Friday, June 27, 2008

AMD was honoured by 2008 Climate Protection Award

The Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) announced that the company AMD (NYSE: AMD) was honoured Climate Protection Award in recognition of active companies to protect the global climate by creating energy-efficient products, planning and management of production facilities, production of educational programs. As a charter member of Climate Leaders Partnership program and a founding member organization of The Green Grid, the company AMD leads the world to energy efficient computation, while be environmentally responsible company.
AMD has proved its commitment to protect the climate and awarded for the following achievements:
• Reducing emissions: Reducing emission standards greenhouse gases by more than 50%, which exceeds the EPA Climate Leaders set the target of reducing by 40% by 2007 (compared with the level of emissions AMD in 2002) *. In addition, the company AMD, being among the first companies that have joined in 1996 to the programme EPA PFC Reduction Partnership for the Semiconductor Industry, is a leader in reducing emissions of perfluorocarbons (PFC), related to the manufacture of semiconductor wafers. Company AMD has reduced its emissions of perfluorocarbons 98% compared with 1995 levels. These efforts are aimed at implementing the tasks of the Board World Semiconductor Council - reduce emissions of perfluorocarbons in semiconductor production worldwide.
• Energy Efficiency products: assistance to other companies in minimizing energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases in the industry thanks to advanced energy efficiency products. For example, technology AMD PowerNow! with optimized power management (Optimized Power Management) enhances productivity ratio-to-watts for AMD Opteron processors by adjusting the processor performance under pressure. The technology AMD PowerNow! can reduce energy consumption in a position to idle up to 75%, allowing you to create less noisy machines with less heat release.
• Commitment to climate protection: Emphasizing corporate transparency, the company AMD has become one of the first to provide its plans to protect the global climate. Since 2001, AMD produces annually updated records with its commitments, goals and strategies of reducing the impact of the company on global warming. AMD continues to adhere to the commitments set ourselves the following goal - reducing the emission standards causing greenhouse effect gases by another 33% by 2010.

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