Tuesday, June 9, 2009

$99 iPhone

$99 iPhoneWho Much Is The Iphone?
plzz answer me!! .. thanks !!

if i buy the iphone jusst by its self at the apple store would it still be for 99$ or more than 200$..?
wen i opened my browser the first thing i saw on the yahoo home page was the new low price of the 8GB iPhone $99!!!!!!! but i already asked my parents if i can get red faction: guerrilla for the 360.

iPhone or Red Faction Guerrilla?
Since the 3G iphone is now $99, i would like to take advantage and get one. However i still have two months left of my old contract with Sprint (ending in august). If i were to get the 3G iphone now is it mandatory that i have to sign a contract with AT&T right after i buy it? Thanks

I would like to buy the 3G iphone that is now $99 but...?
ok me and the family where think about (4 people) getting the iphone as drop alot in price down to like 99 $ is can i jail break the iphone 3g? i jail broke the ipod touch 2g is it any different to jail break the iphone ive nerver tried

ATT Iphone jialbreak?
Ohkaay well my dad is getting the Apple iPhone, btw did you hear its 99 chaa-chings now! Ohh kaay so i broke my LG Shine because it fell like two inches from a pillow and landed on a carpet. [which i dont get because my sister our mom's phone down a flight of stairs and it didnt break my cousin even dropped it in the toilet! Like forr real are youu kidding me?] Yeahhh okaay so my dad is giving me his Vu! andd i HATE it! I really want the LG Xenon somehow is there a way that i can change my f*u*c*k*k*en Vu for thee LG Xenon. Its not a horrible phone its just... this sounds really crazy but it never does anything for me , i want to take a pic with it it doesent take a pic except when its anyone but ME!btw we all got our phones feb.10

Can i Trade phones?IDEEKAYY HELP!?
If you haven't read the article, here it is: Thank you!

Since they just lowered the price of the iphone touch to 99$, will they lower the ipod touch down too?
I went to the apple site today and it said Iphone 3GS $200 and Iphone 3g $99 is that true for everyone or apple members or something. I went to the best buy site it said $200 iphone 3g so is it $100 or not Thank You

Iphone 3g $100 is that true?
know that the iphone price of the 3g 8gigaybyte version is being lowered to $99. now, if decided to get this phone, would be able to buy with out a plan, or do i need a plan. I would just want to use it for the Wi-fi and music, movies, and the downloads that you could purchase. a regular 8gb mp3 now in days cost about around $99 too. so it would be great to get one of these.... But do i have to get a plan in order to buy one of these, or can i just walk in to a Best Buy and pick one up with no hassles?.sorry for double post. thought it didnt submit.

Iphone price is been lowered!!!!???.?
I want to buy the 8gb Apple Iphone 8gbthat costs $99 at my Local Apple Retail Store.If I buy it there,do I also need to get a contract signed for the phone or is it without contract.I don't want a contract with the phone because I'm moving to another country.Without a contract does the price change? Please help and try to answer!!!!Thanks

Apple IPhone 8gb $99?
i have had my 8g ipod touch for 23 days and still have my 30 day warrenty that it comes with when you first buy it. i heard the iphone's price is lowering to $99 because of the new one, i got my touch for around $230. i was woundering if it would be a better deal in the long run because of the phone and camera to turn my ipod in and buy the iphone.

Tech Trader Daily - Barron's Online : AT&T Reaffirms Wireless ...
The company also said that the repriced $99 iPhone 3G will be available at AT&T stores starting 5pm Eastern time tonight, and that pre-orders are being taken for the iPhone 3GS starting today. AT&T noted that its cost of acquisition for ...

Apple's Surprise WWDC Hit: A $99 iPhone - Gearlog
Let's be honest--even with a product-packed keynote like the one that Philip Schiller gave today during the opening of the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, the hardcore Apple fanboys and girls among us were hoping for ...

Analyst: The $99 iPhone will increase sales twofold Apple 2.0
The price cuts Apple (AAPL) announced Monday on the MacBook and iPhone lines are.

A fact, FINALLY: $99 iPhone, new. Boost for e-booking TeleRead ...
While book biz insiders are salivating over ScrollMotion's built-in bookstore, there's more to rejoice over: the price of Apple's iPhone 3G S. It's.

Palm Pre, Who? Recession, What? Meet The $99 iPhone.
Alongside its unveiling of the new iPhone today at the WWDC keynote in San Francisco, Apple also unveiled a secret weapon in its ...

Why the $99 iPhone 3G Changes Everything
As of yesterday, the Nokia E71x was the best $99 smart phone available for the carrier. And while it's still compelling, a lot of buyers will now gravitate towards the $99 iPhone. Things get even stickier when you look at non-smart ...

Apple unveils $99 iPhone at WDDC 2009 Silver Scorpio ...
Apple has unveiled its intention of dominating the smartphone market by slashing the cost of the iPhone 3G to just $SU99 at this years Worldwide developers.

Apple Announces $99 iPhone, New Software, Cheaper Laptops
Coverage of Apple's iPhone 3GS from ComputerShopper.com.

hmmm...that $99 iPhone looks pretty good... CNET Buzz Out Loud ...
Buzz Out Loud Lounge: hmmm...that $99 iPhone looks pretty good... - Get tips and advice on this topic, or read other Buzz Out Loud Lounge discussions on CNET Forums.

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