Thursday, July 24, 2008

IT SECTOR: Clarifying disposition

From China came unexpected news: working in the field of next-generation networking company Huawei Technologies agreed to sell its unit to develop terminals - cellular telephones and modems for wireless data transmission. Among the prospective candidates for the purchase of business - the largest operators of cellular communication AT & T and Vodafone, as well as the investment company Blackstone, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and TPG.

All this seems all the more strange that, according to Director of sold units Meddi Lu, a business company in the field of ringtones and modem cards broadband access is on the rise, and its contribution to overall corporate income Huawei - more than 10%. From January to May this year under the brand name Huawei has sold more than 30 million of these devices, which yielded income of $1.8 billion end of the year the company plans to sell another 40 million devices. It turns out that the annual sales volume will grow nearly twice - for the entire past year has sold 40 million mobile terminals. So the sale of such units Huawei looks promising, to say the least, strange.

And the mobile. Microsoft announced its intention to buy the company-developer of mobile services and software MobiComp. This is a Portuguese company with subsidiaries in Britain, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. MobiComp provides users with services such as MobileKeeper (application for data exchange and storage) and Active mTicker (distribution system of automatic alerts based on subscription).

Now let's talk about Google - ignore the largest Internet company does not possible. At the post of Financial Director Google recently was appointed Patrick Pichett - he succeeded George Reyes, who left the company in December 2007 - first. First Pichett worked as finance director of Canada's largest cellular operator Bell Canada. In total telecommunications market Pichett spent about 20 years. Now 45 - year old Patrick Pichett takes the case and officially work for Google, he will start from 1 August.

Google founders and management believe that the experience will help realize Pichetta "ambitions telecommunications company. More specifically, to take a significant share in markets for wireless data and cellular phones. I recall that Google already this year plans to submit the first apparatus on the basis of its own mobile OS Android.

According to the contract, Pichetta salary is $450 thousand per year plus $500 thousand incentive bonuses in employment and another $500 thousand six months. New findirektor receive the right to buy a certain number of Google shares at a fixed price.

Also last week, Google released its assessment of the Russian market contextual advertising (Google serves about 25% of search queries Runeta). The assessment is this: on the outcome of this year, the cost to advertisers contextual advertising in Beijing amount to $200 million By the way, Google has recently concluded an agreement with the Russian payment system "Rapida" on the withdrawal of payments by using advertising platform Google AdSense.

Other figures announced are: two and a half years full-fledged Google presence on the Russian Internet market, a U.S. company to build share of search queries from 6% to 25%. Study iConText company prognosticated that the contextual advertising market in Russia by 2010 will be $1 billion, at least, it will have to third on Google.

AOL, it seems, is trying to take revenge for their previous failures on the Internet. The company, together with HP launched localized versions of their sites for the markets of Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela. Thus, Latin Americans have become such popular services available to AOL, as web-mail, AIM, videopoiskovik Truveo, AOL Fotos, blogs and news aggregator. In AOL stated that "the launch of portals in these countries was another step in a strategy for expansion in the international market and increase profits from online advertising."

An interesting study conducted company MasterCard. She found that most money in online stores in Asia spend residents of Singapore and South Korea. Singaporeans spend three months, on average, $770, while South Koreans - $707. All were interviewed more than 4,000 people enjoying the Network at least once a week. Of these purchases through the Internet did 63%. In Japan the figure was 83%.

A company IDC released a forecast, according to which, in the next two to three years, large Internet advertisers will annually increase their advertising budgets by 15-20%. In the IDC such growth has been called "phenomenal, but real." In their calculations specialists IDC proceeded on the assumption that by 2011 the number of active Internet users will increase to 1.4 billion people.

With regard to specific figures, in the world this year in the cost of online advertising reached $65.2 billion - a 10% increase over 2007 - m. And in 2011 global spending on online advertising will grow to $106.6 billion - 14% of the total cost of advertising. The money is distributed as follows: approximately 1 / 3 will receive search engines, which are placed in their search results and sponsored links contextual advertising. At other types of sites will prevail contextual advertising, graphic banners will take 20% of the market, multimedia advertising - 19%. The most rapidly (50% per year) will grow advertising Rich-Media and advertising in video.

By region at the online advertising market distribution by 2011 will be: will the U.S. leader: there "on the Internet, advertisers will spend up to $45 billion a year. But the highest growth rates show the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (+ 42.1%), as well as the Middle East and Africa (+ 29.8%). At the same time, most of all to invest in online advertising, advertisers will be from Western Europe who are now planning to spend online, on average, 18.2% of their advertising budgets. In Japan, by 2011 the figure was 16.3%, in the United States - 14.6%. Increase in Net entire entertainment industry to advertise "adult" and online casino, followed by information technology, electronics and computers.

And lately - about so far budorazhaschy minds iPhone. In the face of heightened privacy company Apple has placed orders for Taiwan enterprises to 15 million vehicles iPhone 3G. All phones must be issued before the end of the year. By the way, orders for release of iPod and Nano players also grew, although orders for the production of iPod Touch, on the contrary, declined.

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