Monday, September 1, 2008

IT-sector: farewell to summer

So, the "battle for Yahoo" otgremela, and now the world's IT-business, we can say, eat the last quiet days before the busy time of year - autumn. Chief Information has become a cause of August Olympics, which once again riveted the attention of the world to China. Here we are with Celestial and start the current review.

According to authoritative forecasts research agency Global Insight, are already in 2009 China will become the world's largest producer of manufactured goods Who Was Well Ahead of the U.S.. And a large portion of total production will be electronics, mostly computer, and mobile devices. By the way, just a month ago, China by the number of Internet users outstripped America, confidently taking first place in the world.

By volume production States beat China in four years earlier than the expected duration. U.S. next year for the first time in 100 years give way leading positions primarily "due to" current financial crisis, which, among other things, notably the American shore and IT-industry. Illustrative fact: back in 1990 - years of China's share in world production of industrial goods does not exceed 3%.

The rapid growth of Chinese economy stimulated, including, and consumption of IT-services. Local analysts believe that by 2012 more than 12 million residents of China will become subscribers of 3G-respect. It is a variety of Chinese CDMA - technology TD-SCDMA. (National CDMA version has been developed to avoid the payment of patent royalties.) 3G network based on TD-SCDMA planned to deploy for the Olympic Games, but managed to do so only partially.

Some Chinese government plans for the development of 3G networks seem overly ambitious. Indeed, it is quite difficult for four years to increase the number of 3G subscribers from zero to 12 million. But do not forget: it is about China - a country where cellular communications services enjoyed by more than half a person. Local telecommunications companies expect that the mass production of TD-SCDMA-phones would decrease their value, as well as enhance the competitiveness of vehicles on the 3G-market.

According to the head of Apple Steve Jobs, a month that has passed since the launch of an online store App Store, the company has sold applications for the iPhone 3G smartphone and iPod Touch player at $ 30 million every day Apple software sold in App Store, on average, per million dollars -- and this despite the fact that the majority of applications distributed via an online store for free. In total, over the months, users downloaded from App Store more than 60 million copies of programs.

For the current business model Apple, the company leaves itself less than a third of revenue from software sold through App Store. Accordingly, 70% of the proceeds from sales of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch get developers.

The company Transmeta entered into an agreement with NVIDIA. By its terms NVIDIA receives a license (though not exclusively) on the use of technologies that were developed in Transmeta. This technology in energy conservation and Long Run LongRun2, as well as other intellectual property - now it can be used in products NVIDIA.

The extent of agreement are such that it covers all patents and applications for patents owned by Transmeta. The right to use Transmeta technology company NVIDIA paid in advance, without the possibility of withdrawing funds. The amount of the transaction was $ 25 million

This is a good indicator for the company, which left from the microprocessor race "and most recently stood on the brink of bankruptcy. Yet even less than a year ago, Intel Corporation has entered into a similar contract with Transmeta, paid Transmeta $ 150 million lump and pledged to pay $ 20 million annually over the next five years. For the money Intel received an indefinite right to use all the development, patented Transmeta, including those applications for which will be filed in the next ten years.

Kingston company may invest in shares of Solid State System (3S). This Taiwanese developer controllers for NAND-memory, by the way, has already received investment from corporations Toshiba. 3S - a young company that appeared on the Taiwan Stock Exchange until late in the year 2007. In the first half of this year 3S losses incurred, but now analysts predict its profit growth, which led to a massive launch should serve as a NAND-memory produced by 43 - nm technology.

If the transaction with 3S indeed take place, the Kingston will have already share in the three Taiwanese manufacturers controllers for NAND-memory (the other two - it Skymedi and Phison Electronics). In passing stronger business partnership between Kingston and Toshiba.

During the first half of this year, spending on Internet advertising in Russia soared by 73% - up to $ 260 million For comparison: on the basis of last year, the entire Russian market of Internet advertising reached $ 369 million These are the findings of the study, which conducted an advertising agency MindShare Interaction ( MI). According to published reports, a dozen of the largest advertisers in the first half Runeta spent on Internet advertising, a total of $ 20 million as a year ago, the biggest budgets on Internet advertising emit car: to move on the Net, they spend up to 20% of funds allocated Advertising. MindShare Interaction Experts believe that in 2008, on the internet-media advertisers spent more than $ 600 million

With regard to specific companies, then by the end of 2007 the ten largest advertisers in the first place Runeta proved company Ford Motor. Its spending on online advertising amounted to $ 5.5 million. The second place - General Motors, with a budget of $ 4.5 million The list also included Honda, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Nissan.

And finally - a rather unusual story. Artemy Lebedev opened a small shop Optimus Store in New York, inside centre RCS Computer Experience. The main commodity it has become, as not difficult to guess the original keyboard Optimus Maximus. Its price at Optimus Store - $ 1877. In addition to the keyboard, you can buy in the store is a lot of different electronic devices, whose main advantage - not technology and design.

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