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Soundtracks for games

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Action / RPG

Deus Ex. First, a small digression. Called Deus Ex shooter just fundamentally not true, like role-playing game called Diablo. That is why he took the place of honour among heat Games Action / RPG. It takes, I should say it on the right - Deus Ex soundtrack stayed forever in the hearts of gamers. Since the main task of musical accompaniment - the maintenance of atmospheric - it is to cope excellent. It would seem that the melodies are simple to primitivism and represent nothing other than mere technology, but in practice ... oooooo, as they approached the transfer of atmospheric game, not words. In this regard, the music came out so good that a particular scene caused the player sustained association with the corresponding track it.

Above this soundtrack for equal rights were engaged three composer, a question of which will go on.

Alexander Brandon, formerly known as Chromatic Dragon, Siren and Sandman. The difference that worked on music for the first "Anrialov." Of all the teams in the same Unreal command Deus Ex and came second, and third composers: Dan Gardopee and Michiel van den Bos.

Fable. By "Basne" was written by Peter Muline chic soundtrack. Principal his chip was that the songs were stable emotions Fable: never even play games, but simply to listen to its track, could conclude what the melody for what is written. This - the theme of battle, this - the urban streets, but this ... secret location? Music approached the scene from the game as a bolt to the screws and, consequently, firmly "eggs" in the hearts and minds of players. Composers have been two Fable.

Danny Elfman. Known kinokompozitor, shedshy to glory long and hard (more than ten years, he composed his music group, has not yet been achieved although some recognition) ... However, simply read the names of movies, for which he wrote music, and understand what constitutes a Elfman: Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, The Kingdom, Meet the Robinsons, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hulk, Chicago, Red Dragon, Spider - Man 1, 2, Planet of the Apes (2001), Spy Kids, Men in Black 1, 2, Mars Attacks! Mission: Impossible, Batman Returns, Batman, Beetle Juice. Not so, right?

Elfman was engaged in the project not immediately. The idea to invite him in the team of developers was born spontaneously. Someone suggested that music should remind Fable "music from the grim fairy tale" and the other immediately remembered about Elfmane, whose voice was quite similar to the proposed concept. Elfman subsequently wrote the main theme of Fable, under which then "adjust" the other composer - Russel Shaw, participating in the project from the outset. It is worth something and give most of the honours as the "UPD" he wrote music. His diligence tracks Fable achieved its primary goal - to convey a sense of each specific location and situation.


Command & Conquer, or, to be precise, the game series to C & C Tiberium Wars. In those games played music from composer Frank Klepacki. Soundtrack to all known strategy was written in the style of industrial, that distinguishes it not just among the RTS, whom at that time was, in principle, 3, and among the games altogether. In short, fans of the game theme music from C & C is very fond of.

Frank Klepaki born in Las Vegas, in a family of Polish immigrants. Frank's parents were professional musicians, so passion for music emerged from the boy since childhood. Already being tineydzherom, he became a professional drummer. Ovladev, in addition to drums, guitar, keyboards and bass guitar, to 17 years, along with local amateur groups Klepaki recorded tape, consisting entirely of his own works. Later Klepaki "familiar" with the basic 'box, and another hit later in the Westwood company on the Rights of beta tester. Popal is a beta tester, and became a composer - to his musical talents can not be simply does not draw attention.

Before Klepaki received world recognition for his soundtrack to C & C, he has composed music for the very first RTS in the world - Dune II. In addition, music Frenka Klepaki we can also hear in the Eye of the Beholder II, Lands of Lore (all series), Disney's The Lion King, Blade Runner, Dune 2000, Nox, Star Wars: Empire at War.


TBS is not the most popular genre, but thanks to his livelihood, we can separate recall the series Heroes of Might & Magic, podarivshey world one of the best gaming saundrtekov. A good music can boast any part of "Heroes", and that is fine. Each of the "so the city" to "Heroes" is indeed entitled to be called work of art. There is little that they could not better suited to the style of one or another faction, they can still be listening for hours and they would not priedatsya, but it is important for games such as "Heroes", in which the parties can protracted at very long time.

Paul Romero and Rob King - are composers who gave us not only music to the "heroes" but also to many games series might & magic, as well as MMORPG Everquest.


Grand Turismo. Grand Turismo, in principle, is the standard throughout the race, so as a consequence, and music in it for the time being the best in the genre. Although the first game focused on large, dynamic on the rock, now it is and vzapravdashny blues and jazz songs, and even funk. In addition, beginning with the last part, the main theme of Grand Turismo, a calling card game Moon Over the Castle, once written by composer Masahiro Andoh, has undergone reprocessing, obtaining entry symphonic and solo guitar.

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