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Air France Bodies

air France bodiesWhy no area map of the crashed/missing Air France 447 flight ?
Just been reported two bodies have been located. Do you think they will find more, or even all of them? Why would they only find two, wouldn't most of them be close together?

The Air France Flight...?
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what do you think of my flash fiction?
being a LOST fan, i did do the number. 4 is the first number, than 4 + 4 (the first 2 numbers) equel to 8, and than 4 + 4 + 7 = 15. 4, 8, and 15. :O. also some billionaire probably put the debris that they found, he was just too cheap to pay for bodies.

Air France #447 connection with LOST?

All the reports of the air france crash say that no survivors have been found but have any bodies been found?
How can you not even find a single body part. We've all seen how a crash of that magnitude can rip a plan apart . . . so what about the bodies.

Air France Flight - Not Aliens Biological Warfare?
Hi, I've been thinking is there a possibility that any of the bodies will wash up on the coast, I know many of them will probably never be seen again, but that far out in the Atlantic is there any possibility of any washing ashore? I've really been praying for the families of the passengers lately, it's awful for them, i seriously couldn't imagine losing a loved one in such a tragic accident!

Air France passenger bodies - what will happen?
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what is the difference between Arabs of Hamas - and Germans of Hitler?
Or not? I feel so bad for the families, it must be even worse to know that their bodies are lying in the Ocean so they won't even get a proper burial.

Do you think they will recover any of the bodies of those victims of the Air France crash?
They're slowly recovering remains of the wreckage, though as of yet no bodies have been found. It would appear something caused the plane to suffer a serious electrical fault as it disapeared on radar 350 miles out across the Atlantic & aviation experts are baffled as to what may have caused aircraft are generally designed to withstand turbulence & lighting strikes in storms. Tragic Loss of Life +

Was Rio-Paris-Air France Zapped down by Aliens!?
Another curious thing, why hasnt there beeen absolutely no bodies found? Surely there wouldve been something by now?

Gawker - Air France Bodies Finally Appear - Air France
Yesterday, after several false alarms, searchers finally found some bodies from Air France 447, which "disappeared" over the Atlantic Ocean one week ago.

Air France Bodies Found
Two bodies believed to be of Air France Flight 447 victims were found. The remains of two males were discovered off the northern coast of Brazil a few hours ago. Brazilian Air Force spokesman, Jorge Amaral, confirmed the discovery of ...

Air France: Bodies, debris recovered: India Today - Latest ...
India Today brings the Latest & Breaking News on Politics and Current Affairs in India & around the World, Cricket, Sports, Business, Bollywood News and Entertainment, Science, Technology & opinions from leading columnists., ...

Wow Legs: Air France Bodies Found
The bodies of two of the 228 passengers of Air france Flight 447 that mysteriously disappeared last week have been found 400 miles off the northern coast of Brazil. Col. Jorge Amaral of the Brazilian Air force confirmed that the two ...

15 more bodies recovered from Air France jet crash
15 more bodies recovered from Air France jet crash, RECIFE, Brazil - Search ships methodically worked through a ''sea of debris'' from a doomed Air France jet Sunday, recovering 15 more bodies near the spot where the Airbus A330 is ...

The Online News Page » More Air France Bodies Are Found (source ...
More Air France Bodies Are Found (source: Wall Street Journal). Three more bodies of victims of Air France Flight 447 were recovered Sunday by Brazilian navy ships from the Atlantic Ocean, a navy official said. ...

17 bodies receovered in total from Air France crash in Atlantic ...
Searchers find 15 more bodies from a crashed Air France jet and retrieved a large amount of debris from the plane that plunged into the Atlantic ocean…

Free Frank Warner: 6 of 228 Air France bodies found in Atlantic
The plane didn't just disappear on its June 1 flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. It crashed. The bodies are showing up hundreds of miles off Brazil's northeast coast. Frank Warner.

17 Air France Bodies found -- Crash updates | The Composed Gentleman
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