Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apple: what happens to apples?

With Apple, as usual, there is a lot of interesting and controversial - and sometimes just strange. I'll start with the fact that Apple has recently unveiled the results of its work for the 2008 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 27.

Just figures

At the end of 2008 financial year turnover increased by 37% on the previous year. Net sales rose to $ 32 billion compared with $ 24 billion in 2007. Gross margin remains relatively stable last year and is 34%. At the same time, the company does not exclude the lower gross profit in 2009 to 30%. In the 2008 fiscal year, sales of computers Mac reached 9.75 million devices, up 38% on the previous year when the figure stood at 7 million computers now occupy the most significant place in the structure of revenue Apple. At the end of the fiscal year, revenue in this product segment totaled $ 14 billion with an annual increase of 38%. The company noted that sales of mobile computers MacBook demonstrate strong growth.

The share of notebooks accounted for 62% of the total supply of computers. During the past year, revenue from iPod sales was $ 848 million, an increase of 10% compared to last year. Apple increased its supply of iPod players to 54.8 million units (in 2007 it sold 51.6 million devices). IPhone sales amounted to 11.62 million units. At the end of 2008 fiscal year, the level of retail sales of Apple made $ 1.3 billion - a 53% increase over the same period of 2007, average revenue from a retail store was $ 29.9 million year earlier the figure was $ 23.1 million In 2008 Apple opened 50 new stores, 19 of which came outside the U.S. - already have, even in China. During the period 2007-2008. company added to their bank accounts to $ 9 billion, and now the total is $ 24.5 billion Regarding projections for the future, despite a fairly stable position, Apple, and the increasing interest in its products, the companies anticipate a number of possible negative factors for further development. It was expected that because of the financial crisis will decrease the level of pre-sales, as the precarious financial situation could affect the financial results in the first half of 2009.

Competition elephants

His main competitor in the Apple believe, incidentally, a corporation Microsoft. Steve Balmer, seems to think so too. Competition Apple and Microsoft are not only in advertising - the company has long position their products, matching their competitors. The notorious «I am Mac» and «I am PC», seems to have shifted to another, more serious realm. From time to time, top managers of Microsoft makes a very unflattering about the prospects of the products Apple. Painstakingly created the impression that Apple has not seen by Microsoft as a competitor. However, independent experts, analyzing the financial performance of both companies, concluded that progress on some of Apple items, even exceeded those of the Microsoft.

On the one hand, sales of computers and servers, the company Apple has not yet occupy a considerable share of the global market. The market share of computers and servers, owned by Apple, is too small - the company owns about 5% of the market for PCs. However, the site AppleInsider has compared the financial performance of these companies, and came to interesting conclusions: Apple have a lot more cash than that of Microsoft, and its profit is about 75% profit software company. In concrete figures, it looks like this: for the quarter ended in September, Microsoft had received proceeds of $ 15.06 billion, its net profit - $ 4.37 billion, while cash reserves, cash equivalents and short-term investments totaled $ 20.7 billion financial indicators Apple are as follows: $ 7.9 billion revenue and $ 1.14 billion net profit. This reporting does not include the results obtained from the sale of iPhone. These data are not included in the reporting rules of GAAP. Accordingly, the total revenue Apple is $ 11.68 billion and $ 2.44 billion net profit. The company also reported that the amount of cash - $ 24.5 billion Apple Sales for the quarter was 48% higher than sales volume, as calculated by GAAP, net profit - 115% higher than reported under standard accounting rules. Thus, according to the last quarter of the financial performance of the two largest computer corporations not differ significantly from each other, and the reserves even more from Apple. A major factor in the success of Apple can be called a phone iPhone. Communicator has brought the company revenues of $ 4.6 billion, representing 39% of total revenue Apple. In addition, analysts believe that Apple promotes the success of the situation in the semiconductor market - in particular, inexpensive flash memory.

What to buy?

Recently, analysts have actively circulated an interesting question: who of the participants in the IT-market is prepared to buy Apple. Indeed, free $ 25 billion it is available to expand at the expense of buying a company, one of the leaders in its market segment. Moreover, the financial crisis help reduce the costs of the shares of most of them. Here is a riddle: In what way can extend the business interests of «malic Company»? The most frequently named as a possible purchase grants the computer industry such as Adobe, Vudu, Synaptics, as well as several smaller firms. It is, above all, independent companies - developers of applications for the iPhone. However, knowing the non-standard way of thinking Steve Dzhobsa, to make any predictions in this area very difficult.

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