Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buy whether Mormons Facebook?

Facebook social network once again reminded of themselves, with a very unusual way. On the Internet lightning razneslis rumours that buy the world's largest social network plans to Mormonskaya Church ("Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of recent days"). The first reported by the Zak Klein, bloger videoservisa and founder of Vimeo. Klein referred to their own sources of information inside the company Facebook. A bit later another authoritative bloger Brady Brim-DeForest said: "I contacted an old friend, who works for one of the interested parties, and learned that this information may be truthful".

The most interesting thing is that with the financial and legal standpoint, this transaction is possible. According to the magazine Time, already in 1996 financial assets Mormonskoy churches were $ 30 billion, and by 1999 its annual revenues exceed $ 5 billion, in turn, to date the market value of Facebook - from $ 5 to $ 8 billion

However, wishing to buy Facebook, and besides Mormons enough. In May this year reported that Facebook is preparing to acquire the company Microsoft - is expected to compensate for derailing the deal to buy Yahoo. And even earlier - in October 2007 - the first - Microsoft bought 1,6% Facebook for $ 240 million, thereby confirming the assessment capitalization social network in the $ 15 billion Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Tsukerberg that has been said that he would like to preserve the independence of Facebook in anticipation of the planned in the near future IPO (issuance of shares and entering the Stock Exchange).

But what exactly Mormon interest to Facebook? We will not take into account religious propaganda - proselytism equally inherent in all religious tendencies, but not all are buying popular internet projects. However Mormonskaya church really be interested in acquiring Facebook for the reason that social network that owns the largest database with information about users. Mormons always attached special importance to family ties, and to date Mormonskoy church belongs to the most detailed genealogical database in the United States containing information on several generations of Americans. Moreover, even 80 - years of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of recent days" created the first computer standard for the exchange of genealogical information - G E nealogy Data COMmunications (GEDCOM).

No less valuable for Facebook tserkovnikov and media as a unique tool. The company estimates comScore, Facebook - a world leader on the growth in popularity among social networks. Since June 2007 - till June 2008 - the number of users on the network increased by 153%, thereby greatly help launch versions of Facebook in various languages. This allowed to localize the social network in many countries around the world. Also in April this year, Facebook has become a leader in Internet audience reach, ahead of chief rival - MySpace.

According to statistics, most Facebook users live in North America (49 million); popularity network in this market is growing at 38% per year. But in other regions of the world audience networks grow much faster - in Europe it is already 35 million people, which at 303% more than a year ago. In Latin America, the popularity of Facebook for the year grew by 1055%, in Southeast Asia - by 458% in the Middle East and Africa - at 403%.

Of course, it is possible that news of the Mormon desire to buy Facebook - just PR-action. If so, it must be acknowledged, very successful.

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Java: a success story

Today, at each site, offering jobs for those who wish to find a job easily find many vacancies for Java-programmers. Java - most popular language in which write anything: from on-board systems for the management of satellites to small utilities. Many recall how Java programming language became № 1 in the world. But, nevertheless, are familiar with the history of Java do not even everyone who writes in that language.

According to Sun Microsystems, the company that developed this programming language, started his story because in 1990 - Patrick Noutonu m, one of the programmers, tired of supporting hundreds of incompatible interfaces with each other X11 systems and NeWS. Share urgent with the executive director of Sun Scott McNeil, Nouton received good at creating a team that was supposed to address the problems of compatibility with various software devices. The group was called the Green Group, and, in addition Noutona, it also includes Billy Joy and James Gosling. Shortly after the start of the group turned out well, a very unpleasant time in that the devices used in various processors of varying architecture, but because for adaptation "rom" devices and to add new functions to existing electronic devices needed to spend unreasonably great effort. Exit seen in creating software that could provide a simple writing software for all devices.

So began the draft Oak. Sun Microsystems claims that this name was chosen because of the tree, IPR Goslinga from outside the window. Green Group was transformed into an independent company, but the success of its product did not have. Nevertheless, at the hands of developers have been not only the ideas gleaned largely from the development company has bought Sun Bridge Systems. By 1993 - moo was ready not only to Oak with all necessary tools for programming, but also the first device, programmed with it: a gadget to view the cartoons had, to all others, and even the touch screen, prompting the user, actually, and to maintain control. This device is very impressed managing director of Sun Microsystems, but attempts to interest potential customers in the person of Mitsubishi and France Telecom were unsuccessful. In spring 1994 - the first virama First Person, which turned the former Green Group, has been closed, while the fate of language Oak, it seemed, was prejudging: at best it should have been just another failed impasse branch development programming languages for consumer electronics.

However, the appearance (or rather say, the explosion of popularity) World Wide Web has enabled Oak project again massacre wings. Bill Joy suggested to adapt Oak Web, which was successfully done in the shortest possible time. In passing the draft yielded more blagozvuchnoe, in terms of leadership Sun Microsystems, the name - Java. It was also designed browser HotJava, which demonstrated the possibility of virtual machine Java. Revolutionary idea was also to make the product free. Authors product feared pressure from the establishment of Sun Microsystems, but eventually managed to convince all that only one open interface for communication with different applications of Java would be manifestly inadequate for the rapid spread of Java via the Internet.

In the modern history of Java - stories of programming - agreed to allocate three periods related, respectively, to version 1, 1.1 and 2 of the programming language. In Java 1.1, which would be more correct to call a second language creators, have been added such important opportunities as the serialization of objects, methods of remote call (RMI, remote method invocation), support work with databases in the form of JDBC and the "native" platform API in as JNI. Also in this version has the support of reflections, without which it is impossible to imagine the lion's share of the work of modern libraries for Java-programming. In Java 2 changes have been less affected and they are mostly standard language libraries. Now Swing library for creating user interface, separately allocated to the library collections, a library of Java Accessibility, include support for CORBA.

History of Java - a good example of that "patience and work all peretrut", as stated in the well-known proverb. The ability to find the application of ideas caught unclaimed in the area, which was originally designed Oak, Sun Microsystems has allowed staff to create programming technology, considered the most successful and promising now. Learn from the experience of the creators of Java, do not throw ideas at halfway, and then they simply are doomed to success.

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Telecommunications landscape. Part 1

Telecommunication market in its scope clearly superior computer. Today, the world just over one billion PCs, but more than three billion cell phones plus approximately one billion of fixed lines. Add here enormous data transmission infrastructure, which, to all other things, provides the Internet - and you'll understand why even the hands of the average telecommunications company in scope of their business clearly superior to most computer giants.

Nevertheless, often specialized press pays little attention telecommunications sector world IT-industry. We will attempt to rectify that omission.

Telecommunications giants. Comparison of subscriber capacity.

CompanyNumber of subscribers million
1China Mobile369,3
4China Unicom160,1
5Amercia Movil153,4
7Orange (France Telecom)109,7
11Verizon Wireless67,2
13Telecom Italia65,7
14MTN Group61,4
15Bharti Airtel60
16Orascom Telecom53
17Sprint Nextel52,8
18Вымпелком («Билайн»)63,3
19NTT DoCoMo53,15

France Telecom and TeliaSonera

Net profit leading French operator France Telecom in the first half of 2008 decreased by 19% - up to 2.68 billion euros compared with 3.31 billion euros received in the same period a year earlier. Revenues for the company I half of 2008 - the first increase of 1.5% and amounted to 26.3 billion euros against 25.91 billion euros a year earlier. Profit reached 9.68 billion euros, which is 2.8% more than in the same semester I in 2007 (9.42 billion euros).
And in April this year, France Telecom made a proposal to purchase his colleague Scandinavian TeliaSonera. As a result of such a merger could be formed fourth largest mobile operator in the world. The fact is that the Swedish Government under the programme to privatize state has long owned it plans to sell 37.3% stake in TeliaSonera. In May last year, Sweden has sold 8% of the shares in cellular operator for $ 2.67 billion Another 13.7% of securities TeliaSonera controls the Government of Finland.


France Telecom is the largest telecommunications company France and third-largest telecommunications company in Europe. The client base of companies around the world representing 150 million subscribers. France Telecom Revenue in 2006 totaled $ 51.7 billion

Swedish-Finnish company TeliaSonera was founded in 2003 and specializes in providing cellular communications services and broadband internet access. The Swedish Government sold 8% stake in the operator for $ 2.67 billion in May 2007. 13.7% stake oversees the Government of Finland. In 2007, TeliaSonera received income of $ 15.9 billion

The French appreciated the largest cellular communications operator in Scandinavia $ 41.6 billion In doing so, the French company was ready to pay 52% of the proposed amount of money, while another 48% - the exchange of shares, which resulted in their eleven for every TeliaSonera shares could receive three shares of France Telecom . France Telecom amount designated for Scandinavian companies accounted for more than 26 - percent premium to the price of shares in TeliaSonera stock bid. The leadership of French operator also has repeatedly stated that the expansion of coverage the company would allow it to significantly reduce costs to expand its own network.

Moreover, the deal with TeliaSonera would allow France Telecom to become the third largest worldwide supplier of broadband Internet access. As already stated that the absorption of the Swedish-Finnish company would give France Telecom the opportunity to take a leading position in Europe for cellular communications market.

Do not ever forget that for several years the Swedish Government implements the state privatization program. This also could play into the hands of France Telecom, because Sweden has a 37.3% stake in TeliaSonera. And, apparently, the Swedish Government is ready potorgovatsya - the country's Finance Minister Mats Udell named France Telecom reduced sentence. In addition to a possible transaction and could join Finland, which owns 13.7% of securities TeliaSonera. But whether it is ready to get rid of assets in the Scandinavian operator, yet unknown.

However, in early June, the Scandinavian TeliaSonera board of directors refused a proposal from France Telecom about buying the company for $ 47 billion Representatives TeliaSonera said that the proposal by France Telecom value of the company substantially understated.

It is expected that an alternative application for TeliaSonera may file a Norwegian Telenor. It is anticipated that the transaction, which will offer it, agree to participate direct investment funds interested in selling part of the assets of the combined company after the merger.

Verizon and Alltel

Ivan Seydenberg, CEO of Verizon, the second U.S. carrier (after buying Alltel will be the first), criticized the public perception of Apple and Steve Jobs personally. According to him, too early to proclaim iPhone 3G successful project. In an interview with Financial Times Seydenberg said: "We can not announce their winner before they win a notable place in the market". According to senior manager, Apple does not have a monopoly on innovation. Seydenberg believes that the predominant place in the future will not mobile phone manufacturer, and the operator: Mobile device is increasingly becoming vysokokonvergentnym device, which is useless without the support of the operator. Quote: "It's great. Steve Jobs ever postareet. I like our chances ". In passing note that Verizon is working in the American CDMA standard and, of course, has no chance of emergence iPhone at its disposal.


Net profit of U.S. telecommunications company Verizon Communications in the I half of 2008 grew by 11% - to $ 3.52 billion against $ 3.18 billion for the same period a year earlier. Operating profit rose to the outcome of the company I half by 12% and reached $ 8.88 billion against $ 7.95 billion a year ago. Operating revenues of Verizon Communications in January-June 2008 - first grew by 5% to $ 47.96 billion, while during the same period a year earlier was received at the level of operating revenues of $ 45.86 billion

Net profit of Verizon Communications in II quarter of 2008 grew by 12% - to $ 1.88 billion against $ 1.68 billion a year earlier. In doing so, companies operating profit rose to the outcome II quarter by 10% and reached $ 4.55 billion against $ 4.15 billion last year. Operating revenues of Verizon Communications in April-June 2008 - first grew by 4% to $ 24.12 billion, while during the same period a year earlier was received at the level of operating revenues of $ 23.27 billion

The complexity and complexity of global business communications… On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Verizon Wireless, a joint European company Verizon Communications and the second largest in the world of cellular communications operator Vodafone, announced the negotiations with cellular company Alltel, the fifth largest cellular operator in the United States. As utverzhaet leadership Verizon Wireless, talk about the imminent completion of the transaction is premature. According to preliminary data, Verizon Wireless offers for Alltel $ 27 billion is curious that just seven months ago, Alltel was purchased for $ 27.5 billion firms TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners, which is headquartered bank Goldman Sachs.

Such a hasty start of negotiations on the resale of cellular companies Western analysts nothing, except the mortgage crisis, could not explain. It looks like structures, to finance the transaction, proved difficult to refinance her - the amount of outstanding loan is about $ 20 billion, however, there is one more reason why the current owners Alltel want to get rid of the company. Alltel provides cellular communications services in rural areas of the United States. The base of subscribers of cellular operator in the past few years not only not increasing, but steadily declining, which naturally leads to lower profits. For comparison: in 2006 the company's net profit was $ 842 million, and in 2007 - m - only $ 183 million takeover If Alltel Verizon Wireless will be completed successfully, in the United States will create the largest cellular operator, who will be able to compile and serious competition to another American Titan market - telecommunications company AT & T. In doing so, passed a joint company AT & T cellular communications market. Following the merger of Verizon Wireless and Alltel subscribers of the joint operator in the U.S. will exceed 80 million people. The services AT & T, as of April this year, enjoyed nearly 72 million people.

In the event that all described the transaction will be completed, the newly established company will face stiff competition from world leaders, whose base of subscribers currently have hundreds of millions of people. It is possible that the completion of these transactions could serve as an occasion to follow new mergers, as is often the case in all segments of the business world. And then - the antitrust trial, forced crushing companies and again on all new…


The company Ericsson has brought financial outcome II quarter of 2008. During this period, sales of the company Ericsson in the world increased to $ 7.9 billion compared with the same period last year, sales grew by 7%, net profit companies, including the costs of restructuring, was $ 0.31 billion sales in the segment of wireless networks declined 1% YoY and increased by 11% compared to the first quarter. Growth in sales of multimedia directions was 16% YoY. With respect to operating profit target, in this segment, he almost reached a break-even level.

The increase in sales of professional services amounted to 7% YoY and 10% compared to the I quarter. Sales in the services sector to manage the network as increased YoY, and compared with the previous quarter. The total number of subscribers in the networks, managed by Ericsson, reached 210 million people, of whom more than 50% are located in countries belonging to the fastest markets.

In the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMA) Ericsson continues to actively build mobile communication networks. Growth of sales in Western Europe has lagged behind CEMA indicators in the region and in North America.

As noted in the company, falling U.S. dollar has remained the most negative factor hindering the growth of sales. Nevertheless, according to company CEO, in the reporting period, business Ericsson has demonstrated sufficient stable development. The company believes that the market for mobile infrastructure in 2008 will grow modestly, respectively, Ericsson will further strategy is aimed at reducing costs in order to adapt to the realities of the market.

British Telecom and Ribbit

The National British operator British Telecom seriously interested in IP-telephony, resulting in the purchase of the company Ribbit, V supplier of IP-services corporate software developers, have invested $ 105 million to date for the implementation of development Ribbit functions voice communications using Internet services such as Salesforce . com, Facebook, as well as many manufacturers CRM-systems. Under the terms of the deal BT will pay for 100% Ribbit cash and lump-sum payments.

In Ribbit argue that have all the necessary development to create V on IP in all modern web applications, portals or social networks. In a development company is based softswitch SmartSwitch, to transmit voice data not only on the Internet, but also through mobile and fixed line communications. In addition, SmartSwitch has everything necessary to integrate with the systems Skype and Google Talk. And BT said that while development assistance has bought companies intend to launch several new network services for clients. In addition, in September this year Ribbit intends to issue a new platform Amphibian, which will make direct calls to mobile phones around the world directly from your computer or laptop.


Net profit of Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica SA in II quarter of this year decreased by 20.1% - up to 2.06 billion euros compared with 2.57 billion euros received in the same period a year earlier. Revenues for the reporting period the company increased by 1.2% to 14.25 billion euros against 14.08 billion euros a year earlier. Operating profit in II quarter amounted to 3.5 billion euros, which is 8.9% lower than in the same quarter of 2007 II (3.85 billion euros).