Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Telecommunication espionage

The Procuracy of Germany began investigating the case, which could lead to very loud scandal in the telecommunications industry in Europe over the past decade. This is a case of listening to telephone conversations top managers of Deutsche Telekom - the largest telecommunications company in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The German prosecutor's office has evidence of illegal use of stationary and mobile phones by its employees in 2005-2006.

However, the current prosecutor investigation does not become a consequence of successful law enforcement or security services. Even on 26 May this year, official representatives of Deutsche Telecom admitted that the corporation several times specially hired a private detective firm to monitor telephone calls their leaders. Also under the control of telephone calls were taken of some journalists, specializing in the subject of IT and telecommunications. But, on assurances from representatives of Deutsche Telecom, listening and / or record were not negotiations: the company enlisted only fixed telephone numbers and duration of recorded telephone conversations of top managers and journalists. Operations to track telephone activity have been furnished to all rules detective genre, and they even got their own code name - "Clipper" and "The German gold". Formally interception talks have been organized to find sources of leakage of financial information company. Two days after these revelations - May 28 - a former HR-director (personnel director) Deutsche Telekom Heinz Klinkhamer accused the organization of tracking calls top managers of the two former heads of the company. Namely: Chairman of the Board of Directors Kai-Uwe Rikke and supervisory board head Klaus Tsumvinkele. It must take into account that Deutsche Telekom today are headed by very different people, so it can not be ruled out that the leaking of information about events 2005-2006 year has been deliberately organised to compromise the former neudachlivoe leadership. The current CEO of Rene Obermann announced his indignation this episode and promised to take stronger involvement in the investigation. According to him, all the leadership of Deutsche Telekom, without exception, will actively cooperate in this regard with prokuratoroy. Of course, hardly even so loud scandal could shake the market position of European telecom giant. Although, of course, the corporation's reputation seriously affected. Well, that the economic part of the question, while Deutsche Telekom successfully harming themselves - over the past six months the company has lost about a third of its market value.

Commenting on the commencement of the trial, one can not help but note that such cases be opened in the West increasingly. A few months ago in Germany nashumela the same story with the supermarket chain Lidl: Provided there is video surveillance, though not for the supreme leadership, but rather for ordinary employees. The Security Service to manage to install hidden cameras and recorders everywhere, and even the office toilets do not become the exception. Of particular piquancy episode highlighted the fact that Lidl stores located throughout Europe, and the scandal has caused a storm of anger in neighbouring countries. First, it was breached labour legislation of a number of countries. Secondly, there were strong suspicions that fell under surveillance at the same time and buyers. And it has already automatically puts a cross on the reputation of the entire supermarket chain. However, while investigating this negative situation is not yet finished. But the IT-telecom companies and others still more greshat tacit control of its own staff and other important persons. Apparently, proximity to high technology creates too great a temptation to use these technologies to obtain all sorts of confidential information. The most striking example of this kind has become a scandalous history, occurred in late 2006 - early in 2007 in the United States and linked with the corporation Hewlett Packard. I recall that in early 2007 - On resigned president of the board of directors of Hewlett Packard, Patricia Dann and chief corporate lawyer Ann Baskins. Scandal flared after the publication in Newsweek magazine article in which all the details talked about how Patricia Dann hired a team of private detectives and specialists in electronic security, has arranged for spying on board members and HP associated with media representatives. In the history with Hewlett Packard promiscuous literally all possible channels of information exchange including even mobile communications. Specialists hired by HP acted with Big. For example, the private detective Brian Wagner to obtain information even managed to get Social Security number of one of the journalists. However, last year the criminal case against Hewlett Packard still has not been instituted - prosecutor investigating affected only specific leaders. While in actively participated, even the U.S. Senate, gradually investigation came to nothing. All charges against Patricia Dann were withdrawn, and the other main actors escaped punishment for criminal articles. But all of them senior posts had to leave. Heated now around Deutsche Telekom scandal raises questions: not whether something like that of other European telecommunications giants - such as the British or the French Orange France Telecom? After all, as you know, one identification of the offences of this kind accounts with half a dozen remaining unknown. And there is no reason to believe that the British or French behave more faithfully than the Germans.

Deutsche Telekom is the third largest telecommunications company in the world. Subscribers companies are more than 90 million people and organizations, and its net profit in 2006 amounted to $ 4.25 billion At the New York Stock Exchange capitalization of Deutsche Telekom is $ 73.32 billion

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