Monday, August 4, 2008

IT-sector: the movement jerkily

Already that time in a row to begin a review of accounts with "marriage dansing" Yahoo and Microsoft. Well, accept and see that they have new this time.

It is very surprising news late June was the message on the resumption of talks between Microsoft and Yahoo, suspended earlier in the month. Now, most likely, we are talking not only about buying search Yahoo, but also the company's repurchase entirely. Interestingly, this time Microsoft offers less than $33, and possibly less than $31 per share Yahoo (just as the corporation offered in the winter). But the exact price still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, with personnel in Yahoo cheharda this happening. Since the beginning of the year, according to various sources, have left their posts 114 managers at various levels and many ordinary employees. In passing note that many of them have already found a job at Microsoft. Despite the loss of several key figures, Yahoo plans to hold another reorganization, combining into a single whole departments responsible for e-mail, search service and portal chief. The decision to reorganize the company originated from President Sue Decker. It is expected that this will help improve coordination among the services companies and groups of global sales.

According to analysts, the withdrawal of large numbers of key individuals badly affect the company's position in the future. So, Colin Gillis, an analyst Canaccord Adams, said: "These developments will create instability among staff members who abide by these managers. I think that this will become a critical moment for Yahoo. … Time for reorganization also selected the leadership of Yahoo fail. I believe that the reorganization had to meet again during the first hundred days since Jerry Yang took the post of executive director of the company. "

And in the view of David Gerriti, analyst company Dinosaur Securities, the deal with Google is profitable for Yahoo in the short term, but in the end, weakens the company on the market of advertising in search engines: "I think the key people are leaving Yahoo, because feel that in this company they will fail to realise their talents fully. "

With regard to specific personalities, the Yahoo have already left or will do so in the near future, many staff members. Just know that the company will take Jeff Weiner, vice president of Yahoo! Network Division, Jeremy Zavodny, one of the key developers, Usama Fayad, head of data processing, Brad Garlinhays, senior vice president, Lu Qi, executive vice president, who is responsible for search and advertising technologies and Yahoo Vish Mahidzhani, Senior Vice - president, responsible for search technologies.

At the last stop top managers stressed. The fact is that Vish Mahidzhani arrives at work at somewhere, but "Yandex." That's right: Russia's largest search engine in Northern California, opened its office - a company Yandex Labs. However, while "American Yandex" will look fairly modest: the end of the year there will be 10-12 people. But this unit will steer itself Vish Mahidzhani - a truly legendary figure. Vichy gave Yahoo five years of his professional biography, participated in various projects, to serve until before the vice president. He has managed the preparation of a transaction with Overture in 2003, presided over the launch of local search engines in several countries, as well as international start Project Panama, which Yahoo has a special area in hopes of contextual advertising.

But the new head of Yandex Labs - not just to find a specialist. Before Yahoo c 1999, he worked at Inktomi, which was responsible not only for search algorithms, but also for interaction with investors. His expertise in this area confirms cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was advising clients on issues of major mergers and acquisitions. Analysts believe that the American representation would cost the Russian leader of Internet search in at least $3 million annual direct costs. Skilled IT-shots faced in the U.S. money - "Yandex" have to work a minimum of $100-150 thousand per employee per year.

In doing so, experts agree that opening an office in the "Silicon Valley" - is very PR-action "Yandex" in anticipation of entering the "high-tech" stock exchange NASDAQ. It is unlikely that the costly maintenance of the office staff and production considerations justified, given that staff will work over the same search algorithms, and that their Russian colleagues. But PR-action has been successful: the representation of Californian Russian Internet companies have written all business media Russia and the United States.

Ironically, even more recently company Yahoo talks about buying "Yandex." The purpose of the acquisition of Yahoo called out to the Russian market. Now Yandex already this autumn is planning to place their shares on American stock market NASDAQ.

But another loud news: in less than two years, Sony has lost $3.32 billion, PlayStation 3 selling below cost. According to rough estimates, in late 2006, when the PS3 only appeared in stores, on the production of each console company spends about $800 dollars, while the retail price was $500-600 stations. Now the company say that only in 2007, losses from sales amounted to $2.16 billion, and in 2008 - m already reached this figure up to $1.16 billion in Leaders Sony has already warned its investors that the impressive investment needed to develop a new gaming platform and the subsequent move stations in the market, may ultimately not fully justify, if PS3 will not be able to capture the necessary market share. However, despite the fact that operating losses in the past fiscal year amounted to about $1.2 billion, Sony game unit has been able to achieve growth in sales to 26.3%. This happened by lowering the cost of production PlayStation 3 and increased demand for games for the console. Only in the last financial year has sold 57.9 million copies of various projects for the PS3.

I recall that game system PlayStation 3 has been marketed on the territory of Japan and North America in November 2006 - first as well in Europe - in March 2007. To date, Sony has been able to realize worldwide over 13 million console. However, PS3 is still is in third place in a race a new generation of consoles, yielding Xbox 360 and Wii (the latter leading to a significant gap).

The company Google intends shortly to launch new free service that provides advertisers with data on the audience and Internet. It is expected that the new Google tool will help more effectively to buy Internet advertising. He will be able to use data on attendance as a resource, and how users react to advertising. In addition, Google will be able to talk about income and demographic composition of the audience.

I recall that Google, unlike companies like ComScore and Nielsen Online, uses for its ratings are not polls and not ad hoc groups of users, and information from their own servers. Similar functionality has recently launched service Google Trends for Websites. It allows you to compare attendance few resources as well as geographical distribution and habits of users.

Other news: Google surpassed Microsoft company in the ranking of American companies with the best reputation. Such data are provided in the research company Harris Interactive. This year, Google ranked first in the ranking (in 2007 - m - only the fourth), and Microsoft moved from first place to tenth.

But Google mobile ambitions are realized equally successful. Mobile OS device with Google Android not appear until the end of this year. Previously, it was assumed that the first smart phones under the administration of Google Android be on sale already in the middle of this year. In particular, cellular operator China Mobile planned to start selling mobile devices with Google Android III in the quarter. However, because of the difficulties encountered ringtones premiere under the direction the new OS was postponed operator at the end of 2008 - the first - early 2009 - first. The same information provided in the company Sprint Nextel. In addition, the new OS is still virtually no applications. This is because Google is constantly refining Android and can not provide the final version of OS developers. However, "almost complete" version of Android Google representatives showed at the end of May. She worked for Communicator touch with the administration and largely reiterated the possibility of Apple iPhone. Then head unit mobile platforms Google's Andy Rubin said that Google Android producers to supply phones will begin in the second half of 2008.

Android platform was officially presented at the end of 2007. It is based on the Linux kernel and open source components. On its support for Google Android soon claimed 34 major producer of mobile devices, including HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG.

But "Androida" already have serious competitors. The company Nokia has made a proposal to acquire 52% stake in Symbian Limited for $264 million in order to bring its share in the company of up to 100%. Nokia has already received confirmation of agreement to sell shares of companies Symbian Limited Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Panasonic Mobile Communications and Siemens International Holding. With this in mind, Nokia is able to monitor the 91% stake in Symbian. The company also expects to receive Samsung Electronic agreed to sell the remaining shares in Symbian. Nokia buys shares of Symbian in the formation of Symbian Foundation in conjunction with companies AT & T, LG, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Vodafone. Since then, the world's most common mobile OS will be open, that is accessible to all software developers. This will happen in early 2009.

And again about Google. The company LimitNone, has been developing software, Google has demanded in court $950 million. The developers accuse the world's largest search engine in the illegal use of their know-how in service, Google Apps. Representatives LimitNone stated that for the export of e-mail, calendars and contact lists from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps and back, Google uses technology implemented in the program gMove, developed LimitNone. Access to gMove Google has been in partnership with LimitNone time when you start the service Google Apps. In spark statement says that Google Apps realized in the data exchange system with Microsoft Outlook not only uses a closed design LimitNone, but also repeats the design and operating principles gMove.

According to Google, currently the world there are about 50 million users Google Apps. GMove The cost is $19 per copy of the program.

According rated electronics manufacturers, distribution Greenpeace, of Sony and SonyEricsson have become the most environmentally friendly electronics manufacturers. Third place in the rating of "green" electronics manufacturers took the Finnish Nokia. Top above the company was unable to because of the fact that in its service centers in India still do not take phones for processing. The leader of last rating, the Japanese Toshiba, this time took a sixth line, omitting more companies Samsung and Dell. These manufacturers Greenpeace said the high cost of electricity in the production process. The worst company in terms of caring for the environment is not the first time became Nintendo. She won the title itself neekologichnoy because that refused to provide cost data in the production of electricity, the amount of waste and recycling, as well as its environmental programs.

The current rating for the first time drawn up under the new methodology. In addition to the lack of products harmful chemicals, energy production, availability of programs, and takes into account such factors as the company's participation in the program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the use of renewable energy sources.

Intel Corp. promised by the end of this year to release onto the market three quad processor built on microarchitecture Nehalem. While chips have no official name - is marked indexes XE, P1 and MS3. Processors will work with the frequency of 3.2, 2.93 and 2.66 GHz respectively. Power processors at 130 W, the amount of cache memory third level - 8 MB. We manufacture chips will be on 45 - nm tehprotsessu. Simultaneously with the new Intel processors will introduce chipsets X58 and ICH10, designed specifically for microarchitecture Nehalem. The platform at their base will include a four-slot PCI Express 8x and maintain technology AMD Quad CrossFireX. Accordingly, in late July 2008 - will cease production of Intel processors quad Core 2 Extreme QX6850 and QX6800. Chips Core 2 Quad Q9550 and Q9650 will be removed from production in I quarter of 2009.

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