Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News for developers

* Company JetBrains announced the release of IntelliJ IDEA 8 Milestone 1 and ReSharper 4.1, which certainly did not need the extra representations. IntelliJ IDEA is considered one of the best development environments for programming language Java. IntelliJ IDEA 8 Milestone 1 - this is the first preliminary release the eighth version of "Ideas". The new version offers a Java-developers to increase productivity IDE, integration with the application server JBoss, debuggers for JavaScript and Flex, as well as editor of Flex-code. Among other things, the development environment including special support for creating applications on the basis of frameworks Struts 2 and Spring 2.5; added possibility of using technologies FreeMarker and Velocity as an alternative to Java Server Pages. IntelliJ IDEA 8 Milestone 1 platform supports GWT 1.5 and technology REST WebServices. Tools writing JSP/HTML- pages display window joined the list of names of styles and spaces. With regard to ReSharper 4.1, it is planned upgrade package for expanding development environment Microsoft Visual Studio. In version 4.1, according to its developers, many small mistakes corrected, quickly added support for renaming variables with the choice of context code, improve the work of other means of refactoring.

* Issued Django 1.0 - the first full release of a new development environment with open source code to create applications on a web-Python 'f. As a basic template design in Django invited MVC (Model-View-Controller, model-presentation controller), which has become standard de jure and de facto in creating web-applications on a variety of programming languages. The main purpose of Django - rapid creation of complex sites with intensive use of databases. Currently, applications created with Django, should be used Python version is not lower than 2.3.

* The company issued a Matrox Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 9.0 - a new version of the library for analysis and testing different kinds of applications. It developers will be able to optimize use of resources for architecture SIMD, multicore processors, multiprocessor systems, processes and graphic charts FPGA. It supports a variety of hardware platforms for applications - from smart cameras to high-performance cluster computing systems, the API for any platform the same. In the new version supports technologies Camera Link, GigE Vision, IEEE 1394 and IIDC RS-422/LVDS.

* Microsoft announced the creation of a new programming language for the platform. NET - F #. If you believe Microsoft, there is no doubt that a new programming language quickly eclipsed all others who took to him. Language is a practical implementation of ideas functional programming, that is the process of computing is treated as a consistent mathematical calculation of values of functions. In doing so, F # and supports object-oriented programming. Microsoft said that language provides security types, productivity Governance and using scripts. F # now has the status of CTP (Community Technology Preview), and find files to try out his hand in action, you can, of course, on MSDN. You can find and a special section for the F # - programmers who wish to share your thoughts and read others'.

* The company announced the Dundas Data Visualization Dundas Chart for. NET 6.2 - a new version of the set. NET-components for data visualization in the form of graphs. In the new version of a large number of new styles of presentation and adds support for graphics, user-created himself. In the new version of Dundas Chart for. NET would be able to find an updated version of Chart Builder 'and who now has an improved mechanism for generating data and supports new types of graphs.

* Company DataDirect Technologies announced the release of DataDirect Connect for JDBC 4.0 - a new version of the package JDBC-drivers for such popular worldwide database management systems, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix and MySQL. In the new version offers developers the full realization of the standard JDBC 4.0, support for a new type of data SQLXML, new mechanisms for restoring connections after the break. Among the updates regarding the release of new versions of DBMS, the developers offered support for IBM DB2 9.5 and Oracle 11g.

* The company issued a BetaSoft Habari ActiveMQ Client 1.2 - a new version of the component to realize the support of the work with the system Apache ActiveMQ messaging applications created using the Delphi and C Builder.

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