Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts on Education

Studies at the university, many successful people remember as a solid five years doing nothing. At the same time, many of those who studied at the Institute of the fine, now, at best, go down to the former slacker and truant. This fact has long been known and is not paradoxical. But in a world of information technology today, several other realities ...

In general, there is nothing illogical that the one who used to twist off and examinations, is more likely to unscrew and in life. For most technical specialties way zazubrivaniya anything that requires teachers to know - is, strangely enough, the path of least resistance. However, not for me to tell you about this - I think most of the readers of "Computer news" either already has a diploma of higher education or have a pleasure to stay in it.

Now let us look towards the IT skills of Belarusian universities. People are learning a lot, and most of those who are learning, linking their future that is information technology. This big difference specialty engineer-programmer of other engineering specialties. If you ask students of any technological faculty of who are planning their profession, it is unlikely to get a friendly response: "Yes, all." This, of course, not the least of which is determined by the prestige of IT industry and the earnings it, but also worth noting the fact that hardly a student of IT profession will be distributed somewhere in the village, as may well happen with the same chemists or, say builders.

Let's now look at modern IT companies. Who directs them who their bases? Those who have a good understanding of information technology. There's no need to recall the textbook example of a student-nedouchki Gates. It was a long time, and, indeed, it was in America. America - not Belarus, and Microsoft - not the Belarusian autsorsingovaya office. Looking the truth, we can say the world's IT people without education can not be a successful businessman - too many different factors have to bear in mind. You need a good understanding of the technological nuances of creating software - although now its development and close more or less to normal production of manufactured goods, however, differences remain myriad. Joel Spolski (if you do not know who it is, necessarily poguglite - fear of his articles, you'll get a lot of interesting information and food for thought) generally believes that successfully guide the company producing the software can only be a good programmer. And, although good, but not enough good to be a fanatic of his craft. I think this is difficult to disagree.

Of course, to now successfully writing web-sites. NET'e or make generic applications to automate workflow enterprises do not necessarily learn from the "excellent" every five years to mehmate BSU. But now everything is beginning to play a big role to companies that operate in vertical niches, that is doing highly specialized products for any industry. Of course, anyone who wants to earn money for their ideas implemented in a software product should be to start these very least have an idea. How do these ideas may appear, if a person knows nothing about the industry, for which he plans to create applications? Is it possible that they (the idea) where someone steal.

Of course, you can say this is all very good and interesting, but really to write applications for pharmaceutical enterprises, necessarily have to be a programmer, and a pharmacist? And sure, two of higher education? No, of course. This can successfully pharmacist, ovladevshy in your spare time programming, or a programmer, hired a pharmacist, podnatorevshim in information technology - a programmer who has set a target.

So without education can not do it for the IT industry is a success factor, and this fundamental difference of information technology to many other areas of human activity. And higher education is not simply desirable - it is necessarily for a person who wants to become a computer programmer. Those who want to become a businessman of high technology, be sure to go to school simple Labor horses "- that is, a programmer working for some time to explore the" kitchen "the IT industry. To develop a programmer ... See above. So if someone regrets spent wasted years spent on higher education, must ask ourselves: Maybe IT is not it? It may be better to go to the construction industry?