Monday, July 28, 2008

The world seems to be similar to the mind ...

Tell them you thought never occurred, similar to that peace of mind? I think this happened after viewing regular news program on TV or after visiting the news site. But there Do you feel that a major contribution in the world have made it madness information technology? ..

Of course, blame all ills in IT - the case, say explicitly, simple. Search for scapegoats is always easier than to understand the reasons for any situation. Incidentally, the situation - because I have not even said that it suggests the global madness.

If closely attentive to what is happening in the world, there would be many occasions to wonder. Personally, I have the most serious questions arise in connection with the fight against piracy in the dissemination of digital products. According to the struggle really played neshutochnaya: RIAA zavalivaet U.S. courts claims to thousands of individual citizens, it Surkhakhi kinoshniki, much of the software developers have nothing to say. This situation is not unique to America: in Russia, for example, also closed portals, allowing users to download MP3-song, but the creators of films threatened to prison those who did not lay out what, and even download pirated copy of their screen "masterpieces".

Well, musicians and filmmakers also want to eat. And, looking at the most outstanding representatives of their professions (for example, that Paul McCartney and Steven Spielberg), want to eat not just tasty, and used exclusively delicious food. And the understandable desire, I would even say, commendable. However, approach to its implementation leaves much to be desired: instead pridumyvaniya new business models that would enable musicians and kinoshnikam remain on a crest of a wave in the world and the rapid flow of bytes, and recording companies are engaged kinoprokatnye imposition of user business models that are already apparently outdated. As a result, the objectives of the comfortable existence of such companies sacrificed the interests of music listeners, viewers of movies and other digital consumer multimedia products. And this, and I think you will agree with me, not just wrong, and even once wildly.

Incidentally, talking about movies and music, I once obhozhu other potential adversaries digital dissemination of information - Representatives of the publishing business. Note that after the closure of Google Books and other similar projects they are not the votes cast at the fact that Internet file-sharing networks and threaten their business. And, incidentally, is not the fact that it is the publishers of books have very good reasons for the closure of Google Books. In many ways, of course, this is due to the specifics of print products: all the same, as the bearded anecdote, sleep, face shield newspaper, easier than doing the same thing with TV (or in our case, with a laptop). The book - it did something more than just information on the printed pages. But on the other hand, and the writers themselves invent new schemes earning money to their difficult (do not believe it - write a book) craft. The long ago told me about the writer, very well-known (unfortunately, of whom exactly, I have managed to safely forget), which is to spread new chapters to the extent of writing a book on his website. Anyone who read all chapters and wanted to see the following, had to pay one dollar. In doing so, the author has promised that if the percentage paid is less than half, the more he would not write. As far as I know, the book did was to add. The exact amount of fees also forgotten, but estimated it to five the number of zeros. Here is interesting not so much money writer, but the very scheme of the income from the book - it agree, very nontrivial and effective.

Unfortunately, neither the music nor film talents do not wish to strain their lofty minds finding new ways of earning. However, filmmakers are guessed to demonstrate directly in film advertising various products, which appeared there in the course of the plot. This is in itself not bad, but could go further - for example, by analogy with the resourcefulness writer, remove soap operas and demand money from visitors for the continuation. Musicians, too, could embed in their albums sound advertising or even write songs about various products advertised. Why not? Ask as well as the same art? But we are now to "eat like" and not about art. In the end, Western musicians could well take over the post-Soviet space existing business model - that is, artists are the main income from concerts, rather than from the sale of discs, and are without any additional source of income (usually that - something like its own network of restaurants).

However, I think, life itself arrange everything to their seats. The Swedes already, like, gathered to legalize what is considered piracy. Sooner or later muzykodelam will have to surrender - just take the number of listeners.

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