Monday, August 18, 2008

This strange second quarter

The world's leading IT-company together published their reports on the work in II quarter of this year. Reports really impressed by your humble servant. And in the first place - its contradictory. As if single market trends disappeared altogether, and famous brands operate on the principle of "those in the forest who firewood".

The most dramatic situation is from the producers of mobile devices. Initially, the company Nokia announced that the results of its work in II quarter of 2008 were "generally positive". The company sent a retailer 122 million phones - a 21% more than in II quarter of 2007, and by 6% more than in the current quarter I. According to experts the company, Nokia now controls about 40% of the world market - a 2% higher than a year earlier, and by 1% more than the quarter ago. In general, there is steady growth - without breakthroughs and derogations. In doing so, a Finnish company, despite the pressure of competitors, has managed to retain positions in Europe, where it sold 27.1 million phones - exactly the same as a year earlier. And the most significant growth (42%) for the quarter, as before, demonstrated the Asia-Pacific region - the biggest market for the products of Nokia. Problem zone for North America remained Nokia, but where things go well: sales grew by 9.8% compared with the II quarter in 2007

In turn, the company LG in the second quarter of exhaust also not bad. As a result of the reporting period (ended June 30, 2008) sales company LG in the world market grew by 22.1% to $ 12534 billion profit from sales reached $ 843 million in II quarter of 2008, the most significant growth in sales showed unit Mobile Communications. Compared with the same period last year, unit sales of mobile communications increased by 34.3%, which brought the company $ 3788 billion profit from product sales units increased to 13.9%. In the sphere of implementation of mobile phones increases profits amounted to 14.4%. The volume of shipments of mobile phones reached a record, as a whole totaled 27.7 million units. In doing so, the main market for these products is North America, Middle Asia, CIS, Central and South America. Thus, by the end of second quarter revenue from the sale of mobile phones amounted to $ 3695 billion, which is 38.6% higher than the previous year. Sales Digital Appliance unit for the year increased by 4.9% to $ 3721 billion Digital Display unit sales increased by 37.2% to $ 3683 billion Regarding the previous quarter profit from sales in this segment remained positive, amounting to $ 37.4 million As a result of the reporting period increased sales ploskopanelnyh televisions, LCD televisions (86%), plasma televisions (31%) compared with the previous year. Sales of plasma displays increased by 22%. Digital Media Company demonstrates not so high rates of growth of sales volumes, due to seasonal decline in activity. Sales in this segment for the year declined by 2.1% to $ 1201 billion Nevertheless, thanks to optimize operating costs and profit margin rose to $ 12.8 million

But Sony Ericsson has already lost: II quarter results were disappointing. In II quarter Sony Ericsson sold 24.4 million phones, which is 9.4% lower than the results of the quarter II in 2007 Accordingly, revenues declined and net profit fell catastrophically. Losses amounted to 2 million euros, although for the same period last year, the company earned 315 million euros. By its own figures Sony Ericsson, its market share after the II quarter of this year did not exceed 8%. As President Dick Komiyama Sony Ericsson, the company plans to annually save 300 million euros operating expenses. And the effect of the measures taken will appear in about a year. These measures - especially the reduction of 2000 jobs worldwide. It turns out that each company dismissed its sixth employee.

Do Internet companies are also cases in different ways. eBay said that profit company in II quarter was $ 460 million - a 22% higher than the figures for the same period last year. Revenues eBay increased by 20%, to $ 2.20 billion online store has also published a report on performance in II quarter of this year. In the period from April to June inclusive Amazon company received income of $ 4.06 billion This is 41% higher than in the second quarter of fiscal year 2007, when the Internet-shop revenue was $ 2.89 billion net profit for the reporting period reached $ 158 million For comparison: a year earlier online store has received $ 78 million Thus, for the year quarterly profit growth of 102% Financial results in II quarter exceeded analysts' forecasts. Experts believed that Internet shopping will receive profit of 26 cents per share, with revenue of $ 3.96 billion quarterly sales of multimedia products including CD-ROMs and DVD for the year grew by 31%, reaching $ 2.41 billion revenue Sales of electronics and other goods grew by 58% - to $ 1.53 billion Despite the economic crisis, sales at North American market in the second quarter increased by 35%, reaching $ 2.17 billion forecast of analysts, Online bookstore revenues in the III quarter range from $ 4.20 to $ 4.43 billion (an increase of 29% to 36% compared with the third quarter of fiscal year 2007). In general, as expected, revenue for fiscal year 2008 will reach $ 19.35 - $ 20.10 billion

But quarterly financial results announced by the corporation Google, disappointed analysts. Promotions company once cheaper by 8%. Analysts believe that this is a direct consequence of slowing growth in advertising market. Net profit company on the basis of the quarter for the year increased by 35%, reaching $ 1.25 billion But I quarter profit was higher - $ 1.31 billion total revenue as the company was $ 5.37 billion, an increase over the year by 39%, and for the quarter - up 3%. In doing so, Google have their own websites Internet companies $ 3.53 billion - 2 / 3 total revenue. For the year the figure rose by 42%. According to the financiers of Google, the financial indicators were worse than expected consequence of low returns on investment funds free Google - a total of $ 12.7 billion this

The second quarter of this year proved highly successful for Intel. For the year revenues corporations increased by 9%, reaching $ 9.5 billion as a result rates Intel at $ 150 million surpassed analysts' forecasts. A corporation's net profit grew by 25% to $ 1.6 billion while Intel Shares went up by at 2.3%, their value reached $ 20.94 per piece.

But perhaps the main outcome quarter II: global PC shipments grew much faster than expected. According to IDC experts and Gartner, this primarily contributed to the unusually high demand for PCs in emerging markets (Asia, Africa) and falling prices of computers in the United States and Western Europe. In the report Gartner argued that the world's supply of PCs grew by 16% compared with the situation a year ago and amounted to 71.9 million units. Expected growth in the same 11.2%. The firm IDC, which uses a different method of tracking sales, reports that deliveries increased by 15.3% compared with the previous year and reached 70.6 million PCs. The growth occurs primarily through increasing the volume of deliveries in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and growth in the number of computers (especially laptops) at home users. And company IDC, and Gartner named the world market leader PK corporation Hewlett-Packard. The share of NR in the world market remained the same as a year ago - 18.1%. However, the increase of sales through retail stores, adopted by the leadership of Dell earlier in the year, helped the company № 2 to consolidate their positions. In II quarter deliveries Dell grew by 22%, while growth in shipments from HP amounted to 17%. As a result, Dell increased its market share from 14.8% a year ago to 15.6% now. In the world's top five leaders of the PC market also includes Taiwanese Acer, Lenovo Chinese and the Japanese Toshiba - each with a share of less than 10% of the market. Apple Company on a global scale, took sixth position in the market but the U.S. holds third place with a share of 7.8%.

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