Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To live well in IT?

It's no secret that representatives of IT-professions in our country often become the targets of black envy of other areas. Indeed, higher salaries, comfortable working conditions, to choose an employer in the event of any conflict. However, among the IT-specialists also have the division. To same of them live better?

This article is, of course, does not pretend to objectivity because it is more difficult to gather statistics on wages, which are often granted "in envelopes" on working hours, which is often higher than that registered in labour legislation. You can, of course, would be interviewed by representatives of IT-specialties, but who vouch that they will not overstate or understate their own earnings? So guided, alas, only have a basic understanding of the complexity of work, ads showing the salaries and other indirect confirmation that someone live well.

I think everybody will agree that the most important profession in the field of information technology - is all the same, no matter how say, programmers. Because, ultimately, it is entrusted with the task of writing software. And around the software in our time, in general, and steep all that is called information technology. Programmers have so far, pah-pah-pah, live quite well. The salary of a thousand "killed raccoon, depending on the company, can be obtained within a few months of work, sotspakety too many firms quite well. In doing so, the majority of programmers to work out a standard eight-time jobs, working overtime and not simply the case. Now need a lot of programmers, and companies engaged in offshore programming, is pleased to take to their work even younger students courses, not to mention the graduates of high schools. However, programmers will not necessarily work in the Belarusian companies - they can work remotely, including as a freelancer.

System administrators - profession, is also very important in the field of IT, - earn, of course, less in demand but perhaps even more than programmers. This, in general, naturally, because system administrators need not only in those companies where involved in programming, but also in all branches, where the number of computers exceeds the magic number 2. The working day, avraly, sotspaket - all are, in principle, and programmers. Only that higher education is not so often required, and remote work for administrators where there is unlikely.

Each their talents. People who work in IT and have the talent in the field of fine arts, called designers. In Belarus to this word, as a rule, adding prefix web. Designers, judging by sites with ads on vacancies, you should still be less than the programmers and sysadmin, but too many. In this area begins, of course, added a harder, and he will earn less than those who engaged in programming or administration. But as career development and can grow in terms of wages, and that relates to a remote work, the designers deal with it even easier than programmers.

Of course, these three professions is not limited to the scope of IT. But it is these three leaders in the number of jobs for staff. About Management will not talk - on a large account, the Governing persons in the field of IT-differs little from their situation in printing, advertising or even in trade. Therefore, even a little talk is not about them, but about those who do not want to work for someone else's uncle and prefers to work for themselves.

They say that those who did not wish to work in the other forty-hours per week, should work themselves eighty hours. This is doubly true for those who decided to take up small businesses in the area of information technology in modern Belarus. All those working legally - designers working on the order; assemblers of computers and specialists in "treatment" of computers, where users raise as a "computer emergency assistance"; programmers selling their own software - they are all faced with a mass of complications. Those who work are not quite legally, for that matter, too - the truth, the complexity of these already somewhat different kind. Particularly difficult for those who alone sell their products abroad - for example, the same shareware-professional programmers. In "Computer conduct" quite a long time published an interview with domestic "sharovarschikami", and if you read them, you can imagine all the complexities of reference of such business in our country. Although, of course, working in this way, they can earn more than those who worked at a Belarusian or even a foreign company, but, believe me, every dollar earned by investing demanded greater force and time than the dollar, which earned programmer Working for us for eight hours a day.

Bypassed care professions such as IT-journalist, turn to the evaluation of everything that is said above. In my opinion, the best so IT-specialists who have chosen careers programmer. They earnings and the biggest and best opportunities in terms of remote work and career growth is the fastest. It is not often want testers grow to programmers. However, if you are satisfied with your own work, do not need to buy books Knut throw stones, and Straustrupa Noutona to explore programming. Caesar caesarean, as the saying goes.

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