Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beginning expansion Google?

The most discussed news in the field of information technology has become a production company Google browser Chrome. The most interesting of the topics discussed in connection with the exit of the browser - whether Google has finally been decided to move from sea to land, that is, from the Internet on the desktop? And that, in connection with this expected?

Google, in general, has long been no secret of its plans for conquest of new markets and, primarily, as in every segment of the desktop software. True, far beyond the plans it is not visited. Google produced various desktop applications (for example, the same Picasa), but call it a serious development for a large company such as Google, neither language is not rotated, neither hand is not raised. The browser - so, all the same, annex more than respectable, although, of course, Google with its resources well and could develop its own engine to display pages, rather than using WebKit from Safari. While, on the other hand, of course, invent its own model of the bike then, as the market already has many well-established and the public - not a reasonable exercise.

What does the transition from a commercial model based on the Web, to a commercial, and includes desktopovye solutions? It is obvious that this model has been commercially successful, children will not go from the sale of desktop applications. Sold these applications usually either organizations, quite so far from the information technology industry, or directly to end-users of these applications. A classic example of the realization of such a model - a business corporation Microsoft, which constitute the foundation familiar to all readers "news Computer" software products Windows and Office.

For the market desktopovyh Google products need to issue such an application that will bring tangible for such a large corporation profits. How can this application? In general, options not so much if only "Google" will not be able to invent something original, but it is very demanded by users. When they come not so much laziness, but altogether impossible, remains something of a series of office packages, operating systems and other products, large enough to cost utilitok expensive, and quite popular among the mass audience that sales could provide the necessary Google profits.

Is browser on the role of such a product? It is unlikely that (if frankly, does not fit). Yes, of course, once the company Netscape managed to earn very good money in selling browsers. Once upon a time. It has long been, by the way, if the yardstick to measure time, the world of information technology. The situation changed cool: in those years could make money selling browsers, but could not get the money, which is now Google contextual advertising sales. Even Opera, which for a long time remained a fee, now free without any restrictions. So, in general, the browser can hardly be regarded as the first programme aimed at the movement of business "Google" on the desktop platform.

What then pursued the same goal Issue browser Chrome? It is not nothing to do released from his Google. Of course, this answer to this question only knows the company, but options can be set. The first - is drawing attention to its brand by users of desktop programs (though seemingly far has been more involved?). This phrase implies something like "that users see the word used Google in a growing number of names on his computer programmes." Second - this is far-reaching plans to win first place in the market browsers in order to further its core business operation for Google - contextual advertising. It is possible that this is, but it is difficult to say exactly how Google plans to use its browser for contextual advertising. The third - a possible subscription fee to use a special version with expanded opportunities, that is something close to selling traditional software product registrations users.

In any case, until talk of a full-scale expansion of Google's desktop platform, likely sooner. While certainly desktopovye applications are to regale with a piece for the corporation, but Google has no plans to seriously embark on conquest desktop, and the browser is only an additional product to its main product - contextual advertising. So in the near future some new high-profile news of "Google" is hardly worth waiting for.

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