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Trends in the development of mobile solutions in 2009

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Apparently, in 2009, significant changes occur in the market of mobile systems. This will be the year when the mobile way of life will become an integral part of reality. With the advent of mobile Internet devices (Mobile Internet Device - MID) and netbukov access to mobile computing and the Internet. Mobile devices have become a well-deserved popularity with many different types of users - kinomanov and designers, young people and children, social workers and inveterate gamers. Interest in these technologies is growing inexorably, and we are seeing the emergence of new patterns of use of mobile devices. They become kontekstnoorientirovannymi, ie provide the user with information in accordance with its current location or needs.

The rapid spread of super systems

Since in 1981, was the first mass produced laptop computer, notebooks have become the main impetus of the market of mobile computing. Sales of mobile systems worldwide is growing at a pace that is projected in 2009, they constitute more than half of all PCs sold in the world (about 170 million units). Netbukami similar to super laptops, already interested in inveterate fans of the Internet, people wishing to have additional PCs, and children. These devices are typically used for simple computer tasks, listening to music, working with e-mail communication in social networks and web-surfing, and their popularity is growing steadily. According to DisplaySearch, just before the end of 2008 will be sold more than 14 million netbukov.

Mobile Internet Device (Mobile Internet Device - MID) - another category of super systems. These handheld computers are ideal for those who need all of the Internet on the go. They are ideal for Internet applications such as video, music, games, blogs and e-mail. In early 2008, Intel Corporation introduced its most diminutive Processor Intel ® Atom ™, which is designed to create a super system. The emergence of this powerful processor is a prerequisite for the creation of mobile computing devices, new categories. Some manufacturers have already launched similar systems on the market. In 2009, the expected expansion of the range and geographical spread of devices in this category. According to the ABI Research, total production of these devices will grow to super 10 million units in 2008 to 200 million in 2013. In 2009-2010 is expected emergence of the next technological innovation. Intel Corporation plans to begin production of its next MID platform code-named Moorestown, which will allow to expect further improvement and development of devices in this category. Innovations implemented in this platform will enhance the market of smartphones and will help to create communication devices MID. Manufacturers are already actively developing this area, and soon the new hardware, applications and functionality - from the global navigation systems and determine the position (GPS) and mobile TV receivers and voice and video devices on the basis of service Skype.

Mobile health

Features Intel ® Health Guide - Personal «Medical Assistant» - is much broader compared with the opportunities available today, the remote monitoring systems. This device is not only equipped with a wireless operating system for the transmission of the main indicators of the patient's body, and alarms, but also allows the physician to communicate directly with the patient through a video connection. The attending physician can not only remotely interact with the patient, but also constantly receive the most current medical data. The device is designed for people who do not require hospitalization, but suffering from chronic diseases - heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Do not forget the essential moral support. Many people are very reluctant to agree to undergo treatment at the hospital unless absolutely necessary. Intel Health Guide enables them to receive
high-quality care, while at home. This device also helps to cope with the problems associated with the aging population and increasing number of chronic patients. It was expected that in 2009 a system of this type are widely available on the market.

The devices, which communicate in social networks, even in the way

Social networks have become well-established phenomenon of our everyday lives. On the Internet regularly have new forums on a variety of topics. As in other cases, members of social networks want the device to communicate even on the road. In 2009 and subsequent years will be significantly enhanced mobile access to sites based on the technology Web 2.0, to create their own content. Informa Telecoms company issued a forecast that by 2012 almost a quarter (23%) of all mobile phone users will use their devices to communicate in social networks. The growing desire to constantly stay in touch quite understandable, but not all sites of social networks support mobile access. MID devices might be a solution to this problem - they offer full Internet access and supports all formats of information. In 2009, due to the expansion of mobile access to social networks will increase the demand for easy and convenient device, as well as access to the Internet, does not depend on the location or site that he wants to visit.

The development of innovative devices

At the Intel Developer Forum in 2008 introduced the concept Intel UrbanMax. This unique design provides a new perspective on the usual principle of tablet PCs.

It requires a screen that can move, shape and lay out, full keyboard and optical mouse controller, a built-in key space. Such devices are of different feelings. They may be called the «excellent», «pleasant at first sight», or «supernatural», but it is very thoughtful design feature - to attract your attention and raise questions. And among the thousands of barely distinguishable between the mobile systems for all possible applications of the device based on the new concept of the difference between a measured combination of sound design, usability, functionality and attractive appearance. But now there are devices that are truly genuine surprise. Precursor devices in this category came the summer of 2008 - so jeans Beauty and the Geek. The flexible keyboard is placed on the leg, loudspeakers affixed to the knees, the mouse is in the rear pocket, a joystick - for the lightning. Undoubtedly, these tehnodzhinsy severely altered the meaning of mobile computing. Unlikely that you will find these jeans to collapse during sales, but it ironically reflects the view of the promising trends - fusion of mobile computing and everyday life. Perhaps, in 2009 within the framework of recent initiatives on the design of devices MID, conducted in the Czech Republic, a more innovative solutions. Ordinary people propose innovative ideas - from the glamor of accessories to futuristic gadgets (

Mobile Games

The popularity of computer games has remained at a high level - according to the JPR, the total market value of the PC game in 2008 exceeded $ 20 billion in 2012 is expected to increase to $ 34 billion, while increasing the share of notebooks as compared to desktop PCs.

The trend of growth will affect not only the PC. The popularity of handheld gaming devices, too, will go up. According to Juniper, the market of mobile gaming devices will grow from $ 5.4 billion in 2008 to more than $ 10 billion in 2013. During 2009, gamers can experience the unprecedented pleasure, because Sales will be several models of gaming notebooks based on the advanced quad-processor Intel ®. After the release of the revolutionary model of ASUS G71 at the end of 2008 gives gamers the emergence of other new products. This fantastic mobile system designed specifically for games. Thanks processors Intel ® Core ™ 2 Extreme processor for mobile PCs have opened up new possibilities for games and multimedia on the go.

Kontekstnoorientirovannye device

Imagine that you are in Shanghai and lyubuetes Majesty buildings and continuously boiling the life of one of the largest megacities in the world. There is only one problem - you do not know the Chinese language. But in reality it's not a problem. MID with appropriate software allows you to perform interpretation and translation of inscriptions on the houses, restaurant menus and conversations in real time. And this is not a fantasy: some applications that support it to a new use, is available now. Today, to obtain information from the Internet, you must first comply with its search. But soon a worldwide network will be more proactive, predictable and kontekstnoorientirovannoy. This means that you need information or services will be provided, depending on the location, time and situation - the system will anticipate your needs. For example, while in the store, using the built-in camera, MID, you can get additional information about a product that you want to buy. Enough to photograph the good, and the MID will be automatically associated with the product reviews and user feedback. In 2009, expected to release set of applications that support such functions, as well as increased use of wireless technologies to provide accessibility to information in transit.

Internet anytime and anywhere

The era of pervasive broadband wireless connection is not far off. Let us recall technology WiMAX.

In 2009, a significant step forward in the development of wireless networks thanks to mobile broadband wireless technology WiMAX, providing affordable communications with the speed of data transmission at the level of a few megabits per second. Will provide sustainable cover large areas, and users who want broadband connectivity on the go will have a greater degree of freedom. What's even better, dvuhstandartnye adapters Wi-FI/WiMAX, which are equipped with notebooks based on the platform Intel ® Centrino ®, allows users to stay connected. In 133 countries, 407 networks have already deployed WiMAX, and during 2009 will be a lot of new networks in the Americas, Europe and Asia. WiMAX Forum has over 530 companies including Intel, Nokia, Motorola and Cisco. His task - help in the development of wireless networks and encourage the development of certified devices, providing the best quality. Among the many devices that are already supporting WiMAX, are the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition, which has a maximum capacity of connections. Now, mobile employees and fans of online entertainment will not have to choose between speed and mobility. Be prepared to appear in the coming year an even larger number of devices with support for WiMAX.

Mobile security: the invisible eye

People who have a laptop, afraid of losing it or are afraid that it may be stolen. Such thoughts can really spoil the mood of any but the most important thing - that this trouble would have prolonged adverse effects. For commercial and governmental organizations, constantly working with sensitive information, it can become a disaster that will cause difficulties in the work or the lawsuits and fines, or even lead to loss of business. All this can be accompanied by the uncomplimentary comments in the media. Despite the strong concerns and greater attention, the number of accidents and related data theft is not decreasing - on the contrary: they occur with increasing frequency. Concern is the fact that, according to the Institute Poneman, more than 50% of professionals in the mission are kept in their notebooks confidential corporate information, while 65% do not take any action to prevent loss or abduction of their systems. In 2009, the IT department will be able to get this situation under control through the introduction of tools for remote tracking of laptops and an active protection of data against unauthorized access regardless of where these systems. Hardware technology to prevent theft of data and their PC will soon become a necessary component of business notebooks. New technology allows us to detect potential criminal situation and respond to them in accordance with the programmed IT policy. As has already been selling laptops with enhanced protection. They realized the additional features for remote disconnect unauthorized users, as well as to delete or lock the hard drive when the system is declared lost or stolen. Integrated solution for remote control of a corporate PC-based Intel ® Anti-Theft PC Protection and for Absolute Computrace. Such manufacturers as Fujitsu Siemens Computers, and Lenovo, have already announced the early release notebooks with the functions of protection against abduction.

View in Mobile mode novelties from the world of video

Today you can decide when and where to look favorite movie. You can familiarize themselves with the novelties of cinema, even in transit. CD Players and DVD are included in the standard configuration of today's notebooks, but in 2009 a list of supported video standards will be significantly expanded. Laptops processor technology with Intel ® Centrino ® 2 allows you to watch high-definition video in a standard HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

We are entering an era of digital movies and music, so our shopping habits are also changing. The largest online music store Apple iTunes Store (iTS) began selling digital movies in June 2008 and has already taken a leading position in the British market of online movies. In iTunes purchased daily or take out more than 50 thousand digital copies of films, watching people around the world. Another popular entertainment - watching TV on the Internet. One of the examples of best practices in this area - the service of BBC iPlayer, which the audience is constantly growing. In November 2008, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC announced that, through this service has already seen about 250 million TV shows. The audience appreciated the unlimited choice of place, time and conditions for viewing their favorite television programs. During the 2009 range of programs and films available through this service only increase.

Future prospects: mobile laptops and PCs with variable shape

After 2009 a lot of innovation that will take mobile devices to new levels of functionality and capabilities. Users now look forward to the technologies that could completely change everything about the mobile devices. All users have certain claims to the mobile systems - from the time of the battery is not always convenient to form these devices.

Imagine that you are at the airport or other public place, and your laptop battery is not discharged and recharged. Based on the principles of open physicists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Intel researchers are developing technology for wireless power Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL). It is expected that this technology will help ensure safe and efficient power without wires. A new revolutionary development based on the use of its own oscillation frequency receiver cavity. Similarly, a professional singer can make the glass vibrate and even break it using only your voice. If your laptop will be a few meters from the radiating cavity, the battery starts to charge. Let's again look to the future and present computing device that changes its physical form, depending on the method of its use. Intel scientists are conducting research related to the application of millions of tiny mikrorobotov, also known as catom, for the manufacture of materials with variable shape. Disappear usual concepts: body, screen and keyboard. Mobile PC will be very thin when it is in your pocket, take the form of telephone handset, when you want to call, and become large and flat device with a keyboard when watching movies. Of course, such technology will be in a fairly distant future, but Intel Corporation makes every effort to bring this time.

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