Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Upala Asya, but not all

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December 9, the company AOL has once again showed all his very special relationship to the users of the same protocol ICQ. Around the dinner, many users of older versions of clients ICQ, as well as some alternative clients when trying to connect to the ICQ servers have received the message type: "ICQ version 5.1 is no longer supported. Download a free authorized version of ICQ from the official web-site ICQ. "From the contact with the nickname« 1 ». No other information on the contact was not, though, and so could guess who is the author of this message. Meanwhile, all other contacts in the list were from this time are not available. However, even alternative and old customers, the problem affected only those who have tried to connect to the server. Customers that have already been online and not made reconnection has long publicly stated that they "worked".

In fact, of the popular clients for Windows to remain fully operational, only ICQ and ICQ Lite sixth generation, as well as RNQ and Miranda. Unfortunately, at that time nor RNQ, neither Miranda download from the official site of virtually no one has been able to because their servers are simply not willing to withstand such an influx. Official forum project QIP was also unavailable for a long time, because users QIP'a thousands lomilis there to find a solution to the problem. At hundreds of Russian-speaking forums of different thematic focus could be observed anger users of alternative clients, враз deprived of the usual and simple way of communication. As usual, someone suggested to noise under the false solutions to the virus in the kit. Doubters users with tears set the standard ICQ, AOL proklinaya for her tricks. Happy Miranda and RNQ proudly glorified the creators of their clients. Advanced users QIP Infium find innovative solutions - to change the ID-client issued a server on the "QIP 2005. While on the QIP 2005 the latest versions of this trick did not work despite the fact that this ID is preinstalled by default.

Approximately one hour after the PE developer QIP Ilham Zyulkorneev reported that the new Infium already tested and will soon be posted, and 2005-and yet finalized. Very soon, an updated version of QIP Infium, QIP 2005, as well as versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 are available for download immediately from several sources, and references to them were first published on his personal blog Ilgama and then - and at the official site QIP. The next day, struck the technical illiteracy of many journalists who Ilham Zyulkorneev decided himself to shed light on events. According to him, nothing unexpected does not happen, and the QIP team has always been ready for such a surprise from AOL, which issuing a new version of ICQ Lite decided to make use of all the new official client, containing the advertisement, which is a major company earnings. Because all versions of QIP using LoginID (call it so as not to be confused with a customer ID, which does not affect the logon process on the server) of ICQ 5.1, the QIP "fell under the hand." Why, for some other clients are not affected? The answer is simple: they use other LoginID, some of them - non-existent. Why QIP can not use other LoginID? Because users of QIP very much, and because the QIP - not authorized AOL'om client, as well as all the alternative clients including new MailRu Agent with ICQ, QIP should not come from the common crowd, pointing more or less LoginID, because it can affect the statistics used by the clients of AOL. "Perhaps in future versions, we will provide our users with the ability to change LoginID, to somehow avoid a similar collapse," - encouraged by Ilham Zyulkorneev.

Nevertheless, QIP from this event, too few wins - thanks to a free "promotion" of the ICQ number of concurrent users at the online-jabber-server the first time exceeded 300 thousand. However, as expected, the company AOL is not going to lose its legitimate monopoly on ICQ, and will continue to put every obstacle in the way of informal third-party clients using its servers without any financial compensation for their content. The only question is that, if the strategy chooses AOL? After all, not every user is able to come to terms with such a clear indication of which version of the client to use it. If the seller in the store, you will be obsessed specify what products to buy, instead of being polite and available to tell about the real benefits of a new model to the old, then you most likely prefer to go to another, albeit less popular, the shop, suspected wrong . Of course, ICQ, we do not sell, but simply offer: if you want - use, do not want to - not forced. But we are watching advertisements for the use of "free ICQ, and thus, this comparison is not without meaning. Alternative clients today offer much more, but their limitations are often only in the inability to predict the next rightful owner prank official IM-network. It is particularly upset about this, because there is always an alternative (eg, open systems XMPP or Jabber, commercial MSN, Yahoo). And to maintain a sustainable relationship with their friends and colleagues the best choice will always be simultaneous contact on several protocols, because in this case the fall of one of them will not lead to complete loss of ability to communicate. In any case, it's up to you, dear friends, stay in touch!

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