Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reshuffle in the "big three"

In the "big three" world's leading manufacturers of mobile phones have been significant changes. For the first time in the history of South Korean Samsung Corporation has increased its market share to 14.5% and ahead of the American Motorola. It happened once in the third quarter of 2007, Samsung managed to sell 42 million cellular phones. Such data published analytical company Gartner, conducting regular market research of mobile phones.

Of course, the absolute leader among manufacturers remains ringtones Finnish Nokia, which controls 38.1% of the market and sells more vehicles than its closest pursuer both together. In doing so over the last year only Nokia has consolidated its leading market position by increasing the volume of their products by 25%. The share of the producer in the III quarter had more than 110 million of the total number of sold mobile phone. The success of Finnish manufacturer is largely due to the fact that the management company to predict trend of declining profitability at the "old" markets (Europe, USA, Japan) and reoriented in time for increased production production budget models designed for markets in developing and underdeveloped countries. The yield from each tube sold budget is small, but huge sales volumes in developing countries still make such a business model is very profitable. Not coincidentally, perhaps not quite in Nokia are experiencing because of the strong reduction in sales in the U.S. - only one China already repeatedly Finns compensated for the loss of positions in the U.S. market. Now Samsung intends to move closer to those of Finnish companies active through the sale of low-cost models in developing countries. According to Gartner, in the last quarter of Samsung sold nearly 42 million mobile phones, for the year failed to increase its market share from 12.2% to 14.5%.

A Motorola phones sales for the year, in contrast, fell from 52 million to 37.8 million units. If the III quarter of 2006, Motorola controlled 20.7% of the market of mobile phones, but now this figure had fallen sharply and is only 13.1%. According to analysts Gartner, a U.S. company disappointing results are not surprising, since throughout the year the company worked inefficiently. The main reason failures Motorola experts from Gartner called the almost complete absence of new phones in the company's model range. Since the very successful Motorola Razr American manufacturer has not created any of the content is bright and popular models. In addition, Motorola marketing continue to ignore low, in their view, the markets of third world countries. And even if there is literally before the eyes example of the success Nokia and Samsung. And in the expensive machines for technically advanced users on the American market position Motorola successfully attacked the company with his acclaimed Apple iPhone.

Difficult to say what new items zagotovila Motorola in 2008, and marketing policies will change as the American company. I recall only that not so long ago, the firm intention to enter in 2008 the top three world leaders expressed the company Sony Ericsson. And, apparently, to do so it is going through all the same unfortunate Motorola. One of the innovations that will apply Sony Ericsson to market gains, will be mounted on a full-fledged office package of apparatuses Quickoffice Premier. This premium version of the program, which will create, edit and view Microsoft Office files directly on the screen. Manufacturer also finds application in smartphones Quickmanager, which will automatically download new versions of Quickoffice. Updates also will be provided free of charge. Previously, mobile office was installed only in business-smart phones, music models program for viewing documents are not available. But from Motorola could be expected surprises. Let me remind you that on January 1, 2008 Ed Zandera as chief executive officer will succeed Greg Brown. And his plans have already been marked clearly enough. In a recent interview site Greg Brown said: "All the debate about the new phones completed. We are very proud RAZR 'box, but we do not want the company relied only on sales hits. This means that in the future gamma mobile devices will face fragmentation and segmentation, offering customers a wide range of phones - from business machines to fashion-devaysov ".

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IT Sector: saturated affairs December

As usual, in anticipation of the end of the year IT-industry is taking stock and compiling plans for next year. But it is, well, routine. The most visionary top managers - "vizionery" - trying to capture the main trends, which follow in 2008 - year will yield maximum profits and losses izbezhatneopravdannyh. Is fair to say that the cause of world IT-business situation is not bad at the moment, as market forecasts for the most optimistic.

Experts organization Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has finally been published the results of an analytical study of the state of the world market for semiconductors in October 2007. It turned out that this month (just 60 years later, after the invention of semiconductor transistor) chip sales rose compared with last year at 5% up to $ 23.1 billion If you compare these figures with September, the deal with growth at 2%. Most experts are inclined to assert that the semiconductor market growth was triggered primarily stable segment of the PC.

For reference: the first 10 months of 2007 chip sales volume exceeded $ 210 billion, which is 3.9% higher than the rates in 2006, when the developers managed to put on the market semiconductor products at $ 202 billion It must be said that SIA count on less active in the PC market III quarter, but the actual results were a pleasant surprise for manufacturers as well as for investors.

But another forecast already burnorastuschemu related to Internet advertising market. ZenithOptimedia Agency published the results of their research, according to which, by 2010, the network avoids largest advertising market magazines and will concede on this parameter only advertising on television and in newspapers. The share of Internet advertising in 2010 will have 11.5% of the world's total cost, estimated at $ 530 billion, or nearly $ 61 billion Television will hold 37.5% of the market, a newspaper advertisement - 25.4%. Moreover, in 2010, forecast to ZenithOptimedia, the threshold at 15% market share of Internet advertising cross in ten countries around the world. Currently only four countries can boast such a high rate: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Britain. A significant portion of additional spending on Internet advertising directed to developing countries. For example, China, which now spends on such advertising $ 2.6 billion, after two years will spend $ 7.5 billion

Now let's talk about mergers and joint projects. Game publishers Activision and Vivendi announced the conclusion of the transaction multi-mergers. The new company will be addressed Activision Blizzard, its president and executive director will become current head of Activision Robert Kotik. On the other hand, through the merger of order 68% of the shares of Activision Blizzard will be at the disposal precisely Vivendi. The deal will be completed by the middle of next year after its approval by shareholders and regulatory authorities. Her total is about $ 18.9 billion The company has already issued a Blizzard on its Web site a small but informative list of questions and answers, which, inter alia, alleged that the transaction does not affect the work of Blizzard Entertainment: no interference from management novoobrazuemoy companies are not forthcoming, all current key personnel will remain on place, strategy and tactics to ensure the success of Blizzard, also will not change, and games, which produced and produces Blizzard, will continue to wear her name only. It is assumed that the merger with Activision strengthen financial performance of both companies and help increase sales.

A company Yahoo and eBay are planning next year to open joint auction site on the Internet. It is expected that already by March 2008 - the first residents of Japan will be possible to make purchases on the eBay site through Yahoo. And by mid-year, Americans will have the opportunity to purchase goods exhibited at the online auction site Yahoo Japan, through eBay. It is anticipated that the agreement between Yahoo and eBay will be profitable as the Japanese, and American users. The first will be able to save on the purchase of those products which stand in the Japanese retail expensive than abroad. Residents same USA, in turn, will have access to the popular Japanese goods - in particular, mangoes, compact discs with music and so Japanese Treaty between companies Yahoo and eBay also means that the latter can finally return to the Japanese market. eBay was eliminated from the country's rising sun in 2002, did not pass tough competition from Yahoo Japan, now they can resume their activities in this market. We should add that Japanese and American markets for online auctions grow quite rapidly. Thus, the turnover for the year in the particular area in Japan increased by 27% and reached the mark in the $ 36.4 billion In the U.S. annual growth was 21% - to $ 172.7 billion In late November, the administration site WebFives, dealing with video and fotohostingom, notified its users that the technology, based on which the site was acquired by the corporation Microsoft, in connection with which WebFives will be closed shortly. Microsoft has acquired the right to trademark and technology WebFives, but agreed to extend the work site until 31 December this year, to have the opportunity to transfer previously downloaded content on a PC or other online services. WebFives team will join the Microsoft and will facilitate the integration of their technologies in online services corporation. The head and founder Michael WebFives Tutongi in his official address to invited users after some time to look at the MSN Spaces sites or Windows Live. He added that the company Vizrea Corporation, now known as WebFives, was founded in August 2003, Since then WebFives service has become one of the most popular photo and videoservisov, which offers its users the ability to automatically download content to mobile phones, automatic RSS - Newsletter and other innovations.

At the American telecommunications market boiling their passions. Frontline Wireless Company has applied for auction on sale 700 - megagertsevoy radio spectrum bands. Intends to start building networks fourth generation (4G). Declare that the structure of new networks will be similar to the Internet. In doing so, the main competitor to Frontline Wireless will be at Google, which has earmarked for the purchase of radio frequency spectrum plot $ 4.6 billion Does Google deploys at that frequency in case of victory own wireless network, which it tests in its campus, is unknown. The auction is held Federal Communications Commission USA (FCC) in the programme for transition in 2009 for digital television broadcasting. Detailed plans for participants in the auction of frequencies against unknown - their discussion of the rules prohibited the auction. The winner will have to provide access to the frequency of all devices and users, which objected to the large operators. In addition to Google and Frontline Wireless, will participate in the auction U.S. cable operator Cox Communications. At the same time, the two largest cable operator Comcast and the country of Time Warner refused to participate in the competition. Their shares after the decision went up by 3-4%.

Continuing the strange events surrounding the corporation Samsung. Last week law enforcement authorities in Seoul was held in raid headquarters of the security company. I recall that a former lawyer Samsung, Kim Yong-Chul said recently that the company has a fund of about $ 215 million, designed exclusively for bribing judges and other authorities. Since then under investigation. Kim Su-Nam - the representative of Korean law enforcement agencies - said that they "take documents and files that could confirm the existence of a fund to bribe". In Samsung strongly refute these allegations. Company representatives say that all this - "only a repetition of the false, distorted and exaggerated allegations". Ha Yan-Siok of Samsung Securities told a group of prosecutors, "vletevshih as hurricane and sour financial documents and hard drives". "First, they searched the office of planning and strategy and then searched spread to all floors of Staff", - "he said. A total seized 4.8 terabytes of information. Following these developments, shares of Samsung Securities rate fell to 2.2%, but rose again after the session with investors, who believe that the investigation produced no result. Yim Yun of Samsung company said that he and his team "surprised" raid, but ready to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

It seems that the leaders realized the futility of the music industry and even harmful methods applied to counter Internet pirates (among which automatically get all the users who share music files). Companies Warner and Sony are going to follow the example of EMI and Universal, having started releasing music in MP3 format without copy protection (DRM). This decision was taken following a public speech chapter in the world's largest retail chains Wal-Mart, which threatened to cease sales of MP3-protected songs in its online store. Other vendors may have to do the same. The company Universal Music Group (UMG) began testing the sale of unprotected music in MP3 format in August this year. It now sells 85% of its catalogue in this format, gathering and in the future to work with MP3. Other
record label - Disney's Hollywood Records - laid up for sale in online stores Amazon and 40 varieties of musical content without DRM-protection. Sony also join this label, despite the fact that earlier was categorically opposed to the sale of MP3 without copy protection.

Summing up, and the production for the near future and concerned about the mobile communications industry. Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia expects that sales growth in all market participants cellular phones in general will be next year no more than 10%. In doing so, he will be above 15% in the Asia-Pacific region, China, Africa and the Middle East and below 10% in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. At the same time, the company expects a lower average selling prices, particularly in emerging markets, while the number of owners of cellular phones will reach 4 billion mark already in 2009 (rather than in 2010 - m, as predicted earlier). In addition, Nokia experts believe that the operating profitability of business in the production of cellular phones and services within one or two coming years will not exceed 20%. The company also reported that plans to increase its market share in excess of 39% achieved in the last quarter. Nokia announced, in addition, signing agreements with the world's largest recording company Universal, under which buyers of new music phones Finnish manufacturer will have an opportunity within 12 months of free use records Universal. The agreement comes into force from the second half of next year.

In addition, Nokia intends to take a leading position among suppliers of Internet technologies for mobile phones: analysts predicted, the entire market for Internet services by 2010 is estimated at 100 billion euros. And yet the events of mobile industry. The company Motorola in anticipation of New Year's ongoing personnel reshuffle. The telecommunications company Cisco Systems Padmasri Warrior approved as the new director of technology. The appointment took place less than a day after the departure of Warrior with similar positions in Motorola. Dismissal Warrior happened on 4 December, a few days after the resignation of Ed Zandera KazUpack corporations. Vice-president and chief technologist responsible for research and development investments in corporations in the total amount of approximately $ 26 billion It now takes place Nottenburg Nis, formerly head of department of strategic companies. Padmasri Warrior was the most senior woman in the history of Motorola. Working in the company since 1984, she took his last post in 2003 - m. This appointment led to questions as the previous draft, headed by Warrior, failed in the market. In Cisco armchair director before the arrival of Padmasri Warrior empty. Charles served his last Giancarlo, who in 2005 moved to the post of Director for Development.

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