Friday, September 26, 2008

Tim Berners-Lee proposes to assess the "IQ" sites

WWW Founder Tim Berners-Lee announced the creation of a new nonprofit organization, Foundation world of the Internet "(WWW Foundation). There are already existing consortium WWW, who also created with the direct participation of Berners-Lee and that at the moment is the technical development of the World Wide Web - is a protocol, standards, formats, etc. The new fund will not engage in engineering and social problems. The Fund intends to start its activities in January 2009. Already, the project has received sponsorship from the American Foundation for journalistic research Knight Foundation in the amount of $ 5 million

More information about the reasons for establishing a new fund Tim Berners-Lee spoke directly to the meeting with the Knight Foundation, which occurred in mid-September. In his speech, he touched upon all the tasks that he had to decide for the life of the World Wide Web.

Thus, the first problem that was resolved was the need to persuade the leadership of CERN laboratory did not take royaliti for the use of new technology. As Berners-Lee, if they developed in the bowels of the laboratory hypertext system has been paid, no Web now would not exist. The second problem is already in the consortium WWW, had ambitions of large corporations, where each tried to introduce their own exclusive formats that can destroy the integrity of the web infrastructure.

But the old problems behind us, and, according to the founding father WWW, it is time to move from technical issues to humanitarian Research Network. Tim Berners-Lee points to the need for any networking arrangements to help users obtain relevant information and limit slander, manipulation of facts, misinformation, as the recent dissemination of the rumors about the dangers of Greater Hadron Collider.

Tim Berners-Lee said that he "did not consider assigning a simple number as the rate IQ, a good idea, but instead offers reytingovat sites to more complex methods, but, in fact, we are talking about the same, only in other words. That sort of content evaluation system to improve its overall quality - just in terms of semantic content.

On a saying that, in truth, tasks assigned to the new fund, a fairly global. These tasks can not be achieved only at the level of self-Internet community. But if at least some of the goals would be achieved, it will be very successful new fund.

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