Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Discomfiture with obituary Jobs

August 27 American Bloomberg news shocked his clients news of the death of founder and head of Apple Steve Jobs. The information was released tape prepared in advance obituary multi-executive director of Apple. As noticed obtain a copy of journalists of various media, "fish" obituary has not been filled and contained scribbled text-processing staff for Bloomberg.

Of course, the error was quickly detected and quickly corrected: £ agency publication of news feeds, and then apologized to subscribers. However, journalists online edition of Gawker.com managed to retain the text obituary and subsequently released him with minor cuts.

Error admitted staff Bloomberg, in general, not so accidental. We already wrote about rumors of serious illness 53 - Jobs summer - they began to spread after the June statement strongly pohudevshego chapter Apple developers at the conference WWDC. At the time, many media talking about the deadly disease Steve Jobs and recalled that this IT-charismatic businessman in October 2003 - go diagnosed cancer of the pancreas. In 2004 the operation was successful, but in 2008 - m talking about recidivism - in early summer Apple shares even markedly cheaper, as well as leaders of the company does not name the likely successor Jobs.

Eventually Jobs journalist had to personally call The New York Times Joe Nosere and tell details about their illness. Nosera vowed not to disclose the contents of that conversation, but then in his newspaper column stated that no Jobs not have cancer, his illness did not fatally, while "quite unusual". But the diagnosis by the doctors headed Apple, and has remained a mystery.

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