Wednesday, February 4, 2009

IT-business: the days of the crisis

Today, before our eyes, some IT-corporations are fighting fiercely with the world financial crisis, others are preparing for it, and others - did not notice. But the crisis in one way or another, directly or indirectly, but affects all. Let's see what is happening to whom.


IT businessThe State of Apple in the 2008 fiscal year increased by 10,400 workers in total employment - he was a 48% higher than it was in late 2007 on a fiscal year. Fiscal year ends in September, Apple, and as of September 27, the company employs 32 thousand employees in full-time and 3,100 temporary workers on contract. 8 thousand employees engaged in the Apple retail stores, which for the year increased by 50. Has also increased and the amount the company spent on research and development (research and development - R & D). Now this amount is $ 1.1 billion - a 40% increase over the previous year.

Revenue grew by HTC of 22,4%, reaching another record of $ 489 million Such huge profits have been ensured the launch of new models, the main one being a smartphone T-Mobile G1. Profit for the company 10 months of the year was $ 3700 million, which is 30,8% more than during the same period last year. Despite the instability of the global economy, the company HTC is building a very optimistic plans for their income. Thus, for the IV quarter of 2008, HTC is going to earn about $ 1.5 billion

The company nVidia has summed up activity in the III quarter of 2009 fiscal year, which ended October 26. NVidia's revenues for the last three months amounted to about $ 898 million a 20% lower than for the III quarter of fiscal year 2008, when the company's revenue reached $ 1.12 billion nVidia Quarterly profit for the year dropped by almost 4-fold. If last year the company received $ 236 million net profit, then this it fell to $ 62 million According to statistics of Jon Peddie Research, in the III quarter of nVidia controlled 27.8% of the world market of graphic accelerators. In the second quarter of the share accounted for 31.4% of the industry. Despite the decline in revenue and profit guidance nVidia the results of the financial quarter ended on a positive. The company stressed that the recently launched high-performance graphics accelerator for the 55 nm technology. This should help nVidia strengthen market position and return the lost position. In addition, the company presented its first set of system logic for notebook processors based on Intel. Among other notable events of the quarter highlights the announcement of nVidia GeForce 9400 integrated accelerators and 9300, a powerful mobile Quadro FX video card and specialty card Quadro CX.

Despite the economic crisis, the overall sales and Foxconn Electronics Foxconn Technology were higher than expectations and set a record. According to Foxconn, the sale of products in the markets and electronic networks have shown outstanding results, plus steadily rising sales of PC products, and this has allowed Foxconn in October to earn $ 5.2 billion, which is 7.63% higher than in September. Thus, the annual sales growth Foxconn at the moment is equal to 29.13%. As for the future, the analysts expect, and in November, and further growth in December sales, but is unlikely to be able to achieve annual growth of 30%.

Meanwhile, Apple and Dell began fierce struggle for the wallets of consumers. According to a new study of pre-consumer intentions conducted by ChangeWave, two-thirds of respondents willing to buy a laptop within the next 30 days, going to dwell on the MacBook or the Dell. Interestingly, the number of supporters of Apple and Dell almost equal: of the 3699 respondents intending to buy a laptop, 33% gave their preferences MacBook, and 33% - Laptop Dell. As noted in the ChangeWave, the popularity of these brands is due to the recent update MacBook lines and the traditional reputation of quality products manufacturer Dell. ChangeWave Experts also stress the fact that these data can not illustrate the state of affairs in the industry in general, because the consumer market accounted for only about 20% of sales of Dell. However, according to a study, the proportion of respondents intending to buy a computer this year, the lowest in the last few years. Thus, only 8% of the respondents are going to buy a laptop, while last year it was 11%.

Some manufacturers of LCD panels will close some factories, if the ratio of their use by the end of this year will fall below 50%. Noted that such a scenario is very likely, because almost all manufacturers of LCD modules has reduced production volumes in an attempt to counter the drop in prices for their products. Thus, the utilization of factories, a leading Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturers AU Optronics (AUO), on its own assessment of the company by the end of IV quarter is unlikely to exceed 70%. Another Taiwanese manufacturer of the world's leading industry - Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) - expects that its factories will be loaded to end the quarter at 60-70%.

A contract prices for DRAM chips fell in the first half of November, another 10%. This is connected with the lowering of wholesale prices and release to the market DRAM module suppliers Brand chips. Contract prices for the main product - 1-Gbit chips DDR2 - fell to $ 1.19, which corresponds to almost 50% compared with prices in the first half of this year. In the market of 1-Gbit DDR2 memory chips currently cost less than $ 1, while still in the middle of this year's price was within $ 1,8 - $ 1,9. Stop the decline in prices has not helped even the reduced production to 10-15%, has recently undertaken a number of manufacturers of DRAM. According to sources, reducing the contract price will continue until such time as to stabilize and begin to recover wholesale prices.


The company Nokia Siemens Networks intends to dismiss a 1820 people. A reduction will fall mainly to staff of the Finnish and German offices. Upcoming dismissal will become final stage plan for Nokia Siemens to reduce the cost of 2 billion euros. Under the leadership Nokia Siemens, the work will lose 750 employees in Finland, 500 - in Munich, 500 - in Durahe (Germany), about 50 people - in Egypt, and 20 people - in the USA. According to the company to make such decision, forcing a difficult situation in the telecommunications market. Nokia Siemens Networks is a joint venture between Nokia and Siemens, in which both companies have equal shares. The activity of Nokia Siemens beginning in April 2007, not having to turn around the company launched an ambitious program to reduce its staff. This program provides for the dismissal of approximately 9,000 employees, aims to improve by the end of 2009 operating margin of 10%. At the end of September, Nokia Siemens office had 60,000 employees.

Apple iPhone 3G has become the most sold mobile phone in the U.S., the site AppleInsider, citing the research company NPD. Earlier, top best-selling cell phones in the U.S. for three years headed the Motorola Razr V3, squalid now into second place. Third place in the ranking of the most popular cell phones USA got Blackberry Curve. The fourth and fifth places were taken, and LG Rumor LG enV2 respectively. Previously published record company Strategy Analytics on the sales of cell phones in the U.S. in the III quarter of this year. At the end of the quarter the company Motorola for the first time since 2004, ranked second in sales of cellular phones in the U.S., giving the top line of Samsung.

It does not pay attention to the crisis Nokia. The site has a list of ready-to-run models of the company. For example, a phone, code-named Corolla - 8-megapixel device with a semi-QWERTY-keyboard, 3-inch VGA-display and 8 GB of memory, which should appear on the 11 th week of 2009. Furthermore, drew the attention of model Madeleine (phone side QWERTY-keyboard), as well as sensory aids IP08 (widescreen phone with QWERTY-keyboard), Ivalo (3,5-inch screen and 32 GB of memory) and Eitri (QWERTY - phone with a screen 3.5 inches and the resolution of 640x350).

Goskorporatsiya «Rostehnologii» became the owner of 25,1% of the shares of the Cyprus company WiMax Holding Ltd., Controlling Ltd. «Skartel» - the first Russian operator of the wireless Internet-based Mobile WiMAX. The statement was made by Director «Skartela» Dennis Sverdlov, and representatives goskorporatsii. The deal will not be disclosed. However, the assessment of experts, it has a minimum of $ 75 million, writes the newspaper «Kommersant». According to the «Kommersant», the existence of the company «Skartel», acting on the market under the brand name Yota, became known in May 2008 In September the company announced the release of the regional markets, and plans for three to four years to cover 40 cities in Russia, investing the development of a billion dollars. Mobile WiMax technology allows you to access the internet even if the user is moving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.


The company Microsoft is trying to intercept the transaction with Verizon Wireless with its rival Google. Google is negotiating with Verizon Wireless that the Internet search engine company's installed by default on all the phones Verizon, and Microsoft, in turn, provides manufacturers of mobile communication devices a similar deal, but with more favorable terms of the division of profits from online advertising. Representatives of Verizon currently considering the terms of deals with both companies and have not yet decided which to choose. Russian online-shop for legal digital music announced the commencement of sales of the music catalog of the world's third-largest label Warner Music. Users became available more than 100 thousand songs from the catalog of Warner Music, which - as the recent musical innovations, as well as tens of thousands of tracks from the back-catalog of the label. Sergei Sichkar, director general of, both commented on the deal: «We have set ourselves the task to give users the maximum amount of music, which is in the world. To achieve this, we do not stop at nothing - not the need to integrate the technical platforms of rights or to challenge the issuance of licenses for protected content, nor the need to organize a difficult process of clearing copyright for the newly acquired product».

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