Monday, August 11, 2008

TOP-10 most ridiculous applications for the iPhone

Browsers known IT news Cnet could not ignore the launch of Internet-shop AppStore with applications for iPhone. His findings, they have decided to share with readers, reaching Top-10 most absurd, in their view, the programs found them in this store.

1. Birth Buddy Program will help otlezhivat duration fights with births and report to the mother. Birth Buddy worth while ten dollars, and actually is a combination of timing with your mail client, who is in and so iPhone.

2. Program Alarm Free, using data embedded accelerometer for alarm, if the phone falls from the pocket. Cnet to amuse a little commentators that the developers feel the program against the robbery: in their view, a loud signal to scare thieves.

3. Crazy Eye valued at $ 0.99 on the screen shows the terrible eyes. If the bailiffs phone to a person, it can be intimidating friends - joyfully reported its developers.

4. Program called Cow Toss (again, for 99 cents) makes it possible to graze a cow using a virtual all great way touch screen.

5. The utility Flashlight, $ 0.99 ahead again, turns the screen phone in your flashlight. Here is the absurdity of a large number of similar free utilities.

6. Handy Randy is already more - 10 "bucks". For the money you program will generate random numbers.

7. Seventh place for free if the program is, whether the game that validates your ability to concentrate by measuring the time that you will be able to keep a finger button on the screen.

8. 15-dollar card public transport Public Transit Maps, again, duplicating the functionality of many free online services.

9. Penultimate program won a seat Looky, which allows a user to see results in the current search system as a set of search phrases. Such functionality is available to embedded browser Safari.

10. Well, and interconnects the top ten World 9 program, which uses an embedded motion sensor for reproduction of the sounds of the game once sverhpopulyarnoy about Mario brothers. Commentators from Cnet say that dad or mom, jumping with the sounds comical, probably to amuse a little child.

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IT-SECTOR: as a yeast

Incredible did happen. Anyone who watched the last months of ritual dances around the altercation Yahoo and Microsoft, awaiting the culmination of events on Aug. 1 - at that date was designated fateful meeting of shareholders Yahoo. But now - for all of a sudden - top managers of Yahoo were able to agree with his greatest investor Carl Ikanom. But the corporation Microsoft, it seems, are left with the nose.

I recall: billionaire Carl Ikan, who represents a group of investors and controls almost 5% Yahoo (the largest stake), from mid-May threatened at the next shareholders' meeting to replace the old to the new board of directors. And all in order to resume talks with Microsoft about selling Internet portal. Against Ikana acted together top managers of Yahoo, did not wish to sell the software giant even on a price. It is not difficult to guess, opponents alliance with Microsoft enjoyed the support of Google. In general, kipeli Shakespeare's passions.

And suddenly all over. Even yesterday they polivali each other mud, and now quite peacefully build joint plans for the future. In short, Yahoo settle differences with its shareholder Carl Ikanom. Decided that eight out of nine board members will be re-August 1 at the shareholders meeting. Hiccup promised not to dismiss at a meeting of the current board of directors and Yahoo, moreover, to vote their shares for candidates the board of directors, that is, nearly all current top managers. Accordingly, their positions remain chairman of the board of directors Roy Bostok and гендиректор Yahoo Jerry Yang.

However, the board of directors will be increased to 11 people: additional three seats (Ikan pay these places votes of his stake) will take itself Karl Ikan and two other directors. They will choose from nine candidates committee on corporate governance and nominating. The list includes, inter alia, the former head of AOL, Jonathan Miller. Incidentally, the news of the reconciliation of top managers with Yahoo Carl Ikanom came shortly after another major shareholder of Yahoo - Bill Miller (4.4% Company) - supported the current leadership Internet portal.

Now Jerry Yang, in particular, said that "The struggle for the management of the company behind, and Yahoo will be able to continue to adhere to the strategy, under which it is the entrance point for every Internet user." In turn, thanked Karl Ikan top managers of corporations because they enabled him to enter to the board of directors and help the company fully disclose its potential. " And together they now consider Yahoo as "a unique blend of valuable assets."

Now let's talk about Google - what a review without them? ... According to a research company Hitwise, Google in June this year, won 69.17% U.S. search market. A year ago the figure was equal to 63.92%. The current growth of the market share Google has provided similar indicators falling from Yahoo and MSN.

Incidentally, by the end of June, Yahoo won 19.62% of the market in the U.S. (a year ago - 21.31%). More noticeably decreased market share of MSN - just 4%. Today, Microsoft controls through MSN 5.46% market share of Internet search, while a year ago to share MSN accounted for 9.85% of the market. But the share of search engine, conversely, increased. In June 2007 - ranked second 3.42% U.S. search market, and in June of this year - already 4.17%.

Other news: Google has become the largest British brand, bypassed corporation Microsoft, which ranked first a year ago. Relevant top of the organization YouGov. Significantly, a year ago, Google was only third on the list. Overall, this includes the top five hundred brands and compiled according to the poll Britons.

Companies Toshiba and Matsushita develop joint production of OLED-panel. To this end, created a joint venture Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, in which 60% of the shares will be owned by Toshiba, and 40% - Matsushita. The product line should be started in autumn 2009. The planned production capacity Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology is a million screens a month. However, initially, in the first phase, the company will produce only 2.5 - OLED-inch panels for use in mobile phones, communicators, GPS-browser, and other mobile devices. Now the market leader in compact OLED-screens is a South Korean corporation Samsung. And in Japan serial production of OLED-screens was able to run only company Sony.

19 July in China, in Beijing, began work first corporate store Apple Store. In 2009, Apple plans to open another store company in Beijing; further the queue Shanghai and other major cities.

All appliances sold in the first Chinese Apple Store, localized to work in China. Prices in this store higher than in the Apple brand stores in the U.S. and Europe: for example, 32 - gigabyte iPod in China stands at 30% more expensive than in the United States. In doing so, there is no iPhone in the store. The reason is simple: Apple and China's largest mobile operator, China Mobile, have not yet agreed on the conditions of smartphone sales and tariff plans.

And more about business "apple company." In mid-July, Apple without the extra publicity by 20% increased its order for the production of printed circuit boards used in laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro. Additional order has been posted at four factories Taiwanese producers: Compeq Manufacturing, Gold Circuit Electronics, Nanya Printed Circuit Board and Tripod Technology.

At the same time - in mid-July - has information about the forthcoming update of portable Makintoshey rulers and the imminent launch of Intel Centrino mobile platform 2, which will form the basis of new personalok.

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World freedom ends?

World Wide Web is often referred to as a place of universal freedom and equality. Rather, called - now hardly anyone would argue with the fact that freedom of the network beginning of the era of cyberspace hopelessly outdated.

Previously, World Network was thus a place where everyone can find all that want, and leave their own mark in any form as the soul wishes. Not long ago, everyone who wants to without fear of any consequences, to download using any network piringovoy any files needed him, whether works of the most popular musicians, "Crack" to the software developers or any child pornography. Similarly, can be established on any "" site on a given known to man, which poured mud with his feet to the head.

Now everything has changed, and quite seriously. Now, those same Americans problematic Torrents poured in music and movies, and even on YouTube does not expire "rear" film and television companies wanting to know the name (or rather, "poaypishno") all lovers halyavy. In neighbouring Russia also deployed the fight against piracy. There, however, has only really seriously struggling with software pirates, however, as the saying goes, the main thing - a trend. I think not in sight while in Russia will begin raids on students, with the torrent of downloaded music. But there are already far and a time when the international experience of combating piracy dokatitsya to Belarus.

However, piracy - a separate issue about which we have said in the "Computer conduct" and I think that time has not yet speak again. Under the freedom of the Internet more often than not understand freedom of speech and not freedom of piracy. This term, of course, there are many different meanings and connotations, but in what way does not look, there is a tendency to reduce the freedom of speech on the Internet. Not everywhere, of course, but, on average, so for peace.

The most significant contribution to this process is making, of course, China. This, in general, naturally already if only because in the number of people on our planet that is China is making a very tangible contribution. However, it is not only in quantity - Chinese authorities since ancient times not too, to put it mildly, welcomed the criticism in his address. However, given the long tradition of the Chinese government, we can say that today's nothing conceptually new Chinese authorities, in general, do not do. And even venture to suggest the Chinese themselves did not suffer too from the existence of censorship and the great Chinese firewall. Building walls to otgorazhivatsya from the outside world, there accepted. As the silence shortcomings own rulers. Worse, of course, is that China gives its example to many countries in which there is no long tradition of dictatorship. But here, unfortunately, nothing can you do - the inhabitants of these countries only remains, as they say, "teach matchast" to circumvent tamoshnih firewall.

However, there is a restriction of freedom of speech on the Internet and the positive side. Now everyone who leaves their views in writing on sites in forums or blogs, should be well thought write. If you think bad or if dumalka not working too well, and we can get behind bars. In neighbouring Russia, which never tires of us to cast examples, good and bad, a bloger already convicted for having written a nasty comment about the police. Could this be in our country? I think that we are even more likely than in Russia. Belarusian legislation has a lot of repressive measures against those who want vyrugatsya to the state. At those who want to keep their comments to the news, offer a look at excerpts from the administrative and criminal codes - just those articles which can be applied to those who have left any incorrect, in terms of our laws, the commentary. And rightly so, because the comments now, as Russia has set an example blogera Terentieva, you should write cautiously.

However, if you do not go into politics, the control over those who and how, and that writes and posts - rather, well, rather than bad. After all, few people are pleased when his insult, the more publicly. Internet - is a public place, and therefore equate insults blog or forum to insult on the page newspaper - this is, in my view, quite normal. This internetchikov teaches tolerance, and, in general, thanks to this World Wide Web vzrosleet.

So, as you can see, despite some problems with freedom of expression in some countries of the world, the Internet has been growing up in others. And, in general, the entire network is, as they say physics, in a state of dynamic equilibrium. So there is no special reason alarmed - as it further growing network in post-Soviet space will be more good news than bad.

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TOP-10 technologies that will soon change the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a list of 10 promising technologies, which, according to the authors, may soon provide the greatest influence on the development of mankind.

1. "Comparative interaction." It is based on the idea of identifying ways in which different components of cells interact with each other, identification of channels of interaction and use this information in medicine, agriculture, biochemistry, etc.
2. Nanomedicine - using it will be possible to deliver drugs directly to sick cells.
3. Epigenetics - will identify the existence of oncological diseases based on genetic test.
4. "Cognitive radio." To enable all cellular phones, computers connected to wireless Internet, radio, etc. to work successfully and without hindrance, used the entire radio. Additional training should be conducted electronic devices analysis of the situation and choosing the best way of communication and protocol.
5. "Nuclear reprogramming." Allows any clone cells, using as a source of biological materials.
6. "Diffusion image." Allows use of brain scanning technology for the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses (schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, etc.).
7. "Safe Internet". Prevention of Internet users from the loss of confidential information.
8. "Nanobiomehanika" - considers the human body as a machine of the mechanical processes and analyzes the interaction of individual cells.
9. "Wireless Universe" - the basic idea is that various electronic devices can interact with each other. Possible options for implementation - the interaction road computers, to prevent possible accidents, etc.
10. "Rastyagivaemy silicon." Silicon - the foundation of modern electronics. The new technology aims at creating his new types and forms, which should make the next IT revolution.

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