Monday, August 25, 2008

IT-business in the genre Apple

Rather the number of business news recently linked with Apple. Perhaps the main news was that the Taiwanese company Foxconn has accelerated production of smartphone iPhone 3G, which it produces to order Apple, to 800 thousand units per week. Such rate for the year will be 40 million such devices. According to the blog TechCrunch, the current rate exceeds the capacity of factories Foxconn, which raises concerns about quality control. Last week, already poslyshalis complaints about poor performance of the shell of certain models, mainly white versions.

Earlier, industry media reported that Foxconn will deliver only 24-25 million iPhone 3G. In doing so, analysts predicted, the market will need only 25 million of these smartphones for their entire life cycle. For comparison: Apple managed to sell only six million iPhone previous generation. Overall, in 2007 the world was sold 1 billion mobile phones and converged devices.

Let me remind you that iPhone 3G customers was introduced on June 9 this year. Staff put on sale in more than 20 countries around the world in July. It is expected that before the end of the year the device is sold in 70 countries. Russia and the CIS countries on the list not yet, but the other day representatives of Apple products exclusive distributor in Russia, Apple IMC, said that the smartphone can begin deliveries in 2009.

Do not rage and court battles around the "fruit company". Lawyers for the company Psystar, a graduating computer clones Mac, intend to use to combat Apple antitrust laws, said attorney Colby Springer. According to him, in court protection Psystar will insist that Apple violates antitrust laws. Other details of its strategy lawyer, however, are not reported.

In early July this year, Apple filed in court on Psystar, accusing the latter of copyright infringement. For the presentation of their interests in court Psystar hired a law firm of Carr & Ferrell, who has previously won the case at Apple. I recall that in April the company submitted a Psystar Mac-compatible computer OpenMac. Later it was renamed in OpenComputer. Formally rise to the claim Apple was that OpenComputer runs under Mac OS X. Under the terms of the license agreement this operating system can be installed only on computers produced very Apple.

The head of Apple Steve Jobs in internal company staff letter said that the service was launched MobileMe premature and not in accordance with standards of the corporation. He proposed to remedy the situation before the end of the year. According Dzhobsa, Apple should run MobileMe gradually, and not as a monolithic service. For example, to start could be given an opportunity to synchronize with the iPhone, then run web applications such as Mail and Calendar. Jobs also called MobileMe mistake to launch simultaneously with the iPhone 3G, firmware iPhone 2.0 and store applications App Store. According to him, the staff was what to do at this time and MobileMe could be safely postponed.

Apple has not once had to apologize for poor quality service MobileMe and even reorganize the entire team working on the service. Group transferred under the beginning Eddie Kyu, who then became head of all Internet services Apple, including iTunes and App Store.

For reference: MobileMe - service fee Apple, which should replace a similar Mac. MobileMe allows computers to synchronize information between users and servers use Apple as a repository for mail, images and other files. MobileMe was presented on June 9.

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