Friday, July 25, 2008

"Looking to the future" - Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation introduced more than 70 fantastic projects and concepts developed in its laboratories and on the environment, health care, computation using graphics, wireless mobile solutions, etc. In these studies the company has invested nearly $ 6 billion annually. Chief Technical Director and Senior Fellow, Intel Justin Rattner said that in the next five years, thanks to today's investment in research, there will be technologies that radically alter human interaction with computers and help to significantly change the environment.

The processor is Intel Atom emerged as a result of a small project "Snocone" one of the laboratories Intel, whose goal was study the possibility of establishing a processor with ultra energy-based architecture Intel. Similarly, Intel vPro processor technology for business platforms have been the result of Intel held in 1990 - years of research to create a universal Serial Bus (USB) for connection to PC music players, keyboards, cameras and other devices.

As the number of kernels into the microprocessor Intel will significantly increase the use of parallel computing (where several computing tasks handled simultaneously) on a massive computers, leading to an unprecedented empowerment of visual computing, including realistic three-dimensional environment, operational analysis of real-world video images and more natural ways user interaction with their devices.

Companies Neusoft and Intel demonstrated the future of automotive application, in which cameras are "eyes", and computers based on multicore processors play the role of "brain". Cars will be able to identify much more precisely the situation dangerously close to other vehicles or pedestrians and take measures to prevent accidents.

For this type of visual computing requires a much higher computing power, as well as addressing the problems of parallel processing (multiple simultaneous queries processor). In the annex to the road used the results of studies on programming for Intel Ct - expanding language C / C + +, created in laboratories Intel. It ensures the smooth scaling from 2 to 8 nuclei programs to prevent accidents, without requiring the development of additional software or compilers.

Special technology under the name "power management platform will provide continuous monitoring of changes in the computer and intelligent energy consumption reduction or complete disconnection of unused system components, such as wireless ports or USB. The first results of work in this direction demonstrate the possibility of reducing by more than 30% of energy consumption in a state of idle or low activity. In the next few years, Intel researchers hope to multiply the achievements in this area and to reduce energy consumption by 50% computer, regardless of whether he is able to idle or works. One day in the future, power management platform will be used in the entire range of products Intel - from mobile Internet devices (MID) to the most high-performance servers.

Personalized technology will help solve the problem of rising costs, due to the increasing number of chronically ill and aging population, while patients will be able to more actively monitor their health.

One example of the commitment of Intel multi Research Center became the technological research aimed at achieving an independent lifestyle (TRIL): research organization, jointly established by Intel Corporation and the Irish government to develop technologies that will enable people to maintain independent living at any age. One recent innovation, the proposed center TRIL - BioMOBIUS, inexpensive research computing platform, based on which the staff, not having deep technical knowledge, can easily and quickly create tools for medical research.
Another example of decisions, research-based Intel, can serve as provided by Step A system analysis, to identify key factors Step A man (or manner of walking speed) and determines the risk of falling. Today is just a research project, however, such concepts can improve the quality of life of patients and reduce the burden on the health care system.

Researchers seek to establish Intel technology, which compact mobile Internet devices will be able to receive information from the surrounding environment and interact with it so that the small size of these devices do not inconvenience the user.

Thus, for small mobile devices, due to limited physical channels of input-output, will be particularly convenient speech interfaces. Intel researchers demonstrated the speech interface manages the connections between two mobile devices and wireless display for sharing resources and services. For example, when the collective viewing photos user will be able to manage the timing naturally mobile device with a TV large-format, proiznosya respective teams.

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