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Steve Wozniak: the return of the Patriarch

In early February this year, news was news: one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak was appointed to the post of chief researcher in the company's Fusion-io. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of data storage systems for servers. Until now, Wozniak part of the consultative council Fusion-io, but now has decided to further immerse themselves in the design work to create a server-side flash modules. But in this case, it is important not to what it has borrowed Wozniak, and what we know about it. Steve Wozniak for many years been in the shadow of the Second Co-founder Apple, Steve Dzhobsa charismatic, and the press is not interested in them. Wozniak suddenly emerged from the shadows and became a public figure, about six months ago. Just at that time it became known that Steve Dzhobs really hard (though not fatally) ill and had to temporarily handed Apple the other top managers. Just a question: Is it possible that in the 2009-meters Apple headed by a man who 33 years ago, along with creating Dzhobsom company Apple Computer?

Character Computer Era

Stephen Wozniak, a Pole by birth (the Polish name of Stephen Gary Wozniak) was born August 11, 1950 in the California city of San Jose - in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many years later, in 1976, along with Stephen Wozniak founded Dzhobsom small firms (the term "start" then did not exist) Apple Computer, now turned into a huge Apple inc.

In the mid 70's is Steve Wozniak designed the famous Apple I computers, and Apple II. If Apple I was a frankly weak formulation, the Apple II became incredibly popular, and soon received the title of the PCs sold in the 70's and early 80-ies of XX century.

In the early years of "apple company" in the Apple by Stephen glued several nicknames: The Woz, another Steve, Wizard of Woz and iWoz. WoZ (reduction of Wheels of Zeus) - it is also the name of the company, which subsequently founded Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak - introvert type and believes its popularity only irritating thing".

Creating Apple

In 1975, Steve Wozniak left the University of California, that will soon emerge from the prototype of a personal computer - that is, that soon made him famous. But then he had not anticipated the future and just wanted to impress members of the Club home, located in the California city of Palo Alto.

His schoolmate Steve Dzhobs, however, was more enterprising man. It was invented to sell the computer as a fully assembled PC with this software. Interestingly, Wozniak first took to the idea with skepticism, but Dzhobs finally convinced him. As "the official legend," the corporation Apple, friends sold all their valuables (Wozniak sold scientific calculator HP, and Dzhobs - van Volkswagen), which obtained $ 1300. These funds, in 1975, Steve managed to build two prototypes of the first Apple I - first in the bedroom Dzhobsa, and later they moved to the garage Dzhobsa. Soon it became clear that the Apple I computer far exceeds the Altair 8800, submitted earlier in the year.

For reference: the Altair 8800 was not the display and storage of this data. The computer receives the command through switches (one program could require several thousand switching), and its output was a set of flashing lights. And, finally, Altair 8800 required a mandatory assembly. That is to say he was anything but a working tool. But the computer Wozniak, who he named Apple I, was fully assembled and operating the device - he had the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor and ROM. To get a full PC, the user is left to add a keyboard and monitor.

Apple Computer Company was officially registered on 1 April 1976. (And got jokes!) On this occasion Wozniak resigned from Hewlett-Packard, which then worked, and became vice-president responsible for research and development. PC Apple I started to sell for a symbolic price of $ 666.66. The first one hundred computers had been sold to local dealers.

The first commercial successes Wozniak Apple Computer helped to focus on correcting deficiencies and expanding the functionality Apple I. At the same time was struggling to retain the simplicity and ease of use of a PC. Thanks to Steve Wozniak of Apple II came with a high-resolution graphics - a new computer can display not only text characters, and images. And in 1978, Wozniak also designed an inexpensive floppy disk controller Disk II.

No less than Steve Wozniak, made for the development of the software the first PC Apple. Together with Randy, Steve Vigginton and wrote a simple DOS file system. Then, to create a simple console interface was engaged company Shepardson Microsystems. Wozniak also wrote a significant part of other software for the Apple I and Apple II. Among its developments - an advanced programming language Calvin, a set of virtual instructions, 16-bit processor, known as SWEET16, and computer game Breakeout (it became an occasion to add to the functionality of a PC work with the sound). In 1980, the model Apple II came on the market and quickly made Dzhobsa and Wozniak millionaires. Moreover, Apple II was so successful design, which for many years remained the main source of revenue for Apple Computer, and Steve the opportunity to provide two free to experiment - even if the results of these experiments were non-viable projects like the Apple III and Lisa. Eventually, the legendary Steve Wozniak developed the Macintosh, and Steve Dzhobs successfully brought it to market and made a major technology "Apple Company".

At the light, and vice versa

In February 1981, in the life of Steve Wozniak has a very sudden and dramatic turnaround. During take-off from the fleet of Santa Cruz, he had an accident on his plane Beach Bonanza. As a result of severe head injury was the retrograde amnesia and temporary amnesia anterogradnaya. Outside the hospital, Steve did not remember about what happened - did not know that they are in a plane crash. His stay in the hospital, he also did not remember. Every day he was usual, but the next day did not remember anything about them.

Realizing this, Wozniak began literally to pieces to collect information from different people. One of the first of those surveyed became his girlfriend Candy Clark, who also once worked at Apple. So Wozniak and learned about the crash, and about the fact that Steve and Candy actually have been engaged, they ordered the wedding rings in San Diego and flew there for them.

After that, the story of Steve returned short-term memory. For further elimination of amnesia Wozniak still thanks ... computer games for Apple II.

Immediately after the crash he did not return to Apple. Steve Wozniak married Candy Clark (he called her "superwoman") and returned to the University of California at Berkeley under a new name Rocky Clark. Where did this name is known: Rocky called his dog, and Clark - his wife's maiden name. In 1986, in Berkeley, he received his degree. But even earlier, in 1983-m, Steve decided to return to the team that developed Apple. In his own words, he then needed an engineer and "enabling element" of the company.

Life after Apple

6 February 1987, the, 12 years after the founding of Apple, Steve Wozniak once again left the "apple company" - stating that "this time forever." Nevertheless, his namesake Dzhobs speech team is not taken seriously - Wozniak officially still is Apple employee and receives a salary. He also owns shares based them once in the garage computer company.

In the same 1987, Steve and Candy divorced. By the time they already had three children: two boys and a girl. Later, during a meeting of graduates, he resumed his long-standing relationship with his beloved Susan Mulkern. They married in 1990, but divorced in 2000. From hi-tech industry Wozniak never left. Since 1987, Steve founded a small company start-CL9, which developed the universal "smart" remote controls. That is it in time to market the first universal remote control. Steve Dzhobs do fairly angry and began to threaten suppliers of components for CL9, demanding that they cease doing business with Wozniak, otherwise they will lose business with Apple. Then Steve Wozniak showed uncommon faith and commercial ingenuity, to find other suppliers to replace those with whom he worked for four years. However, after this incident, according to eyewitnesses, Steve was deeply disappointed in his once-closest friend.

Later, Wozniak is largely devoted to teaching activities, and philanthropy in education. He even had to teach fifth grade students. After the dismissal of Apple Wozniak donated almost all of its resources technology program at the School District Los Gatos. This district is Steve himself, and it was his children attend school.

Long before that, back in 1981-m and Steve Wozniak founded the organization Unuson (Unite Us in Song). Initially, he used it for two national festivals. This is a national rock festivals The US Festival, which focused on developing technology and community of music, computers, television, and people. They were a combination of technology and rock festival. Took part in festivals such well-known rock musicians, like Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Van Halen, U2, and others.

Both the festival, which took place in 1982 and 1983, organizers and sponsors of Steve Wozniak. Now the organization Unuson Steve uses to achieve its educational and philanthropic projects.

Recent history of Steve

In 1985, Steve Wozniak received from the hands of Ronald Reagan's "National Medal of Technology".

In 1997 he was elected a member of the Computer History Museum in San Jose. At the same time Wozniak was the main sponsor and sponsor the Children's Discovery Museum, even the street in front of the museum was renamed in his honor, named Woz Way.

In September 2000, Steve Wozniak went into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

In 2001 he founded a company start-Wheels Of Zeus. The company is developing a wireless GPS technology, which was, as stated in its advertising, "to help ordinary people find the usual things". And in 2002, Wozniak joined the Board of Directors of Ripcord Networks Inc. By the way, there with him were almost all former top managers of Apple, at different times left "nadkushennoe apple". Later that year, Wozniak became a member of the board of directors of the company Danger Inc.

In May 2004, Wozniak received an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of North Carolina, for his contribution to the industry of personal computers.

And now, Steve Wozniak was the principal researcher in a company engaged in the development of data storage systems. Meanwhile, Steve Dzhobs withdrew the head and spiritual leader Apple.

At the time, Steve Wozniak was famous for saying: "Never trust a computer that can not throw out the window." But now he has all chances not only to once again return to Apple, but also to lead one of the most prominent IT-corporations in the world. Then he had to deal already with computers that you can not just throw out the window, but in the toilet bowl later.

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