Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IT-industry: the new style of the old mode

world financial crisisThe world financial crisis continues, though, seems to have passed its peak. But while the number of jobs is declining, and in Silicon Valley top managers think: What generally mean a financial crisis for the IT sector?

One of the main expectations due to the reduction in IT-budgets of large companies would ensure that these companies rather prefer to have a universal model. There will shift to computing clouds and programs taken from the network, because in this case, you have to pay only the cost of services, rather than the work of an entire IT commands. Also, corporations will be more willing to use software with open source. The crisis has opened new areas of IT-development. Due to the fact that the same U.S. companies close their offices or out of business real estate, it is expected that many adapted from a distance model. And with the changes, which are expected to occur after the adoption of a law on flexible working hours, the companies may have additional reason to allow their employees to work remotely. The increase proposals on the introduction of broadband and various secure virtual private networks make such a working model even more attractive in comparison with those costs, which are at the management office.


In 2008, Microsoft released Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, wishing to expand their presence in the market of corporate data-centers, but companies have to constantly compete with rival VMware and Oracle. Rob Kelly, vice president of Microsoft, in an interview with IDG News Service noted several interesting points concerning the situation in the market of corporate data-center. For example, he said, Windows Server 2008 has been very well received by industry, and Microsoft had never seen such a quick adaptation of the product on the market. In addition, Kelly commented on the deal between Amazon and Oracle, under which a number of products Oracle has appeared in the service of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. According to him, Microsoft is not afraid «computing cloud» and believe this approach is simply a slightly different mechanism, so do not worry for the company that other players fill formed blank space, no. At Microsoft, adds Kelly, believe in the platform, so any decisions company in this area will platformoorientirovannymi. Surrounding the news about developments in the Microsoft «computing cloud» will rasskazany the Conference of professional developers, which will take place in late October.

EU tariffs and cellular communications

In the European Union in 2009 could be enacted a law by which users of mobile phones will be able to pay less for shipping and SMS roaming. It is expected that as a result of the enactment of a law proposed by the European Commission, tariffs on sending text messages when roaming reduced by 60% - from 46 to 18 cents. Cost minute dropped from 72 to 54 cents. The European Commission, introduced the bill, has repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with the high prices of cellular companies. In September 2007, they were set limits for roaming: outgoing calls of no more than 68 cents, to incoming - no more than 34 cents. According to estimates of analysts, revenues of European mobile operators from abroad is about 8-15% of their total income.

Corporate news

The new Board of Directors of Yahoo on Sept. 23 approved a further round of negotiations on a deal with a corporation owned by Time Warner and her company AOL. Details of a possible deal between Time Warner and Yahoo are not known. To date, active negotiations between the companies is not. According to the newspaper Financial Times, director of Yahoo generally held the first joint meeting with election day. Yahoo representatives did not give official comments on the matter.
The popular news portal Digg announced that received investments of $ 28.7 million Funds provided investment fund Highland Capital Partners. Earlier Digg invest Greylock Partners, Omidyar Network and SVB Capital, a total investment of about $ 40 million Using this money Digg plans to double the number of its staff to 150 within the next year, to move to new headquarters, as well as start your site in international markets. In addition, the portal will be launched several new features.

California company Transmeta, previously engaged in the production of processors that are compatible with the architecture x86, announced that it is looking for a buyer. In February this year, Transmeta disclose that it intends to buy Riley Investment Management, owns 6.6% of its shares. Then, for each share Transmeta was requested $ 15.5. But Transmeta proposal does not satisfy, and the deal did not materialize. According to officials of the investment firm Riley, the future of Transmeta in question. In addition to ads on the search for a buyer, Transmeta announced the signing of two new agreements with the corporation Intel, relating to the use of intellectual property products in the latter. Under one agreement, Intel acquired the right to use any technology Transmeta, as well as its future technology, which has not yet been patented. The cooperation will last until December 31, 2017 According to the conditions over the next five years, Intel is committed to pay Transmeta $ 20 million in royalties.

Surprise from Oracle

On 24 September, the head of Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, unexpectedly announced the release of the company to market hardware. For the first time in more than 30 years of Oracle will offer customers server hardware under its own brand. The first hardware solutions company Oracle have a server data storage HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers and integrated HP Oracle Database Machine, created in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard. In fact, the new products represent HP ProLiant servers with pre-configured software and Oracle. Supplied products, as has been said to be under the brand Oracle. In doing so, the company Larry Ellison will assume the support base of software, while Hewlett-Packard will be responsible for the technical side. The system HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers implemented based server HP ProLiant DL180 G5, equipped with two quad processors, Intel. In the maximum configuration of the server can be equipped with nakopitelyami total capacity of 12 TB. With regard to the platform HP Oracle Database Machine, it is a complete solution that connects 8 database servers and 14 Oracle servers, HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers. The total capacity storage subsystem HP Oracle Database Machine may be as high as 168 TB. New products targeted at corporate customers and, according to the developers are able to provide high performance with significant loads. The server HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers can be purchased separately for integration into existing information repository. The cost is $ 4,000 per terabyte of disk space. The system HP Oracle Database Machine will cost the buyer of $ 650 thousand plus the cost of licensing software.

RuNet and figures

Revenue «Rambler» in the I-half increased 2.5 times, and profitability - almost 6 times compared with the I half of 2007, however, the company finished the half with a loss. The most rapidly growing unit «Rambler» service was «Begun», which will soon be sold to Google, but analysts were still believed that getting rid of him would benefit the company. The company «Rambler Media», owns a portal and search engine, showed growth in revenue in the I half of 2008 compared with the I half of last year, more than 2.5 times. Revenue was $ 51.7 million vs. $ 20.5 million a year ago. Profitability reached 17.3% (last year was 3%). This company reported in its today's report. Despite the improvement, the company was unable to get out of loss. According to the report a loss after tax of $ 0.5 million to $ 6.7 million profit for the I half of 2007, sharp deterioration in financial performance is not related to core activities «Rambler». Last year's growth outcome is due to the sale of television business in January 2007 the first - a deal brought holding $ 7.1 million for the declared amount of consolidated revenue and earnings came «Begun» - owned «Rambler Media» service contextual advertising. In July it was announced that its upcoming sale of the corporation Google, and the report «Rambler» «Begun» now is how «asset held for sale». As the report, contextual advertising - the fastest growing area «Rambler Media» - proceeds from it for the year rose to 5.4 times, and I was in half $ 23.2 million, almost three-quarters of it ($ 16.3 million) are directly to share «Begun». In the consolidated revenue «Rambler» «Begun» is 31.5%. Despite the important role «Begun» in the economy of the company, analysts believe that Google has been selling his appropriate decision. Without «Begun» growth rate of revenues from the company dropped, but the company sells the asset at a high price ($ 140 million, of which half get the company «Finam», owns 49,9% «Begun»). This will help her in a liquidity crisis to carry out capital investment more at their own expense. Moreover, sales of «Begun» money - not the main point. Index - that «Rambler» managed to forge a partnership with Google. For «Begun», besides money, he will receive a portion of revenue from Google for contextual advertising. A finding search engine Google, «Rambler», constantly losing share of the search market will be spared the costly investment in support of its own search service. We know that home page «Rambler» in early October, will receive the new design and «shortly thereafter, but not immediately» existing «Rambler» own vertical search engine will be integrated with guglovskim search engine for the traditional. As told in «Rambler», work on the combination of search engines will be at the stage of technical training until the sale «Begun» does not receive the approval of competition authorities. Their approval «Rambler» expected in the near future.

But the company «Yandex» may postpone initial public offering on the stock exchange NASDAQ, which was scheduled for III quarter of 2008, prior to the stabilization of world financial markets. IPO would be postponed indefinitely if the situation stabilizes in the world until October. However, while representatives of «Yandex» did not officially confirm this information.

The French company Packard Bell joined the corporation, and Acer will soon introduce their products to markets in Russia and CIS countries. Trademark Packard Bell in Europe enjoys a reputation premium brand. Already in Russia Packard Bell offers a wide range of notebooks equipped with the latest processors and graphics cards. In the near future, Packard Bell also plans to launch in Russia sales of desktop PCs. Guide Acer is confident that gained recognition in Europe, the French manufacturer's products will enjoy a huge demand and the post-Soviet space.

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