Saturday, April 19, 2008

IT-SECTOR: between hammer and anvil

Before March 8 indexes of high-tech NASDAQ stock exchanges amicably waving red arrows fall. And while this week the situation marginally, it has become clear: the IT industry, as a significant part of the global industry, was among the hammer rising oil prices and the anvil falling dollar. And many conflicts between the IT companies are simply making a general nervousness.

At a recent press conference гендиректор Microsoft Steve Ballmer said that intends to make the deal with Yahoo, even though it will be his last achievement in the company. According Ballmera despite official denial of Yahoo merger, the parties still are negotiating on the issue. But it previously proposed to increase the amount is not.

But later Ozzy Ray, the chief software architect of Microsoft, told a news conference that the software giant will not accelerate the process of buying Yahoo, which has now moved to the dormant phase. According to Ozzy, "companies that are slow to such acquisitions, behave irresponsibly." He said he retains "considerable optimism" about the fact that Microsoft plans to purchase about Yahoo translate into reality. In the meantime, Microsoft is going to continue the tactics of "Fight the power of attorney" in an attempt to form a new composition of Directors Yahoo loyal to the transaction.

In the midst of this confrontation Logitech company accounts every undertaking of rumours that it will become the new buying Microsoft. In a special press release states: "Any proposal for absorption made by Logitech International from Microsoft, it would be meaningless without Action." In addition, the head of Logitech personally refuted the information that Microsoft is a shareholder Logitech. Meanwhile, back in January, the value of Logitech shares soared after rumours of a possible appearance producer periphery acquisition by Microsoft for $ 8 billion

Once again, Steve Ballmera ... At MIX08 conference in Las Vegas chapter Microsoft said that the company in whatever became Google will attempt to achieve a market share of Internet advertising and search. Ballmer confident that the planned absorption Yahoo will enhance the competitiveness of Microsoft. If the merger take place, the company will avoid duplication of services. According Ballmera, one does not need two corporate search engine, the two advertising systems, two webmail. So Yahoo services are likely to be integrated with similar Microsoft platforms. According to ComScore, in December 2007 to have 62% of Google search queries. Share Yahoo is 12.8%, while Microsoft - only 5.2%.

By the way, Google has good news. The European Commission approved the acquisition of Internet giant company DoubleClick, saying that the deal does not restrict competition in the online advertising market. According to the European Commission, they found no preconditions in order to Google and DoubleClick prevented Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL to provide alternative suggestions. The statement by the European antimonopoly department said: "Google and DoubleClick are not competitors, but even if they were they were, the transaction would have no negative impact on competition".

The unexpected statement was from the mouth of Peter Chow, the heads of the company Transcend. He said that the company would build a factory in Taiwan, as well as China's production is becoming expensive. " Construction will begin this year and the project is scheduled for completion in 2009. Cost of events, not counting the value of the land is $ 39.15 million Transcend now has 11 production lines in China, the new factory in Taiwan will produce 30% of the production company.

Production costs in China has increased greatly since the recent changes in labour laws. As a result, now many IT companies are planning to move parts of their production to Taiwan or to Viet Nam. But China apparently does not intend to abandon the emerging leadership in the IT industry. Judge for yourselves: more than half of mobile phones in 2007 were made in China. Just last year the market was 1141 billion phones, while in China produced 594.4 million, of which 46.4 million -- illegally. This is the first year when China fired plants, more than half of phones in the world. The number of telephones has been made to 33.4% more than in the first half of 2006 - first, and revenues grew by 29.6% and amounted to $ 22.7 billion Of the total number of phones produced 180.4 million left China in the domestic market, while the remaining 414 million left for export.

I have the mobile. Agency Approves Study DisplaySearch: despite all the problems of the world economy, the market for mobile computers continued strong growth. In the IV quarter of 2007, notebook manufacturers have put 33 million consumers Notebooks - is an increase of 14%, compared to the III quarter of 2007, and by 41%, compared with the figures of 2006.

Hewlett-Packard still retains a leading position, it is already occupied by six consecutive quarters. Indeed, HP managed to retain its market share at above 20%. The main surprise was the same rapid breakthrough in the Taiwanese Acer second place in the rankings with the result of 5.25 million produced notebooks and a market share of 15.9%. Third place belongs to the ranking Dell.

The most popular to date, with 15 laptops - inch screens and resolution 1280 800: their share amounted to over 50% of all shipments of portable PCs. In second place with a result of 23% followed by a model with a diagonal of 14.1 inches and resolution 1280 800. Subnoutbuki (diagonal 12.1-inch or less) are popular in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan, where they accounted for 37% of total sales. Big laptops more to the liking of consumers from the region EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), have had their share of 42% of all laptops sold, the model accounted for more than half of the screen diagonal of 15.4 inches. In 2008, the projected supply of laptops exceed 135 million pieces.

The South Korean authorities reported the arrest of a former employee LG Electronics, accused Chinese company in the transfer of sensitive data on the production of plasma display technology. The accused named Jiang sent a Chinese company COC design report and other data on the construction of "plasma" LG plant. In LG Electronics Jang worked until 2005, and in 2007 - m went to the post of technical adviser in the COC, where he worked until now.

U Djanga had two accomplices: one former and one current employee LG Electronics, which he passed secret information. Partners also detained. Secret data in question were found on the laptop accused, and of the data stored since 2005. It is estimated LG, if the company COC use stolen technology, the loss of LG Electronics over the next three years could add up to $ 1.4 billion

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