Saturday, December 6, 2008

SAP against the backdrop of global crisis

8 October in Moscow went SAP-Forum 2008, organized by Europe's largest producer of software company SAP AG. As you know, she is developing corporate software for the automation of all internal business processes: accounting, trade, manufacturing, finance, personnel management and warehouses, etc. Among the customers SAP - almost all companies from the list of Fortune 1000, and now SAP is starting to earth and small business (on their classification, is a company with annual sales of at least 10 million euros).

Forum SAP - a traditional event for the business community, representatives of large corporations and partners SAP, but have never before in its history it has not been in such grim circumstances, when all around and just talked about the financial crisis.

The tone of the Forum asked in his opening remarks, Jovan Maryanovich, general director of SAP CIS. He explicitly said it is now forced to deal with the company: "We call customers and say: everything has changed, we do not understand." Among the clients are now enjoying complete chaos and anarchy. The company SAP can offer only one: "In the period of misunderstanding and uncertainty need a good analyst - said CEO SAP CIS. - We offer a system of Business Objects as a real tool to combat the crisis."

In an interview with Computer to "Bobby Vetter, senior vice president of SAP Business Development, explained that the current crisis for the company's most important - to control liquidity, which is to provide quality management of financial flows, as well as transparency in all business processes. According to him, precisely because of those problems cease to exist, many large companies. Bobby Vetter also mentioned the company Business Objects system and compare it with the Toolbar in the race car racing, which accurately track the current state system in real time.

Bobby Vetter inclined to believe that the current crisis - this is primarily a crisis of confidence, and it spreads like disease from one market to another party. Here SAP solutions can hardly something to help: there is no target "level of confidence", but there is a built-in analytical tools for quality management relationships with contractors.

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