Sunday, July 20, 2008

IT-sector: passion for Yahoo

Some still call it "battle Titan", others are ironic "elephants fight." But it is obvious one: the relationship Yahoo and Microsoft did not move to the stage of "soap opera" - yet, rather, are continuing "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

Another journalist on 14 June influential New York Times Joe Nosera on the pages of his newspaper published an open letter addressed to head Yahoo Jerry Yangu. As stated Nosera, head of Internet corporations, "having made deals with the breakdown of Microsoft, not peck to benefit shareholders." In fact in America is not accepted that journalists similarly pointed businessmen, as behave - because Joe Nosera letter and received a response. Moreover, it is obvious that the journalist played in the team Orphanage and Yahoo co-owner Carl Ikana. But on that below.

Ironically say, but the accusations levelled against the current leadership on the pages of Yahoo New York Times, enough weight. First, in the opinion Nosery, the recent deal with Yahoo Google, which leads to the actual redistribution of Internet advertising market sharply not like the shareholders of both companies and will certainly attract the attention of American antitrust authorities.

The second accusation by a journalist became blatantly incorrect compensation plan with reduced staff, adopted by top management companies (the so-called "golden parachutes"), which is now being contested in court by several shareholders. According to Nosery, "even Adviser Yang called for compensation scheme adopted insane." He summarizes: "In the end, the company ceased to be a Yahoo" Jerry child "in 1996, when the exchange went on."

Incidentally, the "redistribution of advertising." The official Google blog reported that Yahoo now be used to demonstrate advertising in the U.S. and Canada technology Google AdSense. Companies signed the deal, in the view of some analysts, the potential to increase revenue from the Yahoo Internet advertising at $ 800 million a year. It is anticipated that already for the first 12 months of the agreement can bring from $ 250 to $ 450 million.

In truth, that the two largest Internet corporations are preparing an agreement on the actual redivision of the market became aware as early as April 2008 - then Google in a test order obtained the right to place contextual advertising on sites in Yahoo. But then the agreement affects only 3% of search queries, so they are causing particular concern to the antimonopoly authorities. Now, a few hours before the announcement of a new deal with Google, Yahoo finally ceased negotiations with Microsoft. Kevin Johnson, president of platforms and services division Microsoft, said on that occasion: "Unfortunately, Yahoo has chosen a different path and entered into an agreement that will allow Google to control more than 90% of the advertising market in search engines. This will make the market much less competitive." Who would have talked about competition ...

In passing became known, another curious fact. It turns out that Microsoft is in talks with Yahoo re-offered for search assets alone Internet portal billion dollars. Microsoft assumed by buying search Yahoo, the company invested $ 8 billion investment. This proposal is meant long-standing collaboration with Microsoft in the Yahoo Internet search.

Now the group of investors Yahoo, headed by Karl Ikanom, is preparing to shift the current Board of Directors of Internet Corporation for the shareholders meeting on August 1. Well, forward to continuing the show ...

Now on the other. President of Google, Eric Schmidt said in a recent interview that the search engine "has not yet been able to earn substantial sums on videoservise YouTube". Let me remind you that YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. According to Schmidt, "the possibility of earnings on YouTube seems obvious, but Google so far has not found a suitable option monetization opportunities videoservisa. Of course, while Eric Schmidt did not fail to recall that end, Google is does not turn the whole and all of the money, and change the world. Monetization same - only the technology to pay for these changes.

However, it is worth recalling that Google has already implemented some time on YouTube its system of contextual advertising. But YouTube is already in March this year presented a system Insight. In particular, it allows advertisers to know how visitors find a clip, what time it looked likely, in what region the topic roller aroused most interest, etc.

Recurrent distress company Motorola plans to July 1, 2008 to lay off 150 of the 600 members of its research units - Motorola Labs. Another 180 workers Motorola Labs to be assigned to other divisions of the company. Top managers Motorola believe that the appointment will enable the reshuffle "to optimize investment in research and concentrate on the most important directions for the company, as well as help developers to collaborate with business partners." According to another version, ozvuchennoy in American media, the corporation plans to reduce staff at Motorola Labs 120 people, and the remaining 270 will deal with long-term projects, not tied to any single unit.

On a note that yet nowhere and never in the hi-tech industry decline in the state involved in research and development, not helped fix the company affairs. It is unlikely that it will help and Motorola. Incidentally, the reshuffling in the state of Motorola Labs was announced shortly after the Director of Strategy and Technology Rich Nottenburg left his post.

Let me remind you that on April 8 this year, Motorola announced the upcoming separation into two companies: the current deeply unprofitable unit for the production of cellular phones will become independent enterprise in 2009. In this way, it is anticipated to attract investment, presumably - Chinese (most likely from ZTE).

In 2007, the mobile unit market share fell from 23% to 13%, because of what Motorola had ceded second place in the market after Nokia company Samsung. Sales of mobile units in 2007 amounted to $ 19 billion that a third fewer indicators in 2006.

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