Monday, August 18, 2008

IT-sector: the eve of the great Affairs

That's about, August 1, must allow extending from the beginning of spring conflict between the owners of the shares and top managers Yahoo. However, the historic meeting of shareholders will take place only on the day following the release of this issue newspapers, so that your humble servant can only clarify the placement of forces before the event.

The second-largest shareholder of Yahoo Gordon Crawford could not support the current leaders of companies in the forthcoming elections board of directors. According to the American media, Crawford dissatisfied with the actions of Roy Bostoka Yahoo chairman and CEO of Jerry Yang. In doing so, Capital Research and Management owns one of the largest blocks of shares of Yahoo - 6,5%.

And earlier this week Yahoo reported that the online music store Yahoo Music Store closes with music servers, protected from copying technology DRM. As stated in a press release, all servers will be closed, starting in September 2008. As a result, users will no longer be able to listen to songs with DRM, acquired earlier in the Yahoo Music Store.

Other news: Yahoo will soon launch a new version of its social bookmarking service Delicious. The developers of the project told the official blog that Delicious 2.0 almost ready for launch: service will be available to users in the near future. Work on the new version was about six months.

Now everything else. Intel Corporation has reduced the cost of several models of two-and quad processors for desktops and servers at 11-31%. In particular, have become cheaper dual-core processor Core 2 Duo E7200 2,53 GHz (at 15%, from $ 133 mark to $ 113), E8400 3 GHz (by 11%, from $ 183 to $ 163) and E8500 3,16 GHz (by 31% , With $ 266 to $ 183). All these chips are manufactured on 45 nm technology. Also at 14% - up to $ 193 - a popular price fell Xeon processor Core 2 Quad Q6600 for custom systems.

Regarding the server processor Xeon, they are also cheaper: Quad-X3210 (2,13 GHz) and X3220 (2,4 GHz) faces now at 12% less - $ 198 instead of $ 224 earlier. Dual Xeon E3110 (also based on 45 - nm technology) fell by 11% - up to $ 167. All new prices apply to wholesale parties - from 1000 processors.

In analytical company Gabriel Consulting Group believe that Intel reduces prices, trying to "podchistit" stocks - simply get rid of these chips before they withdraw from production. Incidentally, the previous large-scale decline in prices occurred in April this year: whereas the prices of various models of chips were reduced by 12-50%.

Microsoft Corporation wants to buy the company DATAllegro - developer of corporate data storage systems. DATAllegro central office is located in the town of Aliso Viejo, California. Conditions will not be disclosed, but it is known that most of the employees will remain at their posts.

According to most analysts, the purchase DATAllegro - part of Microsoft strategy for the development of data-points and reducing the cost of their services. Unlike most other manufacturers of data storage systems that specialize in volume arrays 1-25 TB, DATAllegro develops products, capacity reaches several hundreds of terabytes. Accordingly, among clients - large factories and enterprises, retail sales network and supermarkets, telecommunication companies, banks.

DATAllegro Executive Director Stuart Frost in his commentary notes that now hardware-software complex DATAllegro, using components production EMC, Cisco, Intel, Dell and Ingres, a technology integration with Microsoft SQL Server. The result should see the light one of the strongest solutions in the market of corporate data storage systems.

The company Motorola radically reorganize one of its key units. As part of the unit Motorola Home & Networks Mobility will be created three structural units, whose staff will specialize in corporate systems, broadband access level of customer devices and equipment for mobile communication networks. In the press release states that "such a reorganization will help Motorola strengthen its positions in the market, more fully realize the potential business growth and, ultimately, to increase profits."

This is not the first restructuring of IT-American giant. In 2009, Motorola expects to complete reorganization of business in the field of mobile phones. It is expected that production will be transferred ringtones independent subsidiary company - perhaps as a strategic investor will speak Chinese ZTE. The very same Motorola will focus on equipment for cable and wireless networks. According to recently published statistics company Digitimes Research, today at the market share of Motorola ringtones is 7.3%. That is, the company retreated to fifth place in the ranking of manufacturers of cellular phones, skip forward Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.

Manual Google decided not to acquire a social news site The cause of derailment transaction informally referred to as technical problems - they surfaced in the study site specialists Google. According to another version, the decision to abandon the purchase was made top managers after Google personal communication with the leadership of I recall that a couple of weeks ago, Google was ready to pay for approximately $ 200 million

In Germany, Munich court sentenced the former head of the telecommunications unit of Siemens Reinhard Sekacheka to two years' deprivation of liberty and a fine of 108 thousand euros. The judges felt that it was responsible for Sekachek "corrupt business component of Siemens - that he held talks with officials in different countries and gave them bribes, receiving the most favorable for the company contracts.

The case of corruption in the German concern has long stretches, but the sentence in it - first. As demonstrated own investigation Siemens, for a total of bribe officials spent about 1.3 billion euros. For this concern, even in special funds were established bribes. Of these, Siemens has paid millions of euro cabinet ministers and other high-ranking officials in Russia, Nigeria and Libya - were both won contracts to supply these countries in telecommunications equipment.

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