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Creating programs without programming

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Can I create programs without programming? This issue has become increasingly occur in the vast web. On this subject began to appear even forums. Perhaps this is due to the crisis, creative developers. Thus, in recent times they plant on us the same product, just changing the numbers in the version of the program. Here you nor new ideas, nor the stability of the project. Here are all accounted for and take into their own hands.

The first thing you need to decide on an idea. It seems that this is the easiest step towards the creation of the program, but it is only at first glance. Once you decide to move from an idea to its realization as soon as you have the following questions:

1. Do I need a future program users (if not create for themselves, of course).
2. Is there a better product than the one that I do.
3. Technical Support. Will power to answer questions like: "I have not loaded".

It would seem that all three issues, but the desire to create their own program here, and can divide. If your idea better than the existing analog (or not do), but the desire does not disappear, then it is time to find a tool for implementation of our ideas. On weapons, I took the program c Russian citizenship "algorithm" for version 1.1. Running a little ahead, I will say that products like Microsoft Office or Фотошоп "will not be able to get here, but a couple of utilities to do business - so please, plus understand the logic of programming.

From words to action

When you run the program, you will be able to take a course. Do not deny, it is simple and requires no programming skills. Even if the first time something did not understand something in the process, all will be at their seats. The program interface is simple, the whole process boils down to creating objects and assigning them values. And about 70% of the same work you are done with mouse! But as the saying goes: "Learning is better with examples." In anticipation of the upcoming Windows7, I decided to create an appropriate text editor (notepad tuning). In addition to standard operations, my program will be required to maintain the styles, plus the internal switching windows. But everything in order.

Booting, the program automatically creates the first object "form." Properties of this object can be viewed / changed in the lower right window. In fact, the form - this is the shell, which in future will be the remaining objects (buttons, graphics). In the "text" (in the Properties window), changing the word "algorithm" in the name of your future, in my case, this "7book". The background color I chose a dark turquoise, size, shape exhibited 580h620. Then in the left pane, click the icon "text field. In the property "multiline" set to "yes" (if you leave a "no", the text will be printed only horizontally without moving to a new line). Now stretches and moving an object so that it took most of the forms, but on top we still have room for the logo program and the right - for the future of the menu. Values: "name", "text" and "the" me: "text box", "7book" and "left edge, respectively. All the foundations laid down (easy, is not it?). If you run a preview of the program, we can enter the first characters. However, to retain the text typed so far will not be. To correct this, close the test window and create a button by clicking the appropriate icon on the left pane. The choice will be offered three options for the look of the buttons. While choosing classic. The "name" changed to "preservation of the document".

Logic Programming

So, in the first part, we got a window with a field for entering text and has not yet serving the button to save the document. Now proceed to the programming (yes, yes, you did not mishear), it is presented as follows:
when the object "object name"
commit to the "name of action"
then the object "object name"
in property "choice properties"
value will change to a value".

As you can see, nothing complicated, but if you have to take into account that all this will you do a mouse, the problem should not arise at all. But go back to our button. We stopped on the fact that this facility will be our responsibility to preserve the document. That is, if the judge logically and to translate this idea into the local language, it should look like this - when you press the left mouse button on the button "save" to offer a user directory for storing data. Just? Now, how to implement this program. Do click on the object, then call the "designer actions" (the button with plyusikom in the right pane). Using the keyboard switch boxes Designer (green arrow), go to "file operations. Then, as planned:
Object: "the preservation of"
Action: Click the left button "
Operation: "enable the user to save the file"
Data preservation: "text box"
All Hit Ok!

Repeating the same steps with minor modifications, create a button to open the document".

A little bit of chatter

Before you freshly editor. Yes not just a text editor and your editor! The idea brought to life! Thousands of lines of code, eleven sleepless nights and seven devastated with coffee cans (all this can help for the product, next to the number of e-purse). I hope this is your imagination and the desire to have not ended. As I said at the beginning of this article, except for standard operations, my editor will support the styles and switching between windows. Implement this in your example, try to become acquainted with your designer. Let's take that a little bit distracted you from phrases like: "click here to create fact." Therefore continue.

Creating style

Imagine the situation that this product became interested users. But not all the land. Someone wants a black background programs, some blue, etc. Therefore, make sure that each user could easily change the color. To do this, create a button size 25h25. The "text" left blank, change the fill color to the one that will be painted in the background (object shape). Give the name in accordance with the color, in this case "black".

when the "black"
commit to the "click the left button,
then the object "form"
in the property "color"
value will change to "choose the color black".
By creating ennoe number of buttons, the interface will adjust to any user (again, all easy:).

Recent steps taken to make the charm

Sometimes when working with a text editor, there is a need to open a second document, while not losing the first. To solve this problem could be a simultaneous opening of two programs, but why, if all this can be realized in one. To do this, create two buttons with the names "document1 and dokument2 respectively. Then open the file manager and go to the folder with the project. Here, create two text files with similar names. Back in the "algorithm". Now you need to achieve the following: When you click on the button "dokument2" content, the first document to be maintained in our previously created text file. When you press the same button document1 "saved data should go back, but it should save the content of the second document. A bit confusing, but realized there are quite simple. To avoid confusing, I recommend to start with the second button.

when the "dokument2"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "save"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument1.txt)
data to save the "text box"

This first document preserved, is now doing the same with the first button. Only the contents must be maintained in the file "dokument2. I went there.
when the "document1"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "save"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument2.txt)
data to save the "text box"

Save it saved, but need more open. That is, during the transition to the second document, except for transactions, data retention, should be an operation of opening the very second. Improviziruem!
when the "dokument2"
commit to the "click the left button,
Operation "upload file"
path to file "folder with the program (in an empty field, type" dokument2.txt)
load in the text box "

Repeating with the second button, go to the total.


Despite the size of the resulting article, just a couple of nights getting acquainted with the program for implementation vyshenapisannogo you'll need about five minutes of free time. Then it all depends on your imagination. Of course, the program does not give the user wants freedom, but for the first time, it is enough. Now the question: "Is it possible to create a program without knowledge of programming languages?" we can answer: "Yes, and working almost alone, the mouse".

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