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"Now, I prefer to watch" - Interviews William Gibson

Street always finds its own use of a variety of things.

(c) William Gibson

Up to the last moment not Hence, it will turn out. William Gibson, founding father of the genre "cyberpunk" blogger known as enthusiastic, but your e-mail on the Net is not disclosing - it is not even the writer's personal website. Therefore, any interviews with him are possible only through the publishing house Penguin Publishing and Random House, which is traditionally the first to publish works of Gibson. Yet interviews for "IT SECTOR" condition. And, as intended, at the dawn of 60 - anniversary of the writer, to be observed on March 17.

-- Thank you agreed to be interviewed. As the mood on the eve of the anniversary?

-- Not until the mood now. Jubilee - so troublesome! At the same time, a lot of issues have to deal with: publishers, the media, with a family and children ... And from the desk while reluctant disruptions.

-- Can you explain what is working?

-- No, I do not like to talk about the product, until it is written on at least 3 / 4. I can only say that my thoughts are occupied by several things. That is, and I want them to translate into concrete works.

-- In the early 90 - brilliantly, you predicted social networks, so now receiving widespread. As we wait for next?

-- If you have a view to further development of social networks, I think that the quantitative increase in the number of users they are about to stop. But the network will begin to change themselves. In the near future we will mass emergence of specialized social networks of people clearly defined groups. This will be quite closed online community uniting certain subcultures, professions, whose something fans can be, the residents of certain regions or believers of different faiths. But current Facebook network type or MySpace awaits bankruptcy - they put undue investment, and their audience is beginning to decline.
But about a decade later (or slightly less) is a new social networking boom, it is very similar to what we have witnessed in the year 2005-2007. This boom will be a consequence of rapid computerization of African countries, the poorest countries in Latin America and the poor, but densely populated countries in Southeast Asia - such as Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc. But it has to be totally different culture! Besides certainly very, very many people in those regions will be included in the social network is not connected to the Internet through a PC, and using cell phones. And this process has already begun. After all, cell phones in the world, twice as many than personal computers.

-- What is triggered each time for writing ordinary things from the story to the novel?

-- News. More precisely, no news themselves, and any association, which they raised in me. Hundreds of other news-will, as they say, "pass me," and a pull. Maybe not even plot, and "speaking" with the term. How twisted, for example, the "viral marketing" - it is largely thanks to him (but not only, of course) was born novel "Spook Country".

-- What do you think is the greatest threat to modern human civilization?

-- I think information overload. This is what the residents are facing every day so-called "developed countries". Of course, we still have a very vague idea of the resources of the human brain, but it seems we are beginning to abuse its capabilities. But the volume of information that we have to think about every day, is growing exponentially. And this applies not only to the profession, but to everyday life. See how many electronic gadgets around us - and most of them have no bearing on the work. Digital players, cameras, many electronic toys, the GPS Navigator, and all other things ...

-- In your products in the future, the most technologically and economically developed country, featured Japan. How do you evaluate the present explosive growth of China?

-- See for yourself: even a half dozen years ago was the prerogative of the Chinese "otvertochnaya assembly" analogues western technology and the production of low-quality counterfeit products American and European brands. Today, the Chinese launch rockets into space, a Chinese computer corporations literally conquering the world. Look at the progress Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei. I think that today's China is almost on par with its technological might of Japan, it is much more than just size and population. And consequently, there is much more technology "dissipated". So now I try not to make predictions about who will be the leader in the future - Japan, Korea or China. Or someone else ...

-- What do you think our world a decade later? Half a century later?

-- You know, I tired to make predictions. Enough, already ... napridumyval Today, I just interesting to observe the changes that occur with humanity, which penetrate deeper biological and cybernetic technology. Slightly abstracting, you can probably say that the technology had become some kind of semblance ekzoskeleta modern man. And it happened just in the last dozen years. And that is why I watch - at this stage I want to understand what kind of change in human culture, civilization as a whole, taking place through technology. After all, no one would argue, for example, that Google has already become a factor in the thinking residents of large cities, with access to all telecommunications charm.
And: I would like to simulate the reverse situation where people will be surprised, denied all of this electronics, which they themselves surrounded, all biotechnologies. But if I write something similar, then in spirit, in style it will be closer to "Maschine differences, which we wrote with Bruce Sterling many years ago.

-- Thanks for the interview!

Special thanks to Victor Fomin aka 4MIN. He made an intermediary in arranging this interview.

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Conspiracy around Intel and Microsoft OS Vista

During the trial on Windows Vista Capable program, in late February 2008 the court issued a 158 pages of internal documents of Microsoft ( / microsoft / library / vistaexhibitsone.pdf). At the thirtieth page text of these documents is an e-mail written by employees of Microsoft Kalkman named John (John Kalkman). It contains information on the certification program Capable company Intel chipsets. "We had underestimated the requirements specifically to help improve Intel quarterly profit figures. Thus, they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 chipset, - wrote Kalkman. But later, after some market research that gave negative results, he noted that "it was a mistake, artificially understate the true image requirements".

Not so bad news! Two mega-corporation, it turns out defrauded millions of its users, jointly providing false information on the compatibility of its hardware and software. Not surprisingly, opinions about Windows Vista were not very flattering: small that not every machine is equipped with Windows Vista Capable stickers allowed to work comfortably in the operating system, there was terrible brakes, and both have a number of premium-function versions of the OS was masthead simply unavailable. Official explanations about Kalkmana letters from the two companies at this point cloud, you can find below.

Chuck Mulloy, a representative of Intel, said John Kalkman, not being Intel employee, seemed to have no idea about the internal affairs of the company or the financial forecasts sales of chipsets, motherboards, or any other product. Therefore, the statement should be viewed as his personal speculation.

David Bowermaster, a representative of Microsoft, outlined that the 915 chipset support Windows Vista Capable program based on successful tests beta Windows Vista on computers equipped with such a chipset, and because of widespread prevalence data chipsets on the market. Such computers can be installed Windows Vista Home Basic. For computers that allow user to use the premium features more navorochennyh versions, Microsoft authorized use of the mark "Premium Ready".

Bouermaster deliberately diminish the significance of the contents of the letter Kalkmana, while also not referring to the topic of a possible agreement Intel and Microsoft on the 915 chipset and its certification for use with Windows Vista. Documents released by the plaintiff, a representative of Microsoft calls "not having anything to do with the charges themselves", and explains that this is just part of an active discussion of how best to deploy Windows Vista Capable program.

Of the 158 - page document, you can restore the chain of events that is such a story. November 9, 2005 Microsoft had planned to only one certification program. David Berrett (David Berrett) explained that "PC Ready" - a working title of the programme, a term that would be used instead Ready - is Capable. As the value of "capable" in the English language and a more unambiguous meaning close to the program.

But in January 2006, things changed dramatically. The governing persons Microsoft discussed removing WDDM-standard (Windows Display Drive Model) from the program and the launch of Windows Capable second Vista Ready in June 2006. More - more: for the sake of its Intel 915 chipset pressure on Microsoft, demanding the removal of WDDM-standard.

Immediately after that, Mike Ibarra wrote in a letter that the 18 months of work went in vain, and Microsoft had to substitute the HP, which has already made significant investments in the introduction and promotion WDDM-standard. Other OEM manufacturers also unhappy events. Microsoft forced progibatsya by Intel.

HP has invested money in support WDDM graphics accelerators-standard, but Microsoft has changed the program. Of course, HP is not pleased that fact.

Interesting statistical calculations was provided by Microsoft, on the background of which can be seen all the facts and history. In early 2007, following picture graphics accelerators in the market for the fourth quarter of 2006: 60% of graphics accelerators on laptops and PCs supporting WDDM-standard, 30% had 915 chipsets from Intel. 74% of laptops and 58% of desktop computers have built-video, 86% of laptops theoretically suitable for the installation of Windows Vista, but only 46% of them could use the Aero interface. In other words, less than half the laptops at the time, were fully prepared to launch a full-Windows Vista.

By analyzing documents promulgated, it is safe to say that the software giant and its OEM partners have lost a minimum of 18 months of work on the graphical user interface for Windows Vista. And at first glance, it might seem that the sudden turn of events in January 2006 (WDDM waiver of the standard) has set a lower standard, which, which was not good enough to match the query Windows Vista and display it in all beauty with full functionality.

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IT-business: prior to the end of the year

In the global IT industry over the past couple of weeks anything wrong, fortunately, did not happen. Horse racing world oil prices and the American financial crisis has not had a significant impact on the market of information technologies and telecommunications. But something important has happened yet.

We begin, as usual, with global issues. According to the research company Pyramid Research, in a few years, the global market for mobile undergo unprecedented change, and to the existing 2.8 billion users of cell phones in the next three years by a new billion. Of these, 87% occur in developing countries amount. The majority of potential users do not give China and India. Overall, in those two countries will be about 35% of the promised one billion new users, and the rest pridutsya on the part of the world where the level of urbanization is less than 50%. By 2010, 74% of users live in countries with developing economies. However, due to low ARPU their share of 40% of total revenues. And an important point: the majority of those customers will receive cellular networks to access the Internet. US-French company Alcatel-Lucent - one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment - announced that shorten 4 thousand employees by 2009. This measure will help it cut costs by 400 million euros ($ 578 million) a year. I recall that in February Alcatel-Lucent has already decided to dismiss 12.5 thousand employees. This happened almost immediately after the company Alcatel and Lucent have decided to unite. In the Alcatel-Lucent noted the need to reduce costs because the company's net loss in the III quarter of 2007 amounted to 258 million euros. At the same time, sales grew at only 2.3% to 4.35 billion euros, compared with the previous quarter and were 7.8% lower than in the same period of 2006. And: simultaneously with the announcement of reductions Alcatel-Lucent also announced resignation from his position as the company's financial director Jean-Pascal Bofre.

Commercial success YouTube video is still not resting television. American Fox Television and NBC announced the test launch of the new videoportala - another competitor YouTube. The site will host full movies and television shows. A trial run was held on the site on 29 October. Microsoft now operates on a conditional-closed beta testing: an application to participate in the testing project may submit anybody, but the letters of invitation code had to wait for several hours. The final version of the site will be provided to Internet audiences in the coming months. Content will provide for Hulu, in fact, Fox and NBC, as well as Sony and the film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

One of the best-known Linux companies, Red Hat plans in the next two or three years, a number of changes to the existing business model. Currently, Red Hat receives the bulk of profits from the proliferation of server and the Linux operating system support. The company also develops and promotes virtualization direction in the area of Linux desktop computers, but revenue from these initiatives are relatively low. However, Red Hat has to compete with other major Linux vendors, pressure from the ever-growing. About two weeks ago, Red Hat has appointed vice-president of Nike Wayka Wang for the post of head of unit, whose staff will address the transformation of business models. It is envisaged that the transformation will be carried out in several stages. Experts are now reviewing the scheme of company management, particularly relationships with customers and partners, a subscription model, the financial system and other factors. The next phase of Red Hat address the identified weaknesses and enhance the efficiency of the service interaction with users. In addition, Red Hat expects to increase profit from the distribution JBoss. This company Red Hat, recalled, acquired last year for $ 420 million It is anticipated that changes in the business model will enable Red Hat to strengthen market position. In addition, the company expects to double the amount of annual revenue. Currently, Red Hat receives revenue of about $ 500 million a year. Companies involved in the production of laptops, may face shortages of components in II quarter of 2008, this will be possible, if the components suppliers will not be able to increase production to meet the rapidly growing demand. Deliveries of notebooks from Taiwan in the second quarter of next year amount to 25.98 million units - about the same as in the III quarter of 2007, I note that in III quarter deficit component has led to a slowdown in growth of supply laptops, which has been almost 10% less than previously thought. In the IV quarter will be more than 30 million laptops, and that increases the supply of 27%. In III quarter of 2007, a serious deficit touched PWM, graphics cards, high-capacity hard drives, monitors, power supplies, etc.

Incidentally, the manufacturers of laptops. The company Acer has brought financial results of I-III quarters of 2007, consolidated turnover for the III quarter reached $ 3.74 billion, which is 28.7% higher than last year's figure and 30.4% - the previous quarter. Overall Acer consolidated turnover for the first three quarters of this year totaled $ 9.67 billion, an increase of 25.7% compared with last year. Operating profit Acer III in the quarter reached $ 86.16 million, increased compared with last year at 42.1% and 43.1% compared with the previous quarter. Operating profit for I-III quarters grew by 24% compared with last year and amounted to $ 206.14 million In III quarter the company received $ 89.53 million net profit after tax. Net profit after tax for I-III quarters reached $ 324.19 million

Anti-virus companies integrate their products. Panda Security and Commtouch signed an agreement for the inclusion of anti Commtouch technology in the product from Panda TrustLayer Mail. According to data provided by Gartner in a report for the year 2006, Panda took 4 - first place in the world market for anti-virus software. According to the company's management Panda Security, antispamovoe Commtouch solution chosen because service TrustLayer Mail spam detection rate should be more than 98%, and Commtouch help achieve this. Commtouch anti-engine based on the Recurrent Pattern Detection - content-diagnostic technology that can detect and block spam in any language. RPD real-time analyses large volumes of Internet traffic, detecting and defending against new flow of spam. Among the clients TrustLayer Mail - Internet providers, application providers and telecommunications operators. The quality of service is guaranteed TrustLayer Mail Agreement on the level of service (SLA) and provides a clean e-mail viruses.

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Semiconductor issues

Producers Association of semiconductor products (Semiconductor Industry Association, SIA), in early March released the results of the semiconductor industry in January 2008. According to the association, the growth of the industry, compared with the result of January 2007 amounted to 0.3% and reached to 21.5 billion USD. In comparison with the rate in December 2007, the market for semiconductors has lost weight 3.6%.

Association experts argue that the main reason for such a flimsy results has been very poor state of affairs in the sector of dynamic memory. The growth, albeit modest, production of chips completely "eaten" continually falling prices. Prices are falling because of the extremely high competition among manufacturers. No rescues and the growth in demand for memory modules marked professionals association. According to experts, if the monthly analysis of the memory sector, the growth of the semiconductor industry amounted to 8.1%.

Status of other sectors of the semiconductor industry is sustainable. Increased sales of PCs and mobile coincided with the previously predicted performance. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association analysts, the growth of those sectors this year will be 12% and 15%, respectively. In doing so, in the sectors of personal computers and mobile phones, on the basis of 2008 will have approximately 60% of all profits semiconductor industry.

Meanwhile, the prices of flash memory chips NAND forcing Intel to adjust the forecast profit for the 2008 quarter, I - first. Leading manufacturer of microprocessors said that the net profit will be about 54% of the proceeds instead of the anticipated 56%. This coincides with Intel forecasts of analysts expectations. A month ago, the company also adjusted its estimates for revenue growth from sales of NAND chips. Previously, it was assumed that he would be in the order of 27%, but now the company expects that figure will be three times less.

Analysts predict that chip manufacturers will be in a difficult situation, as well as the sale of NAND memory growing up, but prices for it are continuing to decline. According to iSuppli, in the past year, sales of these chips rose by 12% - up to 13.9 billion USD. Overall in the last fiscal year Intel earned nearly 7 billion USD, to five billion more than in 2006, when the company conducted a brutal price war with AMD.

Nevertheless, according to Troy Winslow, which is responsible for marketing at Intel NAND-flash products, the company intends to expand its presence in the market of solid drives, and going to do so in a very aggressive manner. This seriously vstryahnet segment, which is dominated by Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk.

So far, Intel offers a small flash storage capacity, up to 16 gigabytes, made in the format builds chips (TSOP). But already in II quarter of this lineup should get a significant replenishment in the form of 1.8 "and 2.5" solid-capacity hard disks from 80 to 160 GB. Thus, the company will enter into competition with, for example, Samsung, which is scheduled to III SSD-quarter output capacity of 128 GB devices.

In addition, Winslow promised that Intel with access to the market SSD SATA drive becomes clear how the performance of such devices depends on the architecture of the work and built the controller software. Now the fastest model of solid drives Samsung demonstrated reading speed of up to 100 Mb / s, but Intel promises in their devices "much better" performance. Intel is so confident of their power that even proclaimed 2008 - the "Year of SSD devices".

Meanwhile, the start of the mass introduction of Intel SSD devices as a complete replacement of traditional HDD (first in the notebook sector) will mean progress as a company producer of almost all components for mobile systems. Processors, chipsets, communications solutions graphics subsystem, and now - solid drives. As a result of the fundamental elements of portable PCs Missing attention Intel will only displays and optical disk drives. In addition, one result of the growing competition in the market for SSD will be a significant decline in prices. According to the forecasts, this year the price of solid drives will decline by 40% and then to 50% in 2009 and 2010.

Intel, as well as Samsung, considering SSD devices, as accelerators for server systems. In an interview with reporters Troy Winslow remembered experiment demonstrated the company, which was broadcast system, transmitting video streams simultaneously 4000 on request. To service these pressures needed disk subsystem containing 62 traditional hard drive with the speed of rotation of the spindle 15000 rpm. According to Winslow, in the perspective of the same opportunities can be obtained by using only 10-SSD devices SATA drive.

But enough talk about only one memory. IBM and Hitachi Company signed an agreement to join forces to create a new generation of processors. The agreement - two years. In IBM and Hitachi expect that the agreement will accelerate the creation of 32 - and 22 nm - nm chip manufacturing technology. Emphasis is given to the company miniaturization of transistors, of which consist processors. According to IBM chief technologist Bernie Meyersona, making a merger to reduce costs associated with the development of new generations of chips.

IBM already is in the group of seven manufacturers of microprocessors, established in December 2007 - for the development of transistors, which is not more than 32 nm. Participants expect the alliance to achieve the goal by 2010. In the meantime, Intel is planning to begin production of chips made on 22 - SOI technology, in 2011. AMD plans on the transition to 22 nm manufacturing process is not yet known.

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New solutions for the physical security of Cisco

New IP-cameras and access control systems allow reliably protect complexes of buildings, corporate offices and mobile environments

The company announced the expansion of Cisco family of products for physical security called Cisco ® Connected Physical Security. Now the product lineup includes new features of IP video surveillance and electronic access control, which facilitate the convergence of information technology and physical security systems, allowing customers to integrate existing systems for the physical protection of IT infrastructure.
The company Cisco is going to bring to market new IP cameras and the first in its history, physical access control system. Sharing of these products provides an opportunity to clearly monitor the situation and take effective action. Advanced Cisco portfolio of products to help customers build security best-in-class cost mobile infrastructure physical protection of high flexibility and compatibility. The latest system for physical security strategy reflects Cisco company, which aims to develop a package of solutions to enable the customer to integrate all security functions in a single IP network. Turning the network into a single scalable platform for the integration of security features allows users a number of advantages, including high operational flexibility, more reliable protection, low total cost of ownership and minimizing risk.

"Funds are starting physical protection is closely integrated with the IP networks, creating new opportunities for our wonderful industry - believes Stants Bill (Bill Stuntz), General Manager, Cisco physical security. - The network becomes the platform for connecting systems for the physical security of all types with other corporate systems. This helps realize the concept of convergent security, and no one can do it better than Cisco, because the company has extensive experience in the field of information technology, and in the sphere of physical protection, which automatically makes us the market leader. Industry safety is for Cisco very important, and we intend to work actively in the market".
Increased portfolio of products for the Cisco security means that in the near future the market will be as follows:

Cisco IP cameras for video surveillance
New Cisco IP cameras operating in the regime of high and standard definition, high-quality broadcast video, which can be used in different environments. At the market will return several models of such cameras:

• Cisco Video Surveillance 4500 IP Camera - IP-with the high-resolution camera functions, and intellectual videokompressii warning processor (DSP). This chamber is used H.264 compression algorithm, and recording system with a resolution of 1920x1080 at a speed of 30 frames per second. Moreover, in every cell of this type can be integrated optional high-performance DSP processor entirely dedicated to intellectual videofunktsy (eg videoanalitiki).

• Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 IP Camera - IP-camera with a standard definition channels for electrical power (Power-over-Ethernet, POE) or DC with an external power supply. Moreover, the camera can be operated in the mode wireless standards 802.11b/g/n.

The interface of the new cameras works as a browser that greatly facilitates the installation and management, as well as providing high quality in different lighting conditions. The new camera supports standard definition DVD-quality (D1) at speeds of up to 30 frames per second and worked on two streams, that you can always adjust the frame rate and resolution and thereby control the video quality for different conditions. Both models support the notice. They can scan a certain area, and station automatically notify the user or application of any activity that exceeds the threshold value assigned.

Cisco's IP system for the management of physical access (Physical Access Control, PAC)
Specialists have developed full Cisco's IP solution for physical access, which uses the IP network as a platform for integrated security features. This product includes hardware and software components and is a complete solution for electronic access control on the IP channels. The new system works with existing door sensors, locks and biometric devices, guarding entrances to the complex of buildings and offices. The composition solution is a hardware component called "gateway access" (Cisco Access Gateway). This modular scalable platform to connect the various sensors, readers and other systems, input and output information. The new decision Cisco good scalability and can be protected from one to many thousands of entries. Software component, Cisco Physical Access Manager (Cisco PAM), manages part of the hardware and provides integration with other information technology systems. Cisco PAM integrates with the Cisco solution for video (Cisco Video Surveillance), and adds to it a host of new features, while reducing the total cost of ownership.
New IP-cameras and access control systems make it possible to control and protect the assets and personnel of the company. Decision Cisco IP Video Surveillance integrates well with other applications and systems security, facilitating interaction and task management, as well as providing easy access to written and the current videoizobrazheniyam in local and remote mode on the IP network.
"We love the new IP-camera surveillance Cisco: it is currently the IP device, unlike many other cameras, working only with Ethernet networks via the subsidiary charge - said Jim Mills (Jim Mills), Sales Director of the company Benson dedicated System integration. - As a result, customers and partners receive a lot of advantages: low total cost of ownership, enhanced security and improved quality of services, including network functions of authentication and encryption standard AES. Cisco We are pleased to exit the market physical security. now we can offer customers integrated solutions that include physical and logical protection for the entire organization. These decisions will be much more economical, and easy to install and manage. partners and systems integrators will be able to offer innovative features while reducing operating costs and support convergent systems for the physical security. "
In addition to system integrators, the benefits of physical security means Cisco fully understood representatives of a number of other industries. In the Washington school district Kent Cisco solutions play a central role in ensuring public order and safety in schools. "Our main task - learning process, and for this reason we exist. training No process should be conducted in a safe environment - said IT director of the school district Kent Thuan Nguyen (Thuan Nguyen). - Security provides the basic foundation on which you can create a calm and exciting learning environment. When I heard that this market goes company Cisco, my joy was not the limit. today's IP video surveillance system is in its infancy, and as a result we see in the market many smaller suppliers that tomorrow may simply disappear. Chrome Now, with the market lacking clear standards. I look forward to the day when Cisco stabilize and standardize the market for IP-video cameras. "

New Cisco IP cameras should appear on the market in May 2008. New physical access control system Cisco Physical Access Control (PAC) will be withdrawn on the market in June 2008. The price of these decisions will depend on the number of entrances protected.

About Cisco
Cisco - the worldwide leader in networking technologies, changing the ways human communication, communication and cooperation. Information on the decisions and activities of technology companies published on the web and

Cisco, Cisco logo, Cisco Systems and the Cisco Systems logo are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

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Cisco develops technology samozaschischayuscheysya network and strengthens its position in the field of IT risk management, security and meet regulato

Improved protection of end points, firewalls, a means of preventing intrusions, security routers, as well as management tools that improve the security of networks, end points, applications and content.

San Jose (California), April 8, 2008 - To meet the growing demand for corporate solutions for the management of IT risks, protect data and meet regulatory requirements, the company announced the Cisco expand its proposals in this regard and make the network Self-Defending Network (samozaschischayuschayasya network) in the wider system solution that provides general protection of networks, as well as a wide variety of terminal devices, applications and content.
New solutions to the security of Cisco empowers the protection of corporate information technology infrastructures from malicious programs and deal with the loss of data, corporate compliance with safety regulations and welcomed the legislative and regulatory requirements. Today, as the network becomes the platform for a variety of devices, applications and data protection cohesive whole network system acquires special importance. The company announced the Cisco improving protection for terminal devices, systems prevent intrusions, firewalls and means of shielding applications, monitoring and analysis of security solutions for centralized corporate governance rules, as well as many other hardware and software protection. Among them, Cisco Security Agent 6.0, Cisco Intrusion Prevention System 6.1, Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis Response System 6.0, Cisco Security Manager 3.2, the inclusion of Web-filtering functions in Cisco ISR routers, firewalls modernization modules Cisco Firewall Services for switches, the new features of firewall Cisco Web Application Firewall and support of voters in the firewall Cisco IOS ® Firewall.
"Cisco solutions to security are considered the best in the industry because we offer customers solutions based on the most advanced technologies, and go beyond point products, working at the level of a coherent system - said Scott Weiss (Scott Weiss), Vice-President and General Manager Cisco security technology group. -- As part of this strategy, we printed out new products and features that expand its systematic approach to security. Our innovative solutions dramatically expand transparency and control protection systems. Cisco is paying great attention to security issues, and continues to invest heavily in new developments that will provide us with a leading position in this market".
Here's what's new products and features Cisco announced:

Safety nets

Prevent incursions System (IPS). Cisco has simplified the management of their systems, IPS, to make them accessible to companies of any size. Decision Cisco IPS 6.1 gives the customer a better idea of the "health" of the network and includes a new integrated application Cisco IPS Manager Express to activate functions IPS, monitoring and reporting. In addition to software improvements, Cisco created a new module for IPS products Adaptive Security Appliance with a capacity of up to 650 Mbits / s and has developed services for the protection of unified communications (data, voice and video), better recognition of threats in Peer-to-Peer (peer-to-peer) connections and improving security in Microsoft.

Module firewall Cisco Firewall Service Module 4.0 (for switches) accelerates the safe delivery of large volumes of sensitive information, for example, during backup and transfer large files. The module accelerates the "trusted data streams and enables trusted host systems to share information at speeds of 20 to 50 Gbps.

Virtual Private Network (VPN). Cisco included technology GET VPN encrypted transport system in Cisco 7200 VPN Services Adapter, which increased its productivity by 300 per cent. GET VPN represents a new type of VPN technology, which encrypts data for the safe transfer of Global WAN networks. It eliminates the need for a tunnel point-to-point and an opportunity to disseminate corporate VPN network for remote offices with thousands of simultaneous support of intellectual functions that are critical for quality of voice and video quality of service, routing and multicast (multicast). Since applications GET VPN operate mainly in networks with mnogoprotokolnoy Labeled by switching (MPLS), it enables customers to manage functions flexibly protect their networks and implement their own camera through a global network, or WAN refer to outsourcing providers outside.

Safety terminal devices

Cisco Security Agent 6.0. Cisco Security Agent - software agent designed to protect the terminal devices (servers, laptops, etc.). It helps to recognize the threat and managed access to confidential information. Version 6.0 for the first time in the industry include protection for terminal devices from unknown attacks, the functions of data loss prevention and virus protection on signatures in a single well-managed applications. Updating virus signatures happen automatically and requires no extra cost. The unique combination of these features will help companies reliably protect themselves from known and new threats, as well as implement effective rules for the use of data and meet regulatory requirements.

Security applications

firewall Web Application Firewall solve security problems caused by the technology of Web 2.0 and social networks. It protects the privacy of individuals and companies in the Web-based applications. Web Application Firewall comes as a separate device or integrated into gateway Cisco ACE XML Gateway. It protects access to applications, inspects Web traffic HTML and XML, model defines signatures attacks and help companies meet the requirements of PCI in the Web security.

Security content

content filtering. Cisco expanded security features popular integrated service routers Cisco ISR. Today, the world found nearly 4 million devices this family. From today, they include content filtering function of the company Trend Micro. This will help corporate customers to block access to Web sites that are known as sources of malicious software, restrict access to indecent content and introduce acceptable to the staff rules of Internet use.

SIP-protection for unified communications. Another useful addition to the security features is to use the SIP protocol in the firewall Cisco IOS Firewall protection for voice communication. This innovation will allow companies to accept the concept of distributed enterprise, improve productivity and minimize the threats posed by voice.

Security Management

System Cisco Security MARS (Monitoring Analysis Response System) 6.0. Cisco Security MARS allows monitoring of security functions in real time. She recognizes the threat agregiruya information from the devices, Cisco and other companies, and determine how best to reflect the attacks. In addition, Cisco Security MARS a report on the data collected in order to meet regulatory requirements. Version 6.0 has new support system device, which allows users and the outside companies to build their infrastructure devices in Cisco Security MARS, and thereby distribute intelligent security features to the entire corporate network, including devices that Cisco Security MARS currently not supports. The new version of Cisco Security MARS - the first system of this type, which takes the log files in a format syslog and Cisco NetFlow Version 9 of devices Cisco ASA 5580 routers and Cisco ASR 1000.

Cisco Security Manager 3.2. Cisco Security Manager efficiently manages security at the plant, tsentralizuya corporate setting safety rules and Cisco Systems. Version 3.2 improves the efficiency of operations, significantly reduces the timing of diagnosis and correct problems, as well as simplifying management IPS signatures. This is achieved by closer integration and cooperation with Cisco Security MARS system. Cisco Security Manager 3.2 adds value to Self-Defending Network, expanding support for desktop and rackmount devices, switches and Cisco ASA 5580.

Cisco systems approach to security have appreciated in the credit union Coastal Federal Credit Union from the city Reilly (North Carolina). Alliance manages assets of more than 172 thousand members for a total of about 2 billion dollars. This credit organization, second largest in the region, built a security infrastructure based Cisco products. Close interaction of these products has allowed reliably protect the network, applications and content for the entire communications infrastructure credit union. In addition, the security system has increased the overall level of Cisco security, improved risk management processes and helped to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements.

"It is about protecting the company, its assets and employees - said director of security Coastal Federal Credit Union Uaytsok Chris (Chris Whitesock). -- All realize that the network must be protected, but of equal importance is the protection of all data stored and transmitted on the network on its channels. We spent a lot of time and effort to find a solution for full protection of all data. In our view, the decision of Cisco Self-Defending Network allows us to solve delivered. "
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