Monday, August 4, 2008

Passions for USB 3.0

Around a very promising development - controller USB 3.0, characterized by a particularly high speed data transmission - erupted neshutochnye passions. Namely: the largest producers of microchips - the company Nvidia, AMD, Via Technologies and SiS - united and Intel Corporation co-accused in that it deliberately obscures the specification controller USB 3.0 (USB Host Controller). It is, in their view, in order to gain technological advantage and to release new products with the support of the standard before its competitors. Intel pariruet all charges, for large, one argument - that the development of a new version of the controller was the corporation's own initiative. And because deskat, any requirement of disclosure of its specifications at least incorrect. Leaving aside until the point that "near" Intel could cost it a further investigation by antitrust authorities in Europe and the U.S. - and similar charges and is now well in excess. Let us turn to the technological side of the issue.

Companies Nvidia and AMD have already stated publicly that if Intel will soon not disclose technical information, they would develop their own specifications controller. Such a declaration could be considered a formal ultimatum, because the controller - a key component linking USB-device with a computer operating system. If these two microprocessor companies (and they certainly primknut and others to form a consortium) will produce USB3-equipment on the basis of its controller, and Intel - his, then immediately appear on the market two competing standard. The investigation - the incompatibility of equipment and frank rage manufacturers of computer equipment, which will have to choose a single standard of two equally "good". However, in reality, all may be not so: manufacturers simply refuse to make any choice and will continue to use outdated and technologically outdated standard USB 2.0. As a result of opposition microprocessor corporations (or, more accurately, "upertost" Intel) will further delay the penetration of the standard in all IT-industry. But you need to listen to arguments and Intel. The Corporation, in turn, denies put forward its side of accusations and claims that the specifications need to develop a great deal of time, and it is "not a situation where costs hurry". Besides, deskat, USB 3.0 controller specification and specification of the USB 3.0 - are different things. If the development of technological standard USB 3.0 is specially created consortium, which includes among many others and herself Intel, the drafting controller USB 3.0 - this initiative is exclusively Intel. And, independently developing controller, the company thus tries to simply run the new devices to market as quickly as possible. (Adoption, of course, debatable.) Moreover, the controller specification will be open, and access to it will be done free of charge, so discontent third parties "not clear". At least, that such a view is contained in an official company blog.

I recall the background of this conflict. In September 2007, Intel announced the establishment of a broad consortium to develop and promote new standard wireline data transmission USB 3.0. The standard from the very beginning was intended for computers and consumer electronics. At the idea of developers, it (in its mass release) would operate at speeds of 5 Gbit / s, which is about 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Issue final specifications USB 3.0 is expected in the first half of this year. Now, as time finding solutions to the market has already indicated the second half. Specification USB Host Controller in the company Intel also promised to release in the second half of 2008, as this would affect the current term "riot" Nvidia, AMD, Via Technologies and SiS - difficult to say.

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