Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Large Chinese redivision

In China begins major redistribution of the telecommunications market. Tasks have initiated two reforms: to create a normal competitive environment in China itself and to ensure Chinese companies - operators - free access to world markets.

In the first phase of the reform of Chinese telecommunications company China Telecom and its parent state will have to acquire the second largest cellular operator in China connection - a company China Unicom. This peace tell news agency Xinhua - it also stated that the amount of the transaction amount to one hundred billion yuan ($ 14.4 billion). However, on its own information agency Reuters, the transaction amount will exceed $ 15 billion, and according to a number of other sources, that figure could rise to 110 billion yuan ($ 15.2 billion). At the moment, aware that 60 billion yuan ($ 8.5 billion) will pay the parent company (founder) China Telecom, while the remaining 40 billion yuan (about $ 4.5 billion) to pay directly itself China Telecom. Completion of the transaction scheduled for IV quarter in 2008 To date, China Unicom owns a network of multiple access code division (CDMA). It is anticipated that the transaction to acquire China Unicom will enable China Telecom Corporation to gain access to cellular communications market and become a competitor of the world's largest operator in China and cellular communications company China Mobile. In the course of conducting official business transaction advisor to China Unicom serves American investbank Lehman Brothers, as an advisor to China Telecom - the largest Swiss bank UBS. In turn, mobile operator China Unicom will acquire the operator of fixed communications Netcom by exchanging shares. The deal to absorb Netcom valued at $ 56.3 billion As we see it much more than the sum of all transactions between China Telecom and China Unicom. Buying a company Netcom should allow China Unicom to diversify the structure of its telecommunications business and dramatically expand the range of telecommunication services.

The guide China do not conceal that described transactions are part of large-scale government plan of reorganization and consolidation of the national telecommunications industry. It is envisaged that at the end of this phase of transformation in China of the six operators will remain only three. But all these operators will be the largest not only in China itself but also throughout Asia.

China Telecom Corp. Ltd. China is the largest operator of fixed telephony. In 2007, the company's net profit grew by 1.1% to 22.52 billion yuan ($ 3.22 billion).

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