Thursday, August 14, 2008

The consortium, as a shield

Five leading information technology companies - Cisco, IBM, Intel Corporation, Juniper Networks and Microsoft Corp. -- Formed an industry consortium to strengthen Internet security. This nonprofit organization is designed to strengthen the global information technology security through innovative preventive measures to improve the efficiency of combating threats.

Over the past few years the nature of such threats on the Internet has changed dramatically. Instead of viruses and worms have appeared much more sophisticated hacking attempts simultaneous multiple products or common protocols in several products. The agreements will allow the leading IT manufacturers to collaborate and reflect the attack perpetrated against products while several suppliers. The consortium will provide the basis for customer support and create a neutral methods permit (without the participation of government) major global incidents in the area of information technology security.

Generally, the increasing complexity of attacks and widely disseminated integration of applications that has become the norm in the information technology environment posed serious challenges for IT consumers. Today, network attacks occur more frequently than it has ever been, and do not recognise state borders. At the present market lacks reliable information environment that enables companies to detect, evaluate and reflect global attack, aimed at the same time many products.

One of the participants in the consortium, together with Cisco Panduit (world leader in the creation and production of innovative telecommunications solutions) developed a topology of integrated network infrastructure for the new series switches Cisco Nexus 5000. The decision includes Panduit cabinet for telecommunications switches series Nexus 5000, for which ensured greater collaboration components of the network infrastructure, reduced assembly time, reduced total cost of ownership and to provide performance data center. The concept of the new equipment was presented at a press conference in Moscow.

Clearly demonstrating its willingness to expedite the preparation of qualified technicians, the company opened the academic network Cisco Cisco Learning Network. The network is designed for experienced professionals, and for beginners, is considering work in information technology, the center will build community Web 2.0, which will allow professionals from different countries communicate with each other, share documents and discuss in his professional circle of a variety of issues and ideas.

Cisco Learning Network has all the characteristics common social network. It has blogs, wikis and forums that allow professionals to discuss their concerns and communicate directly with leading experts in the field of network design, implementation and operation.

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