Friday, September 26, 2008

Tim Berners-Lee proposes to assess the "IQ" sites

WWW Founder Tim Berners-Lee announced the creation of a new nonprofit organization, Foundation world of the Internet "(WWW Foundation). There are already existing consortium WWW, who also created with the direct participation of Berners-Lee and that at the moment is the technical development of the World Wide Web - is a protocol, standards, formats, etc. The new fund will not engage in engineering and social problems. The Fund intends to start its activities in January 2009. Already, the project has received sponsorship from the American Foundation for journalistic research Knight Foundation in the amount of $ 5 million

More information about the reasons for establishing a new fund Tim Berners-Lee spoke directly to the meeting with the Knight Foundation, which occurred in mid-September. In his speech, he touched upon all the tasks that he had to decide for the life of the World Wide Web.

Thus, the first problem that was resolved was the need to persuade the leadership of CERN laboratory did not take royaliti for the use of new technology. As Berners-Lee, if they developed in the bowels of the laboratory hypertext system has been paid, no Web now would not exist. The second problem is already in the consortium WWW, had ambitions of large corporations, where each tried to introduce their own exclusive formats that can destroy the integrity of the web infrastructure.

But the old problems behind us, and, according to the founding father WWW, it is time to move from technical issues to humanitarian Research Network. Tim Berners-Lee points to the need for any networking arrangements to help users obtain relevant information and limit slander, manipulation of facts, misinformation, as the recent dissemination of the rumors about the dangers of Greater Hadron Collider.

Tim Berners-Lee said that he "did not consider assigning a simple number as the rate IQ, a good idea, but instead offers reytingovat sites to more complex methods, but, in fact, we are talking about the same, only in other words. That sort of content evaluation system to improve its overall quality - just in terms of semantic content.

On a saying that, in truth, tasks assigned to the new fund, a fairly global. These tasks can not be achieved only at the level of self-Internet community. But if at least some of the goals would be achieved, it will be very successful new fund.

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News for developers

* Working Group, composed of professionals leading software producers, will develop a standard interface Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), which should be similar to SQL for unstructured data. According to the participants in this project, the amount of unstructured information stored in corporate repositories is growing very rapidly, and therefore require special tools to work with such information. To date, to develop a new standard brought representatives of companies Alfresco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle and SAP.

Company Gurock Software announce SmartInspect 3.1 - an updated version for debugging and monitoring of programs at Delphi,. NET and Java. The new version adds support for new versions of Delphi and C Builder (2009), corrected some mistakes from the previous version.

Microsoft has released a beta version of XNA Game Studio 3.0, the development of games. Journalists from noted that "Microsoft re-releases new technology without the support of Windows Mobile, despite the fact that Microsoft originally promised such support." XNA Game Studio 3.0 allows you to create games for Windows and player Zune, using optimized cross-platform gaming libraries based on. NET Framework. What's curious, game console Xbox 360 itself is not supported, only the PC and Zune, however, the final release Microsoft promises to add its support.

Also, Microsoft announced the launch, a new project for developers and other IT professionals. According to Microsoft, now the bulk of seminars TechNet and Developer Days will be held in the online-mode, allowing a greater number of IT professionals and developers to participate in activities.

The company Zend Technologies announced that it will release a beta version of PHP 5.3 in October this year. The new version will be implemented garbage collection in memory, support for names and packaging of PHP-application in the archives, optimized the performance of PHP on the platform of Windows. Also in PHP 5.3 will include various components, including a library for integrating PHP with the DBMS MySQL. According to the developers, PHP 5.2 applications must still works in a PHP 5.3. It also extended support internationalization of applications - the library ICU (International Components for Unicode) will help create a fully multilingual applications. The final version is planned only for the first quarter of 2009

Sun Microsystems Corp. demonstrated an updated version of MySQL. MySQL 5.1 offers advanced features segmentation of tables, two different schemes replication, including progressive (row-based replication), and hybrid replication (hybrid replication); built planner Event Scheduler allows developers and database administrators to automate the most common operations performed on the database server. Tool Upgrade Advisor, is included in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor, notifies administrators about errors that could have a negative impact on the work of MySQL-server. If we find any potential problems, users will receive detailed instructions on how to update the database servers that help to quickly remove identifying the failure. The release of MySQL 5.1 will take place later this quarter.

The company announced the release of Infragistics Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Volume 2 - a new version of a set of components of JavaServer Faces. In the new version to activate cells in the tables WebGrid and navigation systems for these cells can now be used not only the mouse, and keyboard, a new component WebDropDown simplify and speed up the process of entering data and functionality of WebTree expanded to support the technology drag-and-drop. Technology Javascript Event Handling will allow developers to call running on a client script Javascript in response to virtually any user action. Developers Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Volume 2 said that their components comply with the standards of JavaServer Faces 1.2.

The company TMS Software has released a new version of a set of VCL components for the files in Microsoft Excel without the installation of the package Excel'a. In TMS FlexCel Studio for VCL/LCL 3.0 supports RAD Studio 2009 and open environment Lazarus. In addition, the developers have assured that completely reworked FlexCel Designer, which now allows you to construct a form of Excel at all without the use of the original package of MS Excel.

The company EMS Software has released SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird 5.1 - the new version of tools to administer and develop the database for DBMS InterBase and Firebird.

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IT-industry on the brink of apocalypse

Storm, the last on financial and stock markets of the world, has not yet ended, and all have already made to count losses. But even without accounting calculations show that big business will no longer be like before. The huge international banks and insurance companies, whose credibility of a couple of weeks ago, is today more like discarded on the shore after the shipwreck wrecks.

IT-industry, we must give her all these disturbing days of feeling relatively well. When the stock markets simply rushilis, "highly technological" NASDAQ index also fell - but not so much. And then faster than others occupy the former position.

But now the computer industry nastaet "moment of truth". Yes, IT-industry is not directly dependent on the oil quotations or, say, the index of business activity in the mortgage market. But the computer and telecommunications companies most of its revenue still get (or rather, received) from corporate customers. Now, U.S. banks to think about how they avoid bankruptcy, not a platform manufacturer to install during a planned upgrade computer fleet. His, this update may have never be ...

Sami IT-companies also remain in the wild feelings. " Well, let's say, Apple has always receives its income from retail and personal gadgets. And what orders to make Oracle?

In the sector of the PC manufacturers panic raised Dell, which actively supported manufacturer of industrial components Ingram Micro. Together they speak out about "reducing global demand for IT-products industry." Indeed, over the past month course Dell shares fell more than 30%. In the most concern argue that the current problems - a direct consequence of the fall in consumer demand for new PCs. Profit Dell already in the II quarter of the current fiscal year decreased by 17% to $ 616 million worst-than-expected results showed America, Western Europe and some Asian countries.

Michael Dell, founder and head of the company, personally stated that the situation demands to reduce costs by $ 3 billion annually. This means that in the near future will need to reduce the nearly 9 thousand employees. Later the same corporation Dell will face another restructuring that will include not only the reduction of jobs, but also investments in infrastructure.

The Corporation Hewlett-Packard, in turn, announced a reduction of 25 thousand of its staff in the next three years. This is 7.5% of the total staff, or a 13th member. The reduction will take place during the process of merging with the company Electronic Data Systems - recall, Hewlett-Packard bought it in May this year for $ 13.25 billion Approximately half of laid-off workers will be from the U.S.. This, for the most part, will staff offices EDS, whose services after the merger with Hewlett-Packard were no longer needed.

The guide HP expects that staff reductions will allow annual savings of approximately $ 1.8 billion According to the director Hewlett-Packard Mark Hurd, the company plans a renewed focus on developing software and providing IT-services.

Dismissals will be held in the company's Nvidia, where 360 people lose their jobs, representing 6.5% of staff. In doing so, staff reductions will affect all divisions and the representation of the company. The restructuring should be completed by October, the company reserved its $ 7-10 million

It is fitting to recall that this summer was found marriage supplied by Nvidia videosystems for notebooks. Corporations had to set aside $ 196 million for the replacement of defective parts and warranty service. As a result, II quarter, Nvidia finished with a loss of $ 121 million now, after the announcement of planned reductions in personnel, Nvidia shares traded cheaper by more than 8%.

"Leaks staff are continuing and Yahoo. However, this Internet company for some strange tradition of leaving almost exclusively by top managers. Thus, in mid-September, it became known that from his post will take Amit Kumar, director of product management. In his area of responsibility was the work of service Search Monkey and projects semantic networks Yahoo. Known and new job Amita Kumar: Vice President startups Dapper. Another top manager, decided to withdraw from Yahoo, was the Director of Public Relations Kirsten Hollars.

Semiconductor industry leaders now make predictions at the beginning of next year. And these forecasts are quite bleak. As a result of economic crisis and glut the market products, silicon industry in the I quarter of 2009 is still not out of the deep peak. At least that is how the experts said bank Credit Suisse. The positive momentum from manufacturers of chips seen only in the II quarter of 2009 th. And to date, investment in the semiconductor industry, compared with the year 2007, decreased by 20-30%.

The crisis in the manufacture of semiconductors is well illustrated by an example of Toshiba. She was forced to reduce annual profit forecast and as a cause of its losses indicates falling semiconductor market in general and in particular the decline in the prices of NAND-memory. It is expected that over the next half Toshiba will lose $ 469 million for comparison: in April Toshiba analysts estimated the profits for that period of $ 141 million

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