Wednesday, September 3, 2008

IT-sector: time statistics

Economic crises go its course, but to stop development of the world IT-industry they are still not huge. It is to this conclusion independently of each other have the largest research agency - they recently published their findings.

The company Gartner predicts that, on the basis of 2008, the worldwide cost of information technology will grow by 8% and reached $ 3.4 trillion. But since the fall of the dollar, increase spending on informtehnologii this year amount to only 4.5%.

With regard to the structure of growth, it would be most pronounced in the sectors of software and IT-services. The cost of software would be $ 408 billion - that means 10% growth. A IT-services sector, according to Gartner, will grow this year at 9.4% - expenses in this area amount to $ 819 billion

According to analysts, in part, the increase in spending on the sector can be attributed to the active updating old systems. According to Gartner Vice President of Marketing Joanne Correira, in the next year or two corporate software upgrade will be even more actively. Meanwhile, in the opinion Correira, updating systems is not the sole cause of increasing costs in the sector of software. On the agenda today - the development of service-oriented technologies, open software, as well as concepts SaaS (software as a service) and "computer cloud." More recently, it was all exotic, but is now becoming a serious factor in the market.

With regard to the PC market, the Gartner point to the increasing demand in the markets of Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the growing year is not the first popular laptops. The projected costs in the production of hardware platforms this year should increase by 7% - to $ 408 billion

It sees its market computer hardware research company IDC. It is estimated that in II quarter of this year in the world was sold a record number of processors for PCs. In doing so, the main "engine" of growth in the quarter called deliveries II processors Intel, while AMD had managed to increase its share only in the segment servers and workstations, and not more than 1%. However, despite the seasonal downturn in demand for processors from April to June and the economic crisis in the U.S., II for the quarter were sold at 3,1% more processors, compared with the I quarter of this year, and 16,1% more , Compared with the II quarter of 2007 - go.

However, because of a price war among producers chips for desktop and mobile PCs in the lowest and average price ranges proceeds from sales of chips, compared with the quarter, I fell to 4.5% - to $ 7.7 billion Shane Ro , A leading analyst for IDC market semiconductors, said it this way: "Despite the fact that the quarterly growth market for this unusual calendar period, it is clear that in II quarter of 2008 the supply of Intel processors have become a key engine of his. Volume shipments Intel chips rose by almost 4.3%, compared with the I quarter, and 20.8%, compared with the same period in 2007 - first, while sales of AMD processors have remained approximately the same level. "

Net statistics from IDC II for the quarter is this: the share of Intel processors in the world market for PCs was 79,7% (+0,9%), AMD - 19,7% (-1,2%). In the segment for mobile PC processors Intel share reached 86.5% (+1.3%), while AMD was 12.6% (-1.9%). Taiwanese VIA Technologies has increased its share in this segment to 0.9%. In the market of processors for servers and workstations, Intel controls the supply of 86.2% (-0,8%), AMD - 13,8% (+0,8%). In the segment of Intel processors for desktops owned 73.3% of the market, AMD - 26,4% (changes shares were miserable). According to the forecasts of analysts IDC, the total processor market, by the end of 2008, will grow at 7.5% (compared with 2007 - m) and will amount to more than $ 32.8 billion

In the IDC report states: "Although the quarter deliveries II processors in quantitative terms exceeded expectations, aggressive pricing and product policy affects the Intel chief factor - to the proposal. Nevertheless, economic concerns are forcing us to adhere to conservative projections for the second half of the year." Suffice controversial statement, especially if we recall that, as a result I quarter of this year, IDC said a marked slowing growth in world market processor (compared to IV quarter of 2007 - the first, the decline has reached 9.2%). But, I compared with the quarter in 2007, the market has grown and quantitatively, in monetary terms: at 25.7% and 15.9% respectively.

Now on the other. The company Apple to overtake capitalization (total value of assets) Internet Corporation Google. The total value of shares "fruit company" exceeded $ 158 billion, and Google - $ 157 billion As a result, Apple took the second line in the list of most expensive computer companies. However, Google now may well FIFa a couple-three firms and return to the "big three". First place holds on capitalization Microsoft (market value of the corporation - $ 255 billion) in second place - IBM ($ 170,44 billion).

The unexpected personnel decision: Nokia Corporation took the job by former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho (now he is 54 years). In the structure of the world's largest producer of ringtones ex-premier will lead the corporate relations department. Esko Aho officially start its work in Nokia from 1 November this year, but the current director of corporate relations Veli Sundbek will leave his post only on January 1, 2009 - go. In addition, further Aho Sundbeka also takes place on the board of directors of the company.

Esko Aho had held the post of Prime Minister of Finland from 1991 to 1995. Later, Aho was appointed president of the State Development Fund innovation Finland (SITRA), which is "guarded" all IT-country companies.

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