its director general returned last year when Dell had ceded first place in the list of the world's computer giants corporations Hewlett Packard (HP). His new strategy, according to Della already brings tangible results. Thus, sales at the end of last year grew by 19%, while the year began with a 11% drop.

Profit corporation and the reputation of Dell gained on the original approach to sales, not through the exercise of their stores, and via the Internet or by telephone, which gave the consumer an opportunity not just to buy that gathered at the plant, and build your own computer, based on their own inquiries and opportunities . And now, according to Della, this model is the process of "fine tuning". If nine months ago, the user wanted to buy a Dell computer in the store, he would have to look long and inconclusive. And now the company own more than 10 thousand stores.

The slowdown in the American economy, according to Della, has had some impact on the market: people were put off buying some for later. But, he added, the majority of clients, which is now targeting Dell, does not live in the United States: the company wants to create new products and services that will attract new users in India, the Middle East and China. In doing so, Michael Dell is not expressed much enthusiasm when asked whether he intends to do something like this so-called "Laptops for $ 100" as part of the "One laptop per child" for developing countries. According to him, this product, which was first talked four years ago, but so far no one has made stodollarovy laptops.

Dell more practical look at things and doing what people can use products that have a price to be sold and actually functional. In addition, Dell has rejected the suggestion that his company to design computer nevazhen, though agreed that this element was not among the main priorities when Dell focused on corporate clients. By switching to consumers, Dell has become much more drew attention to design, fashion, color, texture and materials. 10 years ago, Steve Jobs, head of Apple, Dell criticized for production, as he put, "beige boxes". This same range of their computers Michael Dell describes this way: "We do them in any color. In any color you want you."

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