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Sort windows applications using GridMove

The main instrument of computerized office work are the various programs, editors. It is in spreadsheets, accounting applications, text editors, graphic or tools created working papers and projects. It is no coincidence that it is reviewed and guidelines for working with such a «serious» software filled pages of periodicals of computer topics. This is indeed true and justified. However, it is worth remembering that for a really good work with a computer is no less important, and small auxiliary tools to simplify and automate fulfillment of routine operations. This is different schedulers, auto switches the keyboard layout and other such programs to facilitate our everyday work at the computer. The hero of our review program GridMove also solves a seemingly insignificant at first glance the problem - sort of windows of other applications, but makes it so easy and with such elegance that literally after a few hours of work with this product ponevole catch myself thinking: and as previously could do without this program?

As you know, in Windows operating systems used by multiple. For each active application, which works directly with the user, creates a separate window which you can freely move around the screen or drill down on the entire screen. Full screen mode is useful when you concentrate on working with one application and do not need at this time in collaboration with other programs. Note that this mode allows you to really maximize the useful area of your monitor screen. Here are just a much more common situation is different when the work is necessary to keep the few windows. Suppose, when a text editor to see a good browser window messenger, dictionary or any other directory. I think you can easily remember their own examples of such «complexes» programs that run simultaneously in a particular mode of its work. For maximum convenience, these windows tend to follow a certain order, which is broken and the donors. To restore the windows had to re-build in the usual manner. Try to count the time spent on its decision within hours.

Not the most interesting lesson, and time is better spent on directly productive work. One common variants organize a large number of simultaneously open windows is to use multiple virtual desktops. At each of these applications can be placed to work on specific tasks and switch between them as needed. They really make it possible to bring order to a large number of windows, but they have a drawback. The point is that when we switched to a specific desktop, it loses its ability to control the behavior of applications in other virtual tables. There is a problem of sorting boxes, and another, «iron», aspect. Radical way to expand the working space is to purchase large screen diagonals, as well as connecting to a computer multiple monitors - that is creating multimonitornoy system. On the one hand, the effective area significantly increases. We can stretch the standard system of your desktop to multiple monitors and grouped windows suitable for us. It would seem that now, then everything is fine: all the necessary applications to the eye and do not block each other. But even multimonitornaya the system does not obviate the need to manually build a box for each session of the breach and to restore harmony with each new start, not by working «combination», Annex. Here, we will help and special programs, automatically position windows on the screen as well as offering various additional capacity to manage the windows on one or more monitors. GridMove is one of the leaders in this field.

GridMove it works is simple enough. The program divides the screen into several conditional zones. They are the windows and open applications. Settings area - the size and location - set in the template. Such patterns may be several, and switching between them, you can flexibly manage their workspace, activating the template best suited to specific tasks. Because windows applications are located in individual cells and thus excludes them overlap and to ensure maximum useful information, filling in the area of one screen or multiple monitors. Ten default templates that contain settings of the screen area, originally built in the annex. Among them are schemes of dividing the screen into two zones horizontally or vertically - a convenient way for simultaneous work with dvupya programs or documents. Plans for the three zones are ideal for use with a pair of main and subsidiary programs. Owning monitors pokrupnee suitable scheme of the four cells. The set also has templates for dvuhmonitornyh systems. Template GridMove takes effect when you drag windows around the screen. Mobile window automatically «stick» to the nearest zone of the grid, while its size-tuned to the parameters of the cell. This is achieved, the main objective of the program - the rapid deployment of windows without overlaps and with maximum use of screen area. Depending on the program settings on the screen it may show a hint: marking the currently active grid GridMove and the number of cells. If you are working with multiple monitors, one of which is deployed in portrait mode, the program is simply irreplaceable, because it allows a continuous adaptation to avoid moving windows that do not want to fit in the space allocated to them.

After installing and running the GridMove requires a minimum of attention. Its presence in the program reported using small icon in the system tray. It is able to gain access to your program. They are grouped in tabs «Templates» (Templates), «Options» (Options) and «Hot keys» (Hotkeys). The first tab allows you to activate the appropriate templates. In the «Options», special attention should be given mode of operation. By default GridMove react on virtually any attempt to drag the window. It is not quite convenient, since it may lead to false positives. Perhaps the most convenient is to recognize the activation GridMove to drag a window with middle mouse button pressed. In this case, the likelihood of unnecessary alarms, for example, when moving the dialog boxes are practically reduced to zero. Such a method of dragging windows, and to all a good, quick to get used - sort of windows takes a few seconds and goes, if you will, on full autopilot. I have this habit, and the reverse side. Appearing for the alien computer, you begin to experience noticeable discomfort in working with multiple windows. Each zone in a template GridMove has your number. Switch between them using the keyboard by typing the number of cell in which you want to send the currently active window. There is a GridMove and work with the original command line, which includes a combination of Win + G. In this mode, you can move the window on the grid with the keyboard, quickly switch between the template program, expand and collapse the window. It supports hot combination, consisting of key figures and Win, send the active window in one of the numbered grid areas GridMove.

In principle, the above is already enough for the most flattering assessment and recommendation program for permanent use. However, GridMove there are a few trump cards. First, GridMove can work not only with the initially assumed in the program templates layout, but also allows you to create your own templates. This feature gives a great flexibility of the program. However, for the creation of templates will explore a simple embedded language. All necessary settings are typed in a simple text configuration file. There are no masters or subsidiary windows dialog settings are not provided. This circumstance can scare some inexperienced users, but those who are not afraid of working with a very simple code that will have full control over the behavior of the program and will be able to realize the most complicated variants of partitioning of one or more monitors. Secondly, the extremely compact - in unpacked form takes less than a half megabyte, and the archive, which can be downloaded at the site of the project, and that weighs less. Finally, you will note that the program is distributed under the scheme Donationware. This means that the fee for its use of voluntary, and its size is determined by the consumer. Those wishing to support the author of this remarkable material can take one of the proposed site GridMove payment options. The program works without problems with Windows XP and all Vista versions. Moreover, it can be run without installation, for example, with a flash drive that allows you to work in a style suitable for even the computer that you do not have rights to install software. An excellent option for those who by the nature of activity accounted for during the day to work with multiple computers - at home, at work or at school.

As a result, you do not mind pokriviv say that GridMove - it is really a program-level must have. The sake of objectivity, and mention of some of its shortcomings. This is purely an English interface and the occasional errors that occur when certain combinations of settings in the command line.

Download GridMove, please visit: In addition to the program, the site of the project, you can also download additional templates for GridMove.

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