Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For that programmers have little pay?

Staff members of the state of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (USA) compiled a list of technical skills of programmers, for which no longer offer high salaries.


As companies use such Web 2.0-technologies such as Ajax, the demand for specialists in HTML is rapidly declining. According to a study conducted by Foote Partners, pay for the ability to understand the technologies such as Ajax and XML, has increased in the second half of 2007 to 12.5%, while demand for such technology predecessor as HTML, just fell.

Obsolete programming languages

The ability to program in languages such as Cobol, Fortran and others, are no longer valued as they used to. Specialists involved in language Cobol, have been on a horse when there was a desperate year 2000 problem, but now they do not have affairs. Some other applications, for example, Delphi and PowerBuilder, widespread in 90 - x, also did not enjoy more active demand.

According to a study Foote Partners, knowledge of Cobol, PowerBuilder and Jini were among the most low-paying skills in the second half of 2007. This does not necessarily mean that these technologies are not used today, companies simply do not want to pay for their knowledge.


Good knowledge of operating systems remains the most popular skill, but Novell NetWare operating system is not keeping pace with other technologies in this field. Networking software NetWare left far from the position that was in 90 - ies. In terms of demand, the ability to work with Windows Server and Linux replaces the ability to work with NetWare

He-IP network

IP demand for knowledge and the Internet are much higher than knowledge-IP networks and ability to work with such technologies as IBM System Network Architecture (SNA), continues among the lowest paid. According to a study Foote Partners, knowledge of SNA is only 2% of basic salary in the fourth quarter of 2007, and has knowledge of the security systems of entire 17%.

Technical Support

Association of Computer Technology Trade Association (CompTIA) interviewed 3578 managers on the selection of IT personnel to find out what skills will remain important and significant in the future. It was found that there is now little demand knowledge of hardware and experience in working with printers and PCs.

Also in the year 2007 witnessed a decline to 11.1% of pay knowledge ITIL.

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