Friday, September 19, 2008

News for developers

* Michael Videnius, one of the founders of the company MySQL AB and the author of the original versions of critical DBMS MySQL, resigned from Sun Microsystems. Recall, Sun acquired MySQL AB earlier this year, and at that time, Michael served as the technical director of MySQL AB. That led to the departure of Videniusa, Sun does not speak, as well as about who will lead the development of MySQL instead. However, the most likely candidate to become vacant post is Brian Eyker, guiding the development Drizzle - variety MySQL, focusing on Web 2.0.

* The new version of PHP - 5.3 alpha. It developers have implemented a number of useful innovations: firstly, there namespace (namespaces), lambda functions and circuits, new expansion (extensions) - intl, phar, fileinfo and sqlite3. Support of NOWDOC, restricted GOTO, reduced the ternary operator. Developers finally to abandon support for older versions of Windows (Windows 98, NT4 and ME). On plans regarding the issuance of the final version of PHP 5.3 has not yet been reported.

* Oracle announced the release of Oracle Application Testing Suite - a package for testing the quality of web-applications created using the technology Oracle. Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications simulates tens of thousands of virtual users simultaneously accessing web-application, which will assess the sustainability of the site to load. Oracle Functional Testing for Web Applications will undertake functional testing project, and Oracle Test Manager for Web Applications to trace the complete coating application tests and help determine the requirements for the tested product, to choose and conduct tests manually or automatically, as well as maintain a database of detected errors and weaknesses. Automation testing is possible thanks to a special scripting language, also included in the package.

* Company jProductivity announced the release of Protection! 4 - a new version of product licensing for various applications. According to the developers of jProductivity, with the help of Protection! cozdateli applications will be able to establish full control over compliance with licensing agreements and exclude the likelihood of illegal copying and distribution of protected products. The new corporate version can control the process of issuing users with free trial licenses to manage business licenses, as well as deal with their activation and deactivation.

* Company CodeGear, part of the Embarcadero Technologies, posted on its website ISO-image version of the study with Delphi 2009. The size of his - 1945 MB, to download registration required.

* Also, Embarcadero Technologies announced the release of InterBase SMP 2009 - a new version of scalable built SQL-compliant database management system for enterprise applications. The new version of InterBase has support symmetric multiprocessor architecture (SMP) and allows you to take advantage of multicore systems. InterBase SMP 2009 supports enhanced data encryption at the level of individual columns or the entire database, encrypts data in the course of their transmission network, and also sells support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

* Sony Ericsson published a SDK for their future smartphone Xperia X1. All independent developers can now start writing new or transferring existing applications under the platform Xperia.

* Also SonyEricsson developers submitted a new version of SDK for its new technology Capuchin, which should help to combine mobile applications possible, to provide proven platform Java Mobile Edition graphics and multimedia capabilities offered by the technology of Adobe Flash Lite. Capuchin allowed to introduce content format Flash Lite into the packed file with the Java-application (JAR), a Flash-domestic components can be standardized language ActionScript. When you run such applications on a device with the support of Capuchin elements midlet Java ME and elements of Flash-applications will interact with each other through special intermediate components. From the perspective of a programmer, an interface Capuchin API, and the application point of view - the library SWF2JAR. Support Capuchin should appear first on the phone SonyEricsson C905 Cyber-shot 8-megapixel camera, integrated navigation unit A-GPS, Bluetooth support networks and 3G, which will be released to the market to the New Year.

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