Monday, August 11, 2008

TOP-10 technologies that will soon change the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a list of 10 promising technologies, which, according to the authors, may soon provide the greatest influence on the development of mankind.

1. "Comparative interaction." It is based on the idea of identifying ways in which different components of cells interact with each other, identification of channels of interaction and use this information in medicine, agriculture, biochemistry, etc.
2. Nanomedicine - using it will be possible to deliver drugs directly to sick cells.
3. Epigenetics - will identify the existence of oncological diseases based on genetic test.
4. "Cognitive radio." To enable all cellular phones, computers connected to wireless Internet, radio, etc. to work successfully and without hindrance, used the entire radio. Additional training should be conducted electronic devices analysis of the situation and choosing the best way of communication and protocol.
5. "Nuclear reprogramming." Allows any clone cells, using as a source of biological materials.
6. "Diffusion image." Allows use of brain scanning technology for the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses (schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, etc.).
7. "Safe Internet". Prevention of Internet users from the loss of confidential information.
8. "Nanobiomehanika" - considers the human body as a machine of the mechanical processes and analyzes the interaction of individual cells.
9. "Wireless Universe" - the basic idea is that various electronic devices can interact with each other. Possible options for implementation - the interaction road computers, to prevent possible accidents, etc.
10. "Rastyagivaemy silicon." Silicon - the foundation of modern electronics. The new technology aims at creating his new types and forms, which should make the next IT revolution.

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