Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IT-Industry: elephants and moski eve of a fight

street fights caught on tapeFurther financial crisis that shake the planet and, above all, the USA, yet not too seriously addressed the IT-industry. But, of course, its consequences have seriously reduce the pace of development and computer and telecommunications industry. For example, revenues fall manufacturers of thin clients - their main clients just been bankrupt financial giants. But there is another, very serious and not all measured, the consequences. At the place collapsed «elephants» IT-business will present «moski», that is, those who are the current giants of competitors, actually, and do not believe. However, this is the future of the case, even quite close.

Google first and foremost

Andy Rubin - creator of a mysterious OS Android and director of the mobile unit Google - said that the first smartphone based on Android is in the final stages of development and will soon be presented to the public. In addition, Rubin said that the income earned from the sale of applications for the platform Android, will be shared among developers and operators, and the Google will not get anything from this. Incidentally, for smartphone Android Google has developed a special mobile version of your browser Chrome. By the way, Apple in the same system takes 30% of the proceeds from the sale of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Previously, Google announced the establishment of a virtually identical scheme of sale applications. But another major transaction involving Google: the company is negotiating the acquisition of Valve - a major developer of computer games Half-Life and the owner of a popular digital content distribution Steam. As already noted specialists, buying Valve and Steam will allow Google to take a large share of the market digital distribution of content. In addition, it gives the Internet giant market entry and development of traditional publishers of computer and video games. Negotiations are already in the final stage, and a deal could be announced before the end of September. However, representatives of Google and Valve have not yet made official comments on the matter. As of February 2008-first, in the Steam there were more than 15 million registered users, and sales for the year increased by 158%. Using Steam users can purchase and download various computer games and other digital content. Previously, Google has already made moves in the market of interactive entertainment. More recently - in July - the company launched a beta version of Lively - a virtual world like Second Life, where users can create characters and then they communicate with other project participants through animated gestures or text messages. After registration, Lively in user is invited to create their own character (avatar), which may be a man, woman or any substance. Next project member receive the opportunity to build virtual stores. This could be at home, coffee shop or even exotic island. Built housing can beat the variety of furniture, the walls hang paintings, as well as TV set, the image which will be broadcast from the Video YouTube.

Executive Director of Google, Eric Schmidt September 17, said that the Internet giant will not delay the start of the advertising cooperation with Yahoo, even if representatives of competition authorities need more time to review the transaction. Previously, Google postponed the start of work with Yahoo three months to give antimonopolschikam time to verify transactions, but after October 11, it did come into force. «In our business, time - is money. I am no longer going to wait », - said Schmidt. He declined to comment on the possibility of blocking the transaction competition authorities. Let me remind you that Yahoo and Google have entered into a partnership agreement to market Internet advertising in mid-June 2008-th. Under the agreement, Yahoo will use Google AdSense advertising technology and advertising content from Google by displaying the results of queries to search engine Yahoo, as well as on websites Yahoo. Affiliate program will apply to the operations of Yahoo in the U.S. and Canada. The agreement - up to 10 years. Google will receive payment directly from advertisers to appeal to its advertising content posted on the Yahoo search engine generated pages. Part of the proceeds Google will share with Yahoo.


The American producer of memory chips SanDisk rejected the proposal of the world's largest manufacturer of microchips - the company Samsung Electronics - on the acquisition for $ 5.85 billion as reported in the press release, SanDisk, board of directors unanimously found the offer to purchase shares of SanDisk each in cash for $ 26 «lack of many ways ». In addition, the proposal from Samsung significantly underestimates the long-term prospects for the development of SanDisk, stated in a press release. Information that Samsung intends to buy SanDisk, appeared in South Korean media in early September 2008 th. The American corporation SanDisk, founded in 1988, is the development and manufacture of media-based flash memory used in consumer and industrial electronics. The company holds about a third of the world market for memory cards and is the most sold brand in this market. In their memory cards SanDisk is using the chips Nand Flash Mlc. and Nand Flash Slc., manufactured by Toshiba, together with two plants in Japan. South Korean Samsung Electronics is the world's largest producer of microchips Dram and Nand, LCD monitors, mobile communication systems. Net profit at Samsung II quarter of this year grew by 51% and amounted to $ 2.12 billion Revenues increased by 24% and amounted to $ 18 billion

A company NXP Semiconductors (formerly known as Philips Semiconductors) announced restructuring program, designed to ensure a company's stable financial situation and create conditions for growth in the future. Restructuring program involves a significant decrease in the production base of NXP, central R & D, as well as support functions. It is anticipated that the program will affect approximately 4,500 employees worldwide and lead to annual savings $ 550 million in the future, NXP will focus on the development directions of automotive electronics, identification systems, consumer electronics and components widely used, in which the company has a large number of innovative products and is a leader in the market. Steps to restructure NXP will provide a strong foundation for achieving the goals of increasing profitability and positive cash balance. NXP plans to merge most of its production facilities in the two biggest European factories in Naymengene and Hamburg as well as SSMC in Singapore. As a result of these changes are planned sale or closure of four factories. The plan involves loading the remaining factories to a level above 90%, which is expected to save $ 300 million by the end of 2010. The translation program for the restructuring of production is planned until 2010, but major changes will take place mainly during 2009.

PC Market

The company Lenovo intends to enter the world market for servers. In late September, the company will begin delivery systems ThinkServer, targeted at small and medium businesses. The new servers will be released in five different configurations as uninuclear, and with dual-core processors. Models TS100 and RS110 will be equipped with processors Intel Core 2 Duo or Xeon in one of two options: 3000 or 3200. In servers, TD100, TD100x and RD120 establish Xeon 3000 chips or 5000. Previously, Lenovo issued servers under the brand name SureServer, which were sold in China. Now the company decided to expand its geography. In April this year, Lenovo has formed a new division, whose purpose is to sell servers and workstations ThinkServer ThinkStation corporate customers. Now the department, headed by Mark Godinho, operates 200 employees. The starting price for servers ThinkServer is $ 749. Systems will be supplied with the necessary software, which will facilitate users to configure and monitor servers.

According to a research analysis company ChangeWave, Apple is one of the few manufacturers of PCs, is not experiencing a significant deterioration in sales because of the economic crisis. Of the 4,416 Americans polled in August, only 15% reported that they would increase their spending on electronic goods over the next three months, while 34% are going to spend less. 8% of respondents are planning for the next three months to buy a laptop, another 5% - a desktop computer. The share of Apple in those not yet sold computers quite high: 34% of potential buyers plan to purchase laptops MacBook, while 30% want to buy a desktop computer look toward your iMac or Mac mini. 17% of those surveyed responded that the iPhone 3G has become a cause for more loyal to Apple.

Internet Business

The company Best Buy - the owner of a large network of computer stores in the United States - has entered into an agreement to purchase the music service Napster. I recall that Napster service was set up as file sharing (first in the world) in 1999, but under pressure from the recording industry has been forced to close. In 2003, the Service reopened and now offers music in a fully lawful manner. Under the terms of the signed contract, Best Buy will pay for each share Napster $ 2,65. The total transaction is $ 121 million, almost twice the market value of the music service. True, from $ 121 million 67 million will come to invest. The net purchase price Napster is $ 54 million is expected that after completion of the transaction Best Buy have a web site Napster, mobile services and access to the 700-thousandth audience of music service subscribers. Best Buy expects to use the assets of Napster to increase its customer base and expanding list of services offered to consumers. The deal between Best Buy and Napster should be completed during the IV quarter - after obtaining permission from regulatory authorities. It is anticipated that the current Napster CEO Chris Gorog and other senior managers will retain their posts. Best Buy still has no plans to change the location of the headquarters of Napster, based in Los Angeles, and carry out serious human reshuffling. The state of Napster currently has about 140 people. It added that while Napster continues to incur financial losses. Net losses of service in the I quarter of 2009 fiscal year (ended on 30 June) amounted to $ 4.4 million, equivalent to 10 cents per share. In the first and fourth quarters of 2008 fiscal year music store suffered a loss of $ 4.2 million and $ 4.3 million, respectively.

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