Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Protection is free

"Plizzz give a key for antivirus, ceased litsuha"! Who among us has not seen the mountains of such requests in the network? Some may even remember their similar requests. But what is behind them? Personal financial crisis? Conflicting desire to feel secure using unsafe hacked antivir? Single answer will not bring anybody, but you can definitely argue that this is a mass delusion, of which we now try to get with you.

Do you know, dear friends, that to date the number of illegal users of licensed software security outnumber legitimate? This is anecdotal evidence, because officially confirm it yet very few people capable of, and even those who could officially confirm it, usually for one reason or another do not do. What is the problem, do anti-virus and firewall redirector in fact so expensive that many people can not legally allow them yourself? Oh no, not, it is not the point. Just the mass of people everywhere and in all prefer that the well-advertised, what say, only in narrow circles (on this logic, by the way, they would be worth to trust their intimate secrets no better friend in the lurch proven, but, for example, Philip Kirkorov). And if it is also possible to get "for free", the desire to increase twofold: "Not only that I have a very cool and popular antivir, so I still use them, as the cool gangster - FREE!" This is the first comprehensive reason. Investigate whether this is really cool.

A little to the issue of the popular antivirus

The topic is not easy, so a little bit aside from the main issue to think objectively. What kind of cars most often stealing? True, those who are in great demand. It is clear that there are "special" and "accident", and other exceptions, but most cars are popular - that is statistics. Next kinematics fleeting glance at a familiar problem to us. Under what Axis is written in dozens of times more viruses than for the rest combined? Again you are right - of course, by all adored "Wind." Why should ordinary hacker-kryakeru a month from morning to night over the worm plug for "conquest" of the world? It is quite satisfied and 90 percent (well, a plus / minus / taxes ...), but to write "zlovreda" under Windows guy spends less than a week. Therefore, in practice, despite all the frightening statistics and advertising, sitting under an Ubuntu without anti-virus, you risk your data even less than under Windows with the latest security system. True, Linux still also need to be able to fine-tune for the safe operation, so that you can take it that I exaggerated a bit, although I do think what is =). And now think about the major current issues. Imagine a huge worldwide network of ground. They drive tanks, soldiers running around, flying planes and vanity in a panic plain - users of the popular operating systems. That he is constantly screaming in loudspeaker: "new yellow suit is now a much more powerful than the old red, just buy it - it not only protects you from bullets, but from small fragments, even ..." And this multi weight wears (or rather, barely moves his feet under the weight of the built-conditioners and other vital equipment), but do not think that this bright massive hull only draws attention to the enemy and slows movement. In fact, you will be better protected by using a lightweight, but nebrosky flak jacket. Indeed, the bulk of new viruses can circumvent popular defense, and to bypass the less well-known pro crackers often simply do not want to waste time because of the low popularity of these security features. Hence arises the paradoxical balance between the powerful and popular antivirus malopopulyarnymi serednyachkami. Protective mechanisms of the leaders in the security field there are more, but more effort is spent daily virtual criminals in search of ways to circumvent these protections. The choice, of course, is up to you - I just gave you the information to the meditation. Now we proceed to the consideration of price / quality security software.

Fee-based, free, stolen

By purchasing a license software, you are in the vast majority of cases, not only to pay the developers, but also acquire professional support on all possible subjects. By phone or e-mail always available to assist you with any software installation, setting, prompt settlement of options for exceptional situations. If you are using a licensed antivirus or firewall redirector, the developers will try to advance to warn you personally about the new virtual threats and how to combat them. In this set of services and is a simple and reliable method of paying security. The only negative here is that for such services must be paid. What should I do? Free cheese is only a mouse. Or not?

There are a number of free information security systems. They are often produced by developers of toll products to attract the attention of the user or independent developers who wish to thus protect their networks against attacks from infected machines: in order to prevent a pandemic of plague medicine should be free for all. In most cases, these programs have all the basic virtues of paid counterparts, although support for these products can be minimized or even absent. But do you want for a price of zero rubles and zero cents, you not only have developed a full product, but also gave full support? For these purposes, the Internet is a huge number of forums for the exchange of experiences on which you will always have something that will advise and explain everything that was not before a hundred times already explained. Do not want to pay money - use the free version. Even taking into account some of their shortcomings on the paid counterparts, they still give you more assured protection than hacked selling product. Today's giants in the field of security by contrast are well aware that the lion's share of their products being used illegally. Once and for all stop this is impossible, and such action would materially lessen the visibility of the product masses. Therefore, the major developers of antivirus products do not try to completely prevent the possibility of illegal use of their product, but only imperceptibly to the user reduce the effectiveness of protection. Such an approach makes much more valuable results than the outdoor ban. A person who uses the product illegally, sooner or later noticed some annoying bugs and a broken anti asked to move to a legal version of the product, whether paid or free line representative for virtual security.

And bugs are different:
- Release date signature database is already different from the current more than a month, and the program continues to argues that the framework is relevant;
- Unknown processes overload the machine, significantly slowing down the system, but the antivirus persistently said that the system is clean;
- Hanging and unexpected departures of antivirus software, etc.

Although, by and large, listed the symptoms do not necessarily indicate that you are using the illegal copy. The reasons for all this, of course, may be canceled, and no error, and rare, but tags are achieving virusopisateley. Nevertheless, the authors placed the license of software, and will be put to put more and more cunning trap to the illegals. Therefore, always be thinking a few hours before deciding to entrust the protection of your computer cracked antivirus. This is not much more reliable than the protection of his own apartment from thieves secret way to connect to a neighbor alarm. Now, I hope you understand that guaranteed protection for your computer will have to fork out a bit. If only enough money for a computer and a widescreen monitor, it is worth finding free antivirus and firewall redirector - perhaps not the most convenient, but nevertheless, it is a reliable way to protect data. Using hacked antivirus and firewall redirector, you can if you are for someone to pay - then you can for that money to insure your data and get financial compensation (for drugs) in the event of their loss.

Summing up

In general, the case clearly that the cause of the dark =). Of course, with a bad habit is easier to accept than to fight. "Worth my kryaknuty eset or Casper, and everything in order with him always," - many will think, and I will not argue with them. There are people who do not update the signature database for months and even years. They have a different perception of the virtual world, they feel safe, if known, the antivirus is installed so that the spices, which itself does not feel comfortable even for three licensing system security. But this material is not for them. They are even afraid that the majority of free antivirus no Russian language ... What? And you're afraid of? Do not be afraid that such a view, if you know a lot of red pop-up windows kryaknutogo his counsel, except for the words "Warning," "virus found", etc. Still the most important messages of protection - it is non-translatable names and number of blocked ports. And if it scares you, because you can search and Russifier;). Do not worry because of the fact that you have little or nothing at all heard about free ways to protect information. After all, a huge percentage of the sale of fee-based program is to their advertising promotion, and even free products to produce profitable, not that that spin. Such products are rarely hear coincidence - they even purposely sometimes quite difficult to find. Nevertheless, it is quite possible, even introduce you to each of them closer this time, I no longer work. Search engine to help you, and the magic word "free antivirus" sosluzhit you good service.

And now that's all. Thank you for your attention to new meetings!

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