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Concepts of mobile phones

concepts of mobile phonesIn Search of the Future

Great efforts hordes of designers and engineers focused on the invention of the phone tomorrow. And although, in fact, their work is akin to the work of fantasist operating skills developed boundless imagination, yet the creators of concepts based on solid technology, while still existent, but quite possible. The work they are strict on several fronts: Designers seek new ways to design concepts - unusual, comfortable, surprising, stylish, fashionable and even a little different from the decisions of competitors, engineers are also working on a technological concepts, the basic trend is the use of science and technology, even if it is not quite finished. This is undoubtedly important to ensure that future phones will not resemble today's, working as an independent lone geniuses, and creative units of large manufacturing companies. It is worth noting the success of the fantastic research company BenQ and Nokia, who regularly heartened fans very unusual devices. Although the invention of BenQ more surprised by their unusual shapes and solutions, the Nokia concepts represent peak technological ideas and scientific works of art, with the use of nanomaterials and advanced approaches to functionality.

But not everyone finds the designers and engineers can be characterized as successful - sometimes they are only fantasies, or a vain attempt to look into the future. And these works are unlikely to have any chance to translate «iron», because the commercialization of concepts is only possible with the support of phone manufacturers, and even then only if the concept uses the actual technology. Otherwise, be a regular picture on the cover of fashion magazine. Therefore, the development of large companies are much more likely to commercialization - they invented in the search for new ways of development, and in the event of a failure creating the prototype of today, the concept might be to postpone. A clear example can be considered a Nokia Aeon. The purpose of this entire industry is only one thing - perfection; vain and partly successful efforts to create an ideal, the perfect mobile device, which will capture the market and get huge profits. Only a single design concepts, which seek only to surprise another ridiculous idea of the public, a slightly glorified his name, followed by another trend. Major development is aimed at improving the ease of use through the phone once again, intuitive interface and ergonomic shapes. A very popular trend is to use atypical for the industry and innovative materials. For example, a very unusual is the use of wood in the manufacture of telephone housings. The steps in the field of nanotechnology will also be felt in the near future, reflected in the present as nanokontseptov. Convergence - the direction that gives good results in finding a new one. The term implies a merger of several functionally different devices into one, and this trend is very effectively used by designers was not the first year. Another major trend - fashion. This is an entire industry, pribravshaya to his hands and part of the mobile industry. Fashion trends are very strong influence on the appearance of new vehicles, as already emerging, and still under design. And this trend is likely to justify the most stupid idea only argument: «it is fashionable». Hence the silly mobile concepts, no one solved rebut and forget - ever since it might become fashionable. And the latest trend on the account, but not the last in importance - environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Stocks of energy in the world ends, that raises questions of authors and concepts, adding as a result of some significant properties invented by the gadget. So, let us consider some interesting concepts for a variety of recent years tracked the trends and concluded - could Generalizing the idea of designers and engineers, we know: that the same will ring in our pocket after a few years?

. Telephone-alarm clock Snooze from Lorentz Wilma - is a fresh look at the convergence of the two devices. The fact that many people use the phone as an alarm, the feat of a designer to create this simple but ingenious solution. At the end of the device
is the display clock showing the current time. Night handy alarm clock, the day - an unusual mobile phone. And to make the morning alarm silence, lest ponezhitsya in a dream, and even a minute late for work again, he need only turn the «phone up».

. Perennial problem of combining a full QWERTY-keyboard and large display in a compact mobile device has been a very questionable decision in the device Scroll, which translated from Arabic means «book». And the truth: in the collapsed state of the gadget, combining various functions (phone, multimediapleyera, PC, HD-kamkodera, etc.), resembles a normal phone. However it is necessary to deploy the device halves, as between them reveals a flexible touch screen, which, besides the necessary information is displayed and full keyboard. Doubtful usability of the two-handed devaysa leads to the idea that the hands hold something like fall ever.

. The tree in electronics has always been material, not only ecological, but also exclusive. The last large-scale computing device, made of wood, were accounts. Since then, the wooden keyboard, mouse, shell, and monitors have become a luxury, unusual and very cheap. Therefore, the appearance of wooden phones can be considered only a matter of time. So the concept phone made of wood from designer Simon Enevera has all chances to translate «iron». For this elegant solutions worked well on the design, while not making any claims about the internals of the hardware, which further increases the chances of the emergence of a real device.

. Extravagant design sophistications aimed only at making the device an unusual result in the emergence of concepts such as the following. Meet: Mobile phone in the form-factor «package milk». In addition, the entire right side is a touch panel, to say nothing about it. Uncertain convenience - to wear with it, however it is safe to guarantee the constant attention of passers-by the holder of this devaysa.

. Design Concept of Need Teymera Koseli known that he was the longest. For many, this is undoubtedly a very important factor, however, put the device in the handbag or pocket to be very difficult. So, except for a distant competitors length, this development provided a double screen, one of which (very tiny) was created on OLED technology and can move on to another - wide - touch LCD-display. Thus, moving a small screen (the clock) in the upper part of the large, we lock the unit and moving it down - show «embattled». Which would be silly as it may seem, the idea is still very unusual.

. Symbiosis gloves, and the phone is reproduced in the concept of Glovephone. It's easy - on a palm placed buttons and a flexible monochrome display. Talking can be inserted into the ear with index finger, which is built in loudspeaker. Accordingly, the microphone is located on the palm of your hand to a maximum distance from the dynamics - the decision is very convenient, although seemingly unattractive. Integrating components into the tissue is possible even at today's level of development of electronics. Corporate chip concept is the challenge of saving in case a smart phone will determine the close quarters battle.

. Unexpected tendency of the prototypes of mobile devices has proved to the introduction of miniature projectors that can project a clear and vivid image on any surface everyday. Or like a concept phone from LG in the arm itself. The device, whose design was developed within the framework of Design the Next LG Phone, like the clock is mounted on the wrist. A small display on the phone only to dial the correct number - for the rest is embedded mini-projector that creates a picture on the back of the palm.

. The theme of ecology and respect for the environment also affects the trends in the design of mobile devices. An example is the Siemens Leaf of a series of Gigaset Eco Visions. The device is designed with a minimum consumption of electrical energy. The concept involves the use of energy efficiency hidden OLED-display and environmentally friendly materials to be recycled. As an energy source is planned to use sunlight. The nature of savings, together with Siemens!

. From the level of amusing absurdity invention Branko Lukic called Tarati. The designer believes that the future will lose the phone buttons and a full display. The result will be a frame with holes, putting in that finger, the user dials the appropriate number or letter. The idea of extraordinary and deserves respect. However, hopes for the realization of a concept little.

. Not all designers are trying to invent a telephone, which lives easier and more pleasant. Some, among them - Mark Schoymann by devices called Cryptex, think otherwise. An effort to complicate the lives of mobile users, the designer created a phone, lacking clean as the display and buttons. To dial the number you want to build the numbers in a vertical row, and then rotate the upper segment of the green tube. Interesting device supports technology and backward tactile communication, although this is unlikely to rescue the idea of unrestrained criticism of the ease of use.

. CUin5 - Concept Series Design Fictions of nebezyzvestnogo Branko Lukic. The author claims that his offspring are very practical - whichever way you turn your device, you can call from anywhere. However, with regard to ease of use beset vague doubts. Nevertheless, the concept is alive and very popular as an example of extraordinary solutions.

. From the level close to reality device design concept phone from Roberto Kuilesa. This device with a large touch screen on the entire front panel is equipped with a sliding touch keypad, emitting dim light. A striking example of outstanding design solutions, which is quite capable engineers. Whether embodied in such a beautiful concept gland, depends only on the interest the idea of producing phones. It would like to see something similar in reality.

. Onyx from Synaptics - tachpadov eminent manufacturer and touch screens - has the look, designed by design-studio Pilotfish. The device is a minimalistichny gadget without a single button - all management occurs through a wide touch screen. The concept was created as an example of the horizontally-oriented multitasking device with an unusual touch interface. Lots of action is implemented through a series of clicks, however, to send an SMS, for example, need much to hit your finger across the screen, and to answer an incoming call - just attach the phone to your ear. Given the profile developer, the concept could easily go into circulation in the coming years.

. BenQ Mobile division is also not lagging behind the trends of time. Their concept of Black Box is a black box, the front panel which takes the touch screen. Controls large and focused on the work of your fingers. Inverse monochrome color looks very fresh and original, although, if necessary, color display can display and high-quality
video. Design of the device has been award iF Design Award China 2006. Technically, the concept could be realized in the near future.

. Nokia 888 - the design concept of mobile devices from the Finnish manufacturer. The author of it is Teymer Nakinski - winner of the best design for the Nokia Nokia Benelux Design Awards. Like all brilliant, the concept is fundamentally quite simple - the flexible plate 5 mm thick. On the one hand, a color touch screen, on the other - embossed surface. A key feature of the device - the memory of the form. This devays can be used as a bracelet, bobby pin, and in general to give him an arbitrary custom form. The idea
wonderful, but so far nevoplotimaya. We can only hope that the Nokia 888 even in the distant future will come down the conveyor.

. A very unusual concept from Nokia and designer Kimberly Hu. Nokia Scentsory is the result of reflection on the future of communications. Fantastic gadget is capable of transmitting and reproducing smells, sounds, lighting, image, and temperature. Communicate with the help of this device allows a much better feel the atmosphere surrounding the caller, in the literal sense. Technically, the embodiment of this wonderful idea until very hard, but it is likely that the trend is the transfer of various sensations will evolve in the future.

. Shows two years ago, Nokia Aeon concept struck many - a stylish, thin and elegant «toy» two sensory displays seem somewhat surprising, elusive and fantastic. Today, this phone is no surprise, but the beauty and sophistication the device is not lost. And it is worth mentioning if only because the photos confirmed rumors that in nature there is a working prototype of Nokia Aeon, and soon that one of the most beautiful concepts can become a reality.

. And finally, the concept is amazing. The device, which many say «hopeless fantasy», and so would it be, if not the name of the developer. Meet - Nokia Morph. The Finnish giant spends a great deal of effort on R & D - research and development, and concept of this device was created by Nokia Research Center in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, so that the scientific approach is guaranteed - all «fantastic» nanotechnology, the device uses a lot of whom are at the stage of development and in the near future may become a reality. Nanotechnology will help manage the physical properties of nanostructures and materials, and ensure that the concept embodied in its functionality. So, Nokia Morph is a semi-flexible touch screen, with some unusual abilities.

1. The extraordinary flexibility. In the unfolded form of the device is comparable in size with a glossy magazine and it is able to replace the e-book, a laptop computer or video player. However, slight hand movement devays rolled to the dimensions of a small cell phone, plenty of talk of who could wrap his hands around the flexible body, turning to watch bracelet. This flexibility of the device - it is not just an opportunity to change shape - a device knows when to change form, and can respond to these events.

2. SAT. The concept involves using just a couple of devices - a flexible sheet-equipped satellite, combined with wireless tablets - a nice clip with a small display, speakers and microphones. Clip complements some of the functions of the device and used as a headset. As a very attractive appearance, it can be used as a fashionable gadget.

3. Sensitivity. It is assumed that the lateral surface of the device would be odor sensors (the content of various chemicals in the air). This will reveal, for example, the freshness of the product, waving to them as a fan, side by side.

4. Energy efficiency. Care for the environment and energy consumption is not just fashionable, but necessary. Therefore devays can boast not only the low energy consumption, but also such nice features as a charge from the sun. The rechargeable cell of the nanotubes will collect and store solar energy.

5. Self. The device will use supergidrofobnuyu surface secured again, the use of specific nanomaterials, it is effectively ugly water.

6. Rastyagivaemost. Ironically, the nanostructures the concept implies the possibility of a small stretcher that provides opportunities for non-destructive bending and deformation. Trifle, but a pleasure - similar by tissue, the gadget even more close to the device ideal for use.

7. Transparency. A transparent flexible electronics consists of the elements, the amounts of which are so small that the human eye does not notice them. This leads to believe in magic and forget that in the hands of highly technical gadget - it looks just as «live» sheet of paper with fantastic qualities.

8. Tactile output. Technology tactile output is about to become an integral part of the sensor interfaces, finally persuading skeptics of the superiority of sensory input on the button. The concept, of course, involves the use of tactile feedback and provides extensive naoschup interface elements, changing depending on the context.

9. «Odevaemost». The use of modern electronic devices as a fashion gadget - a real trend. However, the concept of being entirely polymorphous devaysom may provide hitherto unseen ability to personalize. For example, installing on a desktop textures seamless with a wardrobe, you can easily turn the device in the fashion of the toilet - a bracelet, bobby pin or a clock.

Nokia Morph delights, but it is a convenient device for everyday use, with such fantastic features in the next ten years edak will remain in the minds of developers. Nevertheless, researchers of the Nokia and Harvard can not deceive us - Nokia Morph is an even and slightly distant, but still the future of mobile devices.

Made in Mind

So, plenty filled fantasies of big companies and independent designers, you may notice a few trends everywhere. Nemaloveroyatno that over time they will be progress and a very noticeable impact on the future shape of the phone.

1. Minimalism and simplicity. As you can see, a lot of concepts very minimalistichny design. The idea is quite understandable and useful, it is already a huge number of phones and mobile devices are very simple - only the minimum necessary authorities. Fashion on an eerie number of buttons deterrent mere mortals, was a fact. The fact has already been accomplished and a great value. The motto of the future devices: simple - better. Brevity inherent blase informative smart devices - otherwise you can not, because the sink in the sea functions. And this trend is drawn to the next.

2. The touch interface. Only this way of writing really brings the intuitive interface, where you need to click on something that is relevant, and not understand what kind of the same conventions allows for the desired action, whether it be buttons or gestures in front of the camera. Touch interface has now ceased to be a fashion and becomes a valuable need in the future, this trend will worsen and grow. Adding technology inverse relation to the tactile touch screens, which is already on the end of the stage of development, will allow mobile devices to make a big leap forward and finally defeat the buttons. Other problems sensory interfaces (erroneous operation, increased zagryaznyaemost, etc.) will be decided on a course and not become an obstacle to conquering the world of portable gadgets.

3. Wireless Headsets. Seek the design of many concepts do not hold the «ideal phone» to your ear, so the next trend will be using all kinds of wireless headsets. Will dominate with popular Bluetooth standard, or to replace it will something better - a topic for another study, however, one can say precisely: a wireless headset come. Best sound quality in comparison with the body dynamics, improved ergonomics, diminutiveness security (due to free-hand) - a set of indisputable advantages.

4. Convergence and functionality. In describing the considered devaysov I tried to use the concept of «mobile», not «mobile». I think this is understandable, because now those gadgets that allow us to communicate with friends and family, can do much more than just voice calls. Normal has become integrated into a compact body of the device and the phone, and camera and media player. Over time, the trend will develop further, and mobile devices will have the functionality of the phone only as a fraction of its almost unlimited capacity.

So, what awaits us in the future? Compact and lightweight, easy-to-use, functional and productive apparatus of abilities which will have the opportunity to make calls - this is the answer. Never mind that many of today's gadgets have already met this description - the future devices will still be better than today. No one knows how they will look and be able - and few would dare to predict where the same zavedet our imagination and ability of developers. Of course, it is hoped that the phone is the ideal future would look like on the Nokia Morph - the beautiful fairy tale in the world of high technology. However, we as end users need only one thing: by all for watching, occasionally voting for purse trend. In any event, live - see.

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