Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yahoo fate determined without unnecessary noise

On August 1, the long-awaited meeting of shareholders Yahoo. Anyone who has followed developments since the beginning of the year, relieved with relief: a project to sell Yahoo Microsoft Corporation put bold cross.

Until a few months ago, most analysts were confident: 1 August shareholders sacked the board members Yahoo, and instead appoint them surrogates known businessman, Orphanage and the largest stake holder in Yahoo Carl Ikana. That, in turn, promised to return to the negotiating table Microsoft. I recall that even in spring Software Corporation tried to buy Yahoo for $ 47.5 billion, but the top managers of Internet giant rejected the proposal. But Karl Ikan, with the support of many shareholders, has called for a deal with Microsoft. That is, in fact, came into confrontation with the board of directors and a majority of top managers of Yahoo.

But the chairman of the board of directors Roy Bostoka Yahoo and Chief Executive Jerry Yang were their arguments against the alliance with Redmond. They are perfectly aware that Microsoft wants from the entire infrastructure or Yahoo search part to strengthen its position "melkomyagkih" in the field of Internet search. Also Roy Bostok and Jerry Yang is quite aware of that, being composed of Microsoft, Yahoo company in a couple-three years ceased to exist. And the current head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer once progovorilsya: "Why should we two portal?".

Therefore Ikanu not been able to attract enough supporters, although he nadelala much noise. The eve of Assembly Bill Miller, one of the largest shareholders (4.4% stake), supported Bostoka and Yang, and also stated that Microsoft offered too small an amount.

In July the twentieth numbers Karl Ikan suddenly gave way to all the top managers of Yahoo, the truth, incidentally to get a reduction of himself and his men two seats on the board of directors. As a result, August 1, has extended for two seats (from 9 to 11). Hiccup even failed to appear in person at the meeting of shareholders, yet the eve saying that "does not want to turn it into a press conference." All the more that could and vote in absentia.

As a result, the entire assembly came about 150 shareholders. They voted for the current choir directors, all without exception candidates were supported by at least 78% of the votes and retained their posts.

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