Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What future awaits Windows Vista?

This operating system has been called the biggest missteps Microsoft over the past decade. Previously, compared with its Windows Millenium Edition, now even such comparisons Linux not receives. Whether it has earned such kicks and clip round the ear? Let us think together ...

On its own experience with this operating system can not say that he showed me this really terrible. Immediately after the installation were the same sentiments, and that at the time getting acquainted with XP after 2000 - and with or 98 - after a 95 - year. That is, something in between "Uh, how beautifully done" and "Where are all the poubirali something?". With notorious brakes of the OS also particularly say nothing, because the toys are not played on it, and without toys there is nothing particularly stall.

Why do not want users to set their computers to Windows Vista? In my opinion, all dealing in platitudes herd instinct. That is, no one does not make it, all spit, so why do I install it - that I, the most intelligent / worse all (necessary to stress)? And then, ask if the majority of them seemed Vista, the answer would be: "Yes as something not very." And even seen it? "No, heard."

In fact, of course, the prevailing situation around Windows Vista itself to blame Microsoft. Only not the fault of the system nikudyshnaya allegedly came out, but that its marketing strategy for the corporation gives users many reasons to doubt the Windows Vista. For example, if Vista is not so bad, why would discontinue sales of Windows XP? Of course, the company is always not too favorable situation where two of its product compete among themselves, but many users are nevdomek. That's it turns out that the policy of forced installation of Windows Vista on laptops, halting sales of Windows XP and other such things play a role worst antireklamy for the new operating system, which could only come up.

There are, of course, and another aspect, discourage users adequately look at Windows Vista just as in ordinary version of the system of the line Windows NT. This aspect in any way familiar to everyone and called it "hopes to deceive." Microsoft promised so much new in all this operating system, then, when the result has not been implemented and two-thirds of the promised, will actually feel cheated. It also helped transport and repeated deadlines issuance of an operating system that have been linked to inadequate quality of the product for his release, as they say, in free diving.

In connection with this all there is a natural and logical question: whether there is any future at Windows Vista or is it really just a new Windows ME, which is better not to establish myself, but fail to release a new version? Establish or not - is, of course, already slightly different question, to which most users meet in a spirit of good laziness: "Why put Windows Vista, if I am quite satisfied and Windows XP"? There are, however, and those who are more than reflect, reads reviews of the new OS or establishes a trial version and more have already decided which of the systems easier and safer.

The future from Wndows Vista, it seems to me, are there. Maybe it is not such a cloudlessness, which was five years ago the future of Windows XP, but most of its impasse not be called. As has already released the first large package of updates (service pack) for Vista, then glyuchnosti confidence in this operating system from the user community poshatnetsya that certainly beneficial impact on the number of installations of the OS. In general, had even heard the view that operating systems from Microsoft and does not enjoy before the first service pack to them.

Is important also that Microsoft has officially announced that Windows XP sales will end the summer. If this operating system can not be bought, then in civilized countries will stop it and install. This, again, another plus to the number of installed copies of Windows Vista, though, I think, frankly, plus earn this call will be difficult.

What conclusion from all this, a typical user will be able to do? And such that the move to Windows Vista are worth. While even just to keep pace with the rest of humanity. Of course, if your computer operating system that is simply not drawn, then strain and update it for Windows Vista has hardly worth, but, thinking about the prospects, you begin to understand that, as neither say, Windows XP is running out. So, is (or rather, it is already) being Windows Vista - at least until not see light coming next to her version of Windows.

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